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Pyscho Rider Harvesting

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My friend Pyscho and I have decided to open a little harvest buisness to make some gc of course. All orders are to be a minimum of 1k and a maximum of 5k. Please allow time for your orders as we both do have a social life as well :P Also if you want your order made top priority you can pay a 25% increase.



all quartz(2 gc each)

sulfur(2gc each)

sapphires(2.5gc each)

coal(2gc each)



Gold(3gc each)

Iron(3gc each)

Silver(2gc each)



all(price depends on what type you need)


We will take 0 orders at a time


Completed Orders:

1. Seth~ 1k Sapphires, 2k sunflowers

2.Gronzni~5k 5k sapphire,bq,silver ore

3.Sithicus~5k sapphire,bq,blue lupine,blue star flower

4. sillyme~5k coal



Sorry all we have to close down the Shop. We ran into a few RL conflicts so we decided it would be best just to close down the shop and do our own "thing".

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Darc0: you will have to wait on the sulfur till we finish all these other order.

Desertus: I do not know because physcho is in charge of prices and stuff like that.


And last no more multi-ore/mineral/flower orders. Pyscho is finishing up on his steel bars so im working alone for a few days here.

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its silent_cutie pm me on game 2morrow would you do a offer if i broght 5k of the blue quartz or pm amayso or send a reply now so i know because 2morrow is to long


hello you should be on forums all the time mate plz reply quickly

Edited by amayso

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