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#Message from entropy: contest over, i announced the solution. I might eb wrong tho, and if i am we have one or possibly 2 winners (if they already posted valid solutions)

[PM from Clockus: better than getting dry slide from your nasty ass]

[PM to entropy: though* .. are you 12?]

Welcome to the "lucky punch arena"

Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you!

Welcome back to WSC

[PM to Clockus: you're married yet you talk like that? O-o]

[PM to Clockus: wow..]

[PM from entropy: ???]

[PM to entropy: >.> look at your #bc. you said 'tho' T_T]

[PM from Clockus: only to mine enemies which i only have one]

[PM from entropy: do you want me to ban you?]

[PM to entropy: lol.. why?]

[PM from entropy: because you piss me off.]

[PM to entropy: i'm helping you w/ your grammar <.<, you're running a game yet you didn't say something correct..]

[PM to entropy: it's just advice.]

[PM from entropy: perhaps YOU should learn some grammar!]

[PM to entropy: uhm, how?]

[PM to entropy: eh, stop the fighting T_T;]

[PM from entropy: and maybe I should ban you so you will have more free time to learn it. What do you think?]

[PM to entropy: whatever, you're the game master so whatever you say is right since you've got uber evil admin powers coughabusecough. <.<]

[PM to entropy: lol j/k >.>]

Welcome to Grubani Pennisula

[PM from entropy: perhaps you should consult an english dictionary]

[PM to entropy: lol, what have I said that's not correct?]

Welcome to Naralik

[pm from entropy: ????]

[PM to entropy: you said that my english is poor, how is that? tell me so i can improve wink.gif]

You entered the Naralik Catacombs

You recovered 40 material points

[PM from entropy: no, you told me that my grammar is like a 12 years old.]

[PM to entropy: maybe. "perhaps you should consult an english dictionary" -- what'd you mean by this O-o?]

You were booted by entropy!


---- few seconds later ----


I was banned. So yeah. dry.gif



may i ask as why you closed my other topic?

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26. Locked threads.

If a topic is closed or removed do not, under any circumstances, re-post the same topic or material. If you have any questions as to why a thread was closed or removed please contact the moderator via private message. Do not create a new thread on a topic if there is currently a thread on that topic already.


Why it was locked...hmm other than the total nonsense of you posting this in outlaws or abuse in the first place? The only thing that chatlog shows is that you were never taught any manners or posess common sense.


Right now I'm debating as to whether to remove your posting priviledges. <_<

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