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Story Submission procedures

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Procedures for Storyline work


Step 1:

First Prove to us that you are a good writer!

Write a short story on your character, or a totally fictional character, from Eternal Lands. This story should be posted in this forum, and once approved by myself, you can continue with the steps down below.

**If you want your story to be considered please put somewhere in your post a message like "I'm submitting this test story for consideration for the team"



Step 2:

-Choose from the list of stories we need written (a list will be posted eventually)


-Submit an idea for a story not on the list for approval. You may do this by creating a new post. Note, you can submit ideas even if you aren't a writer. If it's a good idea someone else might take it up and write about it.


Step 3:

-Write a short summary paragraph and/or outline.

-Submit for approval.

-When this is approved your name will be posted by the story in the story list as you writing it, so others won't take the story.


Step 4:

-Write a Rough Draft

-Submit for approval


Step 5:

-Write final copy

Step 6:

-Final copy should be proof read, edited, and any final changes will be made.




We want to stress quality over quantity!

-These procedures are aimed to create a more organize and structured work environment. The stories we write should be well thought out and planned before writing them.

-The list of stories will be planned out and developed by the Story Development Team. The list can contain a simple theme of a story that can be written, or it can be a detailed outline that the writers should follow when writing the content of the story.

-We can have short stories, long stories, even novels! The length in the end doesn't matter(unless something is planned specifically to be a short story, etc.), what matters is the QUALITY, that it's a good story!

-All new authors should start out with writing only short stories, to prove they can write well.

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