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  1. OutThisLife Unban Request

    Oh my God, this proxy is slow. Anyway, this is OTL on a proxy (edited out) trying to see what's going on. Obviously there's some trouble with unbanning me from forums, since you've said that I was unbanned from game (well cbbeley said this) and from forums yet I'm still banned. Now why edit out my IP? Nothing's going to happen, not many people know what an IP is here anyways. You said you changed some things? Well maybe you should check you got the right IP/account. Story: I was rather immature when I said that to entropy, and yes I know it was a word. I was actually messing around, he took it seriously. I've never really done anything worse than that, except tell some GM's they should commit suicide like Placid I think it was. Hazor, I always flirted w/ him. Ember who is lost in this world, I would molest her.. That's about it. Nothing severe, eh? ^^ Now, I'm not too sure if this violates rule #23 - The description there is rather "fuzzy". If it is then I'll go uhm.. Read or something. ^_^ Bye bye.
  2. ...Why

    #Message from entropy: contest over, i announced the solution. I might eb wrong tho, and if i am we have one or possibly 2 winners (if they already posted valid solutions) [PM from Clockus: better than getting dry slide from your nasty ass] [PM to entropy: though* .. are you 12?] Welcome to the "lucky punch arena" Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! Welcome back to WSC [PM to Clockus: you're married yet you talk like that? O-o] [PM to Clockus: wow..] [PM from entropy: ???] [PM to entropy: >.> look at your #bc. you said 'tho' T_T] [PM from Clockus: only to mine enemies which i only have one] [PM from entropy: do you want me to ban you?] [PM to entropy: lol.. why?] [PM from entropy: because you piss me off.] [PM to entropy: i'm helping you w/ your grammar <.<, you're running a game yet you didn't say something correct..] [PM to entropy: it's just advice.] [PM from entropy: perhaps YOU should learn some grammar!] [PM to entropy: uhm, how?] [PM to entropy: eh, stop the fighting T_T;] [PM from entropy: and maybe I should ban you so you will have more free time to learn it. What do you think?] [PM to entropy: whatever, you're the game master so whatever you say is right since you've got uber evil admin powers coughabusecough. <.<] [PM to entropy: lol j/k >.>] Welcome to Grubani Pennisula [PM from entropy: perhaps you should consult an english dictionary] [PM to entropy: lol, what have I said that's not correct?] Welcome to Naralik [pm from entropy: ????] [PM to entropy: you said that my english is poor, how is that? tell me so i can improve wink.gif] You entered the Naralik Catacombs You recovered 40 material points [PM from entropy: no, you told me that my grammar is like a 12 years old.] [PM to entropy: maybe. "perhaps you should consult an english dictionary" -- what'd you mean by this O-o?] You were booted by entropy! ---- few seconds later ---- I was banned. So yeah. dry.gif may i ask as why you closed my other topic?
  3. Do Canadians Have A Sense Of Humor?

    Taahahahah! Wait, not funny.
  4. Other MMORPGs

    KalOnline http://www.kalonline.com/ MapleStory http://www.mapleglobal.com/
  5. hunting of cats to be legalized

    LMFAO yes kill the felines [14][35.90%] Heck no cats shouldnt be killed [17] [43.59%] all hunting should be ended [8][20.51%] Kill them!! Their annoying anyway. Though it should have like an age thing, like if their not adult you can't kill them.
  6. Eh? Where Is Flames?

    Why isn't there a flames forum anymore? :/
  7. Do You Want..

    Hmm, okay.
  8. Do You Want..

    In big I mean 2000+ players on at the same time. This would certainly ruin the way mods do things, this is the main reason for this post. Why are mods forced to be online all the time to enforce the rules? This is a very serious issue, because if EL got big there are about 10 mods and 3 on at a time. There are many NH's, but that can't really enforce the rules. You need to be able to save the logs if something is being done illegally in a certain file, etc. Anyways, vote.
  9. smeging eh..

    No. I double cliented and looked Hehe.
  10. smeging eh..

    I died while a friend was near, and when he got on the bag there were 111 veggies, all capes missing, and some smeging raw meat. It's bullsmegingshit becuase I lost 2 mirror capes, and cuisses. Seriously bullshit.. EL has great bugs.. Just smeging great bugs.
  11. More Monsters

    Sigh this is getting boring the same monsters over and over and over again, along with the same animals... maybe perhaps you guys can put new ones in, new CREATIVE animals/monsters.
  12. LORD_LU is a scammer

    Hmm. Weird :\
  13. Two Severs

    I wuv platty :[ Uhm... Still, two servers meaning like.. Channels? Like how most huge mmorpg games have..
  14. Show SS of your favorite online ga(besides EL) 0_o

    Eh to the lineage guy; I used to play it but like everyone would pk cuz of the free-for-all-sausage-pk-fest :/ How do you manage? @_@
  15. My computer...

    Well I guess take it to the 'repair shop' - or just like ride a skateboard then eat some ice-cream, then goto it.