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  1. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    This is a proof that EL is much more than just a simple MMORPG. I am willing to contribute by donating few valuable items as well (if it is still possible).
  2. New and updated trade bot list

    Sava's location has been changed last night to 100,52 - Nordcarn.
  3. I got impression that we have freedom of speech, but not freedom of decision. That is basically what is the case in RL as well!
  4. I absolutely agree with Mar©, we, Yugo members, use guild channel for all our inter-guild discussions, and we all suffer from the same problem.
  5. ELSudoku v2

    I have spoken to Grozni. He said he is not yet planning to come back to EL. Allthough, he said he definitely WILL come back one day.
  6. Krrick, fair enough. Still, I think people who are so easily annoyed should pay a visit to psychotherapist, because if they are easily annoyed when one bot tells something well-mannered, no matter how many times, and on top of that, that bot can be completely ignored, then those persons risk heart attack when something REALLY SERIOUS happens in their lives... Or, they risk, at the very least, that someone will punch them in the face when they try to forbid their right to say anything they like in the public (free speech is the one of the basic rights in every democratic country, and protected by law).
  7. Dear EL players, especially those who are against local talk by bots, just think little bit what you are against! That is seriously insane, seeeeeriously! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A PUBLIC PLACE? Haven't you EVER heard guys selling newspapers on the streets, shouting news, trying to get attention of passengers, or similar case on any market place? You cannot possibly want to forbid their right to SAY SOMETHING!!! Similarly, on EL, bot should be allowed to say ANYTHING that is NOT AGAINST THE EL-LAW! End of discussion. Because EL is a PERFECT world, you have the all-mighty #ignore command !!
  8. I am willing to participate as well. In-game name: Dejan Real name: Dejan Lekic Genre: male I am also willing to see the eventual publication which probably would be the result of this research. Will you provide details about it, Researcher?
  9. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    How can your alt buy 10PPs for you??
  10. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    50? Are you serious? You would have 50 EL clients open in parallel?? O.o I would not call that "playing a game" i would call that a "dumb masochism" !!
  11. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Ermabwed, o.O pardon me, but do you seriously believe I do not mix anything??
  12. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I worked hard (for years) to get my levels (allthough I did not level that much in last 2 years I admit because I am not an active player any more), and I am speaking from my experience when I say that multiplaying is simply harmless. You cannot be as effective with multiplaying as without it - your main character MUST suffer from multiplaying! Players who multiplay still cannot surpass hard-working players. If they want to do so, they would simply BUY A CHARACTER, like they usually do, and we all know it (check the top 50 list and You will see maaaaaany bought players there). "I would afk-harvest with 10 alts to do that, rather than paying someone to harvest for me" -- asgnny. Asgnny, you might do this, I would not, having 10 windows and switching between one another is maybe for some freaky addicts. I would rather buy stuff I need. Without doubt. You are forgetting one major point here - EL IS A GAME, and games should be FUN. Switching between 10 windows IS NOT FUN, and no sane person who playes EL to ENJOY IT would do so! Allow multiplaying and, If you want to be fair towards hard-working players, then better forbid character trades!
  13. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Absolutely YES. I see a lot of babbling about EL should be hard etc. People, please come to your senses! Every high-level player simply cannot afford to cheat if (s)he wants to further develop own (main) character - all time that person has simply must go in the development of the main char. I see no harm in allowing multiplaying, and certainly I think EL will continue to be a hard game.
  14. No drops KF

    I am not top a/d player, but I will definitely go to KF every day, when I am online playing EL. I had so much fun this morning, no matter I died hundreds of times (which I expected because many players from various guilds team against single players).
  15. Srbija!

    ШДФА ју нубс!