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These Eternal Lands - a poem

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These Eternal Lands

by foncEmerlin


One day I awoke in a wondrous world

Where magic is real and elves still roam

Seen dwarves and gnomes walking hand and hand

What is the name of this great land


Seen human and orchan and I know dragons were here

They have left their descendants for a Draegoni draws near

I find it hard to believe after all only human here


Just as I thought I had seen it all

I met the fluffy bunny and took a fall

Arrived in the underworld yes I did

When I saw the great dragon skull I immediately hid

After some time I found the exit and it was snowing again


Cold and dark it was time to leave

So I took a boat to white stone city

Or as most call it WSC

There's Gorlic and Frukas who sell books to me

I stop by Raven's storage where a lot of my friends will be


Where to go after WSC

So many great places that needs to be seen

Portland, Desert pines, Morcraven Marsh, and many more

Some of them even I have never seen


There are also secrets scattered here and there

I think I could explore forever here

Growing stronger and wiser with no end in sight

Wandering these Eternal Lands

Both day and night

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nice poem :happy: gives a good view of what EL is like, its simple and straight forward, and that is the strength of this poem :hiya:


I write poems too, and after some time i revise them, to see how they can improve. i think your poem would reveal its 'strength' even more if you could replace the rhyming words that are the same (for example: here& here, seen& seen)

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