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  1. Small landmines: restyling

    Interesting idea ... if it could be done then it would be awsome
  2. Selling Matter conglos/Buying other stuff

    I am willing to get you as many silver ore you want ... in other words PM me the amount you want and i will get it for you
  3. Pre RC 10

    UVP: 0 (is that bad?) There is minor lag and some resyncs but other than that it is working fine P.S I got the download thing working
  4. You all read the ingame/forum rules.

    Nice comic
  5. Question

    OK thanks guys That really helped and Nu Krius where is the spider cave
  6. Selling 50 hydro bars

    I will happily get you as many Fire Essence as you want. PM via this with the amount you want
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    on queue 3/6/08 rat14 ty Thanks ... i will be waiting EDIT: Do you mean 3rd of June 2008??
  8. Question

    What can attack at 26/29 a/d i have tried gargs and they are mid - hard and i have also tried skeles? What can everyone reccomend?
  9. Recommend Level for making SR's and Feastings

    Thanks ... glad you get in now KaGeN lol and thanks superman . I will start making SR's 25.
  10. Pre RC 10

    Yes, I had Antivirus but I had it programmed to ignore anything to do with Eternal lands and Yes, i have plenty of disk space.
  11. Pre RC 10

    Will do Download still won't work. Sorry about double post
  12. Pre RC 10

    Will do
  13. Pre RC 10

    I am running Windows XP ... i don't know why it isn't working
  14. Pre RC 10

    Problem: "'√črror Launching Installer" Can anyone help me get the RC launchers started and working?
  15. Looking For A Guild

    Looking a for a good guild .. around 50 - 300 people Attack and Defence are 25/28 PM me on my new account Uzylem