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The Great Cataclysm

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The sky is alight tonight with the moon's radiance, and every color in the rainbow is flashing everywhere. I do not know whether this is a dream or not, but I feel entranced, and wouldn't mind at all if I never wake up. Prayers proceeded today as normal, and we have been blessed by Elandria with a bountiful harvest. I can see the Harvest Moon high in the sky, casting everything with a ghastly beauty. The sky sparkles with the glimmering scales of Dragons. The tales of Dwarven bards and songs of Elven choirs can be heard for miles around. The pipes of the Satyrs echoe through the night, and the galloping of the Centaurs is reckless but finds it's own way into the festivities.


I come outside and see the moon suddenly dissappear. Silence follows. Then, there was an explosion of light! The sky was aflame, nothing but blood-red and fire everywhere! Then, a beam of light pierced the chaos and struck the earth. An explosion followed, and then a wave of white radiated from the beam! As it swept through the lands, I began to forget. Screams and cries were drowned out as I saw a wall of blue. It was a massive, 50ft tall wall of water! I fled for the house, and hid. I heard the wave come down, and then all was silent...


I took the courage to come outside and face whatever horrors there were to see. As I looked, my jaw dropped in awe. Where the beam had struck, there was nothing but sea. Draia had been split apart. I almost swooned, and I cried aloud "Cataclysm!" before I fell to the ground....



-Author Unknown

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