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Game Freeze

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Before i start, lemme tell you, i am a dumb when it comes to computors :(


So, the 1.4.0 client worked fine, but when the update came, then game decided not to work. ;P


The login part coems up, and i log in and then this happens:


By iunno at 2007-12-02


-It has said a few times that i got the Grue-


Then one of these comes up, and it closes EL:


By iunno at 2007-12-02


I tried the EL_noclusters - didnt work

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - that didnt work either

I went into the el folder and enabled 'Poor Man' - didnt work :(


Comp: Windows XP

Graphics Card: Intel® 82810E Graphics Controller


Need more info? just ask... :(



Iunno :blink:

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Hi Daldora,

Go here:Belarc and download Belarc Advisor. The download is very small. It will put an icon on your desktop that you just click anytime you want information on your system. Then you can copy/paste the pertinent information here. :)

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if sounds and music are enables, disable them and try again



i got the same prob, and that does'nt work with my computer :hug:


Yah, that didnt work for me either.

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My Computer -> C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Eternal Lands\main


then into the file that says el (guess thats the el.ini you all talk about?)

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