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Selling Matter conglos/Buying other stuff

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55 Matter Conglomerates (800gc each) //* sold

12 Enriched Life Essences (3700gc each) //* sold





Life essences (4gc each/upto 120k)

Srs (14gc each/upto 50k)

White tiger furs (90gc each/endless amount)

Emeralds (3gc each/20k max)

Feasting pot (12gc each/upto 10k)

Thread (2gc each/endless amount)

silver ore (1,5gc each/endless amount)





Please pm me ingame or leave a message here. thx :)

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55 Matter Conglomerates (800gc each)

30k gc + 1k srs?

k, pm me ingame pls :]

and to sirchristo, just get as much silver till ur bored lol i take every amount :blush: (tried to pm u but ur off)

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