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  1. Relaunch/Kickstart PK server

    A different registration method would perhaps help. It is a little back-alley style right now; pay $5 to the shop, then give the name and if all goes well, you can create character with that name. I find this a strange and unsecure method of character creation. A lot better would be to just put a form on the PK server link on the EL homepage where you can give the name AND PASSWORD, which then results in a link to paypal.
  2. PK Server Event on Main

    i just thought... if someone happens by and just happens to kill one of us, but is in no manner interested in the PK server, is this considered a win?
  3. The eternal battle for a free spawn

    On the PK server, there are free spawns. Besides, if a spawn is occupied, the occupant can be killed
  4. PK Server Event on Main

    I purchased some nice alts and have a main char with 30's A/D that is available for hide-and-seek, but I might not actually be able to make it here on thursday. We'll see. Contact me for the account.
  5. I suggest that character creation on PK server becomes subject to the following rules: character creation is free. Free characters have some sort of really bad handicap such as nexus = 0 for everything, cannot use harvest skill and/or A/D capped early. Basically anything else goes that makes it unplayable on the mid term without p2p. However, this way the treshold to really join the PK server becomes lower or at least it is moved to the point where people are inside the server when they decide whether or not to join for real.
  6. We need to hear Radu`s plan for PK server

    perhaps the hard core of PK server will keep it going? I am there for a few hours every day, probably will be even if I am the last. No one to find and try to kill me If the PK server becomes a solid fact, the myths about it dissipate (aka the stupid idea that you get killed all the time) and people trade alts to friends on main, the population will grow back?
  7. We need more players here

    How is the GC buying market at this moment anyway? I have quite a lot of gc to sell and a few friends on main who might want to go PK, or donate them in the pk event by Sygon.
  8. We need more players here

    omg it would suxor if the server ended just like that. A lot of ppl buy GC on main server, perhaps it would help to advertise some kind of GC for pk server char type of deal?
  9. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    So if I understand it correctly, the challenge is that someone gives Ent the stuff needed to buy a PP within two weeks in order to be rid of PP buying forever? Well, if thats all there is to it, then why aren't you whiners making steel bars already? It's only 8000 steel bars and a couple of iron bars we're talking about after all. That pp removal stone is free because everyone will gladly donate his stone for free because they want to be rid of pp buying as well, RIGHT???
  10. We need more players here

    Only things alts can do simultaneous is harvesting. Don't even try to mix mix or mix fight at once. It won't work. There is only one person to control the alts. 30 alts makes no sense. One alt for the nexuses and one for the fighting, that makes more sense though.
  11. Dekke aka Macca

    heh heh... I think many pplz have enough reason to go out of their way to PK dekke a couple of times as it is, no need to formalize this I like the ideas for the vigilante though. If the PK server is a wild west town with outlaws and all, we can dress up someone we don't like in tar and feathers and put a few wanted dead or alive posters all over the place. So who's the sheriff?
  12. We need more players here

    Mixing is so pr0 on PK server that even scarr and 'the one with many names' are mix0rs on the PK server, would you believe it?
  13. Scientology VS The Internet

    http://www.partyvan.info/index.php/Main_Page this page has info about the 'insurgency' against scientology. If you hate religious nuts who lawyerize your ass for excercising the unconditional right of free speech, you will like this site.
  14. We need more players here

    thats a great reason NOT to join that PK server I can think of a few others too btw..but thats more selfisch reasons..one of em is I miss quit a few ppl who moved to the PK server..hoping and praying for their return soon.. Jez Look on the bright side, you can say as much love & peace stuff as you like in channel 1 on PK server and only get killed slightly more often for it. There is no one who puts a STFU on you for off-topic.
  15. Dekke aka Macca

    They nigger each other in those crappy songs on that crappy TV station all the time. If you trash someone because of skin color then you are a racist.