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Magic, Sigils and Essences

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An Explaination of the Magic of Draia

Magic is an invisible force of nature that is powerless unless channeled properly with regents-sigils & essences. It is the ability to affect nature by the concentration of energies (essences), with the right thoughts and actions put together precisely into a formula (sigils) for the action (magic spell) to occur as you want it.


You can think of Magic being similar to the electromagnetic spectrum, in the aspects of it being invisible unless made manifest through our intervention in most cases. In some instances, magic is in a visible form on it's own, such as the magic from teleportals.




The Sigils


Sigils are something akin to a mathematical formula than channels the magical forces into a spell to accomplish a desired task. They however are always used along with other material to create the magic spells.


Sigils can be embedded in many objects, whatever the mage may choose. It could be a staff or medallion, or a simple coin or gemstone. The sigils are embedded there until the mage who placed them performs necessary rites to remove them and transfer them to another object. In the act of spell casting, the sigils are called out of the object temporarily for the spell.


Sigils in a way are complex words to spells, that must be used in the same moment with other sigils, thus making spell-casting nearly impossible without them. The draegoni posses the magic of the dragons in some forms, and are able to cast spells without the use of sigils.



The Essences


Essences are the spiritual energy that are the driving force behind the spell. It is the force of Magic which keeps this energy together. As it is also the force of magic that combines Sigil with Essence and manifests the spell.


Alchemists draw essences from the organic material of nature. They then encase the essence in a solid, generally crystal like sphere about 3 inches in circumference. Mages carry these items in their packs or pouches. When a spell is cast the essence absorbs the crystal orb around it and its energy is pulled into the spell.


Various kinds of essences are encased in different materials; common essences of health are encased in a crystal like silver, while the opposing essence of death is encased in crystalline combination of mercury and quartz.


Spell casting


The actual casting of a spell ties together the three main spell components, sigils, essences, and the magic language and creates a spell. A few words uttered in the language of magic tie together the first two components, and complete the spell. The process of spell casting first requires the caster to call up the sigils in the correct order, then utter the words necessary and the essences are drawn into the spell, thus producing the desired affect (hopefully).

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Magic according to Atekel the mage:


"Most of the people do not ponder over the question, "What really powers the magic?". They just use the magic (if they can) to achieve their goals, and that's it. Pretty much the same way your people are using the electricity. Most of them have no clue on how the electricity works, but they just use it every day.


"Judging from your background, I assume you are familiar with the most fundamental physical forces: nuclear strong, nuclear weak, electromagnetic and gravity. I assume you also know that the basic particles are divided in two groups: the Bosons and the Fermions. No more than one fermion can occupy a single quantum state, which means that the matter can't crowd together.


"As the other laws, the magic force has some carriers (bosons). Each magic essence that you use encapsulates a particular boson responsible for the magic force interactions. In fact, that force is present all over the Universe, only that it's weaker, so many places such as your home planet are unable to make much use of that force, or even detect it's presence. After all, you would need a billion TeV particle accelerators to detect any particle responsible for the magic effects. But I digress, as usual, so back to the main point.


"Most of the people are able to channel this force using their will, or by using various magic devices. Of course, those who didn't practice any magic prior to arriving here have more trouble than those who practiced it for a long time. Learning how to control the magic force is not much different than learning how to read or write, but it can be a 'little' more dangerous than that.


"No one really understands how, or why it works. My personal theory is that the magic force comes from a higher Universe, which is also the home of our souls. Since our brain is the link between the body and the soul, it can also be regarded as an interface between our Universe and that higher Universe."

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