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New Armor Idea

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This is an idea expansion of the thread "equipment designing".


One of the funnest aspects of any game is the custumization of your character. Sadly, this is often limited by the lack of variety in armor and weapons.


The blacksmith shops are mainly empty (except for the ability to purchase a few items). I propose that a program, similiar to the character creation program, be made that lets you make your own custom armor. This could be placed in the smithy shops. You could choose different options for the different parts of the armor. The different parts would have different stats (such as Def +25 etc.). As the stats go up so does the cost.


This could add a great deal of variety to the game. It does however pose a problem to manufacturing armor.


Just an idea I thought I'd throw out.

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Similar ideas were posted before. If you would happen to use search function you would probably find them.

Iirc, there were some problem (client side) with dealing with small pictures - like these on custom capes.

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