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Bug in health bar length

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I've confirmed this bug with Roja and Learner as described in my other post:


The health bar has shrunk. Alt-B toggles the display of current/maximum health values. When the values are displayed the health bar is the "normal" length (as it has been before). But when you turn the values off, the health bar is about 1/3 of the normal length. It's not like there's any shortage of space with the values off.


In an online chat with Learner, he said:


this looks like a possible http://cvs.berlios.de/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/...67&r2=1.168

this line looks wrong ... healthbar_x_len = (float)get_string_width(hp)*(ALT_INGAME_FONT_X_LEN*name_zoom*font_scale);

changing the health bar length based on a string length

I think that's the problem, but I don't have enough time to dig into and test it, but someone submitting a patch to fix it would make things easier

but, that change that went in adjusted a lot of stuff, so careful reading of the code before & after maybe needed

Learner didn't know who to contact, so I'm posting here hoping the correct person will see this and be able to go fix it.

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Probably yell at me, since that's part of the code that I worked on with the skybox and banners and all from emajekral (a lot of it didn't stay in the #ifdef's, since it was simpler to clean up and reduce code that was going to be about the same). It should be adjusting the x_pos based on the length of any displayed text, not length, but that's probably obvious. Given that, I hope someone can fix the problem in a few minutes (not me, I've retired)

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