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For Love and Honor - Ode of the Warrior Maiden

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For Love and Honor

Ode of the Warrior Maiden

by kalhan


Aubreyaunna and Nathaniel fought the dreaded horde,

By the Riven Sea they played a game of Lady and Lord.

They chased white bunnies along the shore,

pretending them goblins and orcs at war.

He happily played the lord so strong,

but the lady she would not play for long.

She would fight goblins along with him

until the sunlight would start to dim.


And the years swept by as they always do.

The lessons of life they were forced to pursue.

He trained as a warrior with bow and blade,

and she the ways of a proper young maid.

But when the sun would begin to fall

She begged him to take her to the training hall

For a warrior in her heart she would always be

if only she could make them see.


The years continued to march swiftly by

Their love for each other they could not deny.

So together they stood in a holy place-

Him in his armor, her in white lace-

and vowed to love till death do them part

But both knew it was forever in their heart.

He now a lord and her now his wife

Side by side they would walk together in life


The goblin wars still ravaged the land.

The blood of innocents soaking the sand

To sit and do nothing he could not do

Or else his life would have no value.

But she would not be left behind

their lives so closely were entwined

So battle after battle they fought

Side by side against the onslaught.


But the Gods were against them or so it appeared

for the enemy's numbers were worse then they feared

The call came from Tirnym to come and be counted

for the final battle was about to be mounted

from the young to the old, every able-bodied man

came to lay down their lives to make a last stand

Nathaniel too came to answer the call

For he knew they must not let Tirnym fall.


And Aubreyaunna would not be denied

She also came to fight at his side.

With one last kiss they turned to the fight

and lay into the foe with all their might

As the battle raged on through the day

They became separated in the fray.

And as the fighting surged on by

She was wounded and knew she would die.


With the last of her strength and will

She searched for her only love until

there at her feet he lay dying in pain.

But his love for her in his eyes was plain

And holding his head to her breast

she treasured these moments more than the rest.

As he gazed up into her loving eyes

he started to speak, to her surprise


"Do you remember when we were young

and the white bunnies we did run among?

I'd have you run side by side with me

once more along the Riven Sea.

You've been my friend, my wife, my love

and I swear by all that is above.

That if an afterlife there be

I will spend it forever with thee."


Then smiling through her tears so bright

and holding him against her tight.

She whispered softly in his ear

that she too wished that they were near

the Riven Sea in the morning sun

once more along its shore to run.

She kissed his dying lips goodbye

And closed her eyes with a sigh.


But if you happen to ever be

walking down by the Riven Sea

on some sunny summer"s day

you may hear as from far away

the sound of laughter and of joy;

the voices of a young girl and boy

chasing the bunnies of pure white

Pretending them, goblins, they would fight.

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