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june 9 Vista Beta Is Out. :P I Love It.

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What a tremendous waste of time.


They wont work even they publish next year. Why bother installing something that it supposed not to work?



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Your input on it ?


It's crap.

Theres a million very legitimate reasons why it's crap.

DRM, phone-home, bulky, slow, limiting, etc.

Search google.


Windows XP is the pinnacle of MS Windows evolution (and many would argue that Windows 2000 is as good as it's gonna get). Once XP becomes unsuitable for use; i will go pure Linux (probably ArchLinux, maybe Zenwalk).

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My husband installed it just to try it out, and I can't see why it's an improvement over XP. Flashier, yes. Great. Not. I want my computer to perform, not look pretty and hog my graphics card and CPU. More security. Great. Now you get annoying popup windows every second. Fabulous.


And they broke Notepad. Seriously...Notepad (try ctrl+s and see what happens to the cursor sometimes). How you manage to break one of the simplest programs in the whole OS that has worked since...well, a long time, amazes me.


Edit: Should clarify that I don't mind if my computer looks totally beautiful, as long as it doesn't hog all my resources while doing so. Macs for instance, look great, but their looking-greatness is fine because the computers are designed to handle it.

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