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Ballad of the Red Moon War

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Ballad of the Red Moon War

by Razia



The red moon lights the sky

Trembling earth's warning unheeded

Till the shrill of a sleeper's cry



What tragic call to arms

Gargoyles swarmed from Vermor Castle

Luxin's soldiers shouted alarms


Goblins too; all darkness' host

Oger's midst the titanium mine

The demons of Tahraji's savage coast


Portland threatened, then overrun!

Till brave warriors make their stand

And when we thought all had been won...


Cave Trolls strike the crystal cave!

The slaughter of miners, innocents all

Made many a mournful grave


The warriors of the dwarven valley

Three invasions did repel

And then....

Mortos' grand finale!


Kilaran Fields became a Hell

Of Chimeran Wolves all running free

Blood and fangs of darkness' spell


Do not forget the fighters, brave or coward

Do not forget the innocents who fell

Do not forget the victims, devoured

Do not forget, though all is well


Though all the monsters are as before

And the sky is beautiful clear

Yet be on guard

For darkness favors war

And Mortos still holds influence here




As I sung it at the beam's bonfire 07-07-0003

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