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Added by Entropy, Wed, Nov 19 2003

Fixed a bug crashing the server, added a newbie island, and also another banker/'storager' in the Desert Pines map, near Harvy.




Added by Entropy, Sat, Nov 15 2003

Server only update:

Now you can buy capes, from Victor, an NPC in Whitestone marketplace.

A few server bugs were fixed (like, for example, casting spells on dead monsters)




Added by Entropy, Wed, Nov 12 2003

The players online page has been updated.

Now the users are listed in alphabetical order, and you can click on them to view their some of their stats.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Nov 11 2003

New (server only) update:

1. Now newbies don't lose the stuff when they die (until they are lev 6 combat)

2. There is now a critical change, which means that if you (or the enemy) has a lucky roll (by default for players is 10%, for other monsters is between 10 and 40, depending on the monster)

3. Some small combat bug fixes.

4. Some of the higher monsters do a little more damage.


Now let's see who will AFK fighting again biggrin.gif




Added by Tropicano, Tue, Nov 11 2003

The manufacturing section got replaced with the items section. The items section contains the same info as the old manufacturing page, plus some new info (such as damage by weapons, defence by armors, base price on every item etc.) It also contains pics of the items. Enjoy!




Added by Entropy, Sun, Nov 09 2003

Version 0.8.8 Alpha

- New models! Now you can see your weapons, armor, shield, etc. Also the new models will cast shadows and reflections in the water!

- Holding down Alt and right clicking on an enemy automatically attacks that target.

- Various bug fixes on the server

- Some inside maps were changed (added lights instead of ambient lighting) so they look much better.

- Some map bugs (bad heightmap) were fixed.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Oct 28 2003

The animals from the Ruins of Tirnym were moved to other maps, leaving only the orcs there.

Everyone in the game gets +3 basic attributes, when they start the game (even the old players get that bonus, if their attributes are below 5)




Added by Entropy, Sat, Oct 25 2003

Magic experience, and experience requirements was added.




Added by Entropy, Thu, Oct 23 2003

A new NPC, Newbie Helper was added, and he responds to various questions about the game.

Chat channels were added.

Use the following commands:

"#jc number/name" to join a chanel.

Number can be between 1 and 1 billion, or the name can be : newbie, help, market, general, off topic.

To send a message to the channel you are logged on, type:


To leave the channel you are on, type: #lc

To see the channel you are on, type: #ci


We also added a donation page, if you want to support the game, please visit it, and make a small donation.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Oct 21 2003

Now you can rightclick on a door/ship banner/sign/etc. and you will automatically walk there (no more "too far" messages, when using items)

Same applies for bags (when using the picking hand on them)




Added by Entropy, Tue, Oct 21 2003

Added a new NPC (Karn) in Lakeside. He sells some new weapons and shields, and buys metals.




Added by Tropicano, Mon, Oct 20 2003

Info about how to make metal bars is now available in the manufacturing section. (iron, steel, silver, gold and titanium bars)




Added by Entropy, Sun, Oct 19 2003

Version 0.8.6 Alpha [19 Oct 2003]

- Walking speed has been increased by 100%

- Middle mouse button now rotates the camera (hold it down, move the mouse horizontaly)

- Right mouse button is now "Use/Talk"





Added by Entropy, Sat, Oct 18 2003

Fixed the "steel not showing as a metal, in the bank" bug.

Added two more commands:




#reset is usefull if after you take off all the items you worn, your #arm doesn't show 0/0/0

Also, relocated the female orcs to the temple, insade of Valey of the dwarves

The exp you get from fighting monsters/players is limited to the first 14 successfull hits, to avoid getting #exp from deadlocks.




Added by Entropy, Thu, Oct 16 2003

Now we have a storage facility, in Portland, where you can put your items. (similar with the banking, in other games).

The iron ore shows in the manufacture window again, while the platinum coins don't.




Added by Tropicano, Thu, Oct 16 2003

The new monsters got added in the creatures section. They are temporary placed under the "offensive creatures" section, but will be moved info different section when more monsters are available.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Oct 14 2003

- A new NPC, Trik, in Lakeside docks, buying weapons, armors, and magic items.

- Two more magic items (magic rings), very usefull in combat.

- The titanium ore bug fixed.

- Now harvesting ore/crystals really requires a pickaxe.

- The bug where if you clicked on the chain armor was fixed.




Added by Tropicano, Sun, Oct 12 2003

The new maps are now available in the maps section. Next up is the new creatures section and a requested page that explains all the "dots" on the maps.




Added by Entropy, Sun, Oct 12 2003

Version 0.8.5 Alpha

- Added female orcs.

- Added a lot of new items, such as metal bars, new tools, swords, magic rings, magic medallions, etc.

- A lot more NPCs, now each tavern/inn has it's bartender, general stores have their clerk, and so on.

- The orcs have been moved from Portland to Ruins of Tirnym, the golbins won't attack stronger players, and the

weak/strong orc bug was finally fixed.

- Many minor bug fixes, both on the sever and client.

- Ability to manufacture swords, gloves, and some armors.

- Mining metals and quartz now requires to wear a pickaxe.





Added by Tropicano, Sat, Oct 11 2003

Re-made the manufacturing section. Now its a little more handy. The exp given and lvl's needed for the new items will be added soon. Workning on the new map pages. The players online page works again! smile.gif



Added by Entropy, Mon, Oct 06 2003

4 weapons, and 2 armors added. (Gerald sells them) They will not show from the outside, but they will in about 1 month.

Many bugs fixed, including: At the end of Grammy's quests, your quest items will actually dissapear. The bug where if you had an open bag, and teleported/beamed up, the bag was still open. Life Drain spell actually works (or should work). When you poisoned a monster that was fighting with someone else, you couldn't move because you were incorrectly set as "preparing to be attacked".




Added by Entropy, Fri, Oct 03 2003

Another quest added, fixed a bug where the bags in the last map (the desert) didn't ever die, and now the monsters should spawn in slightly different places, instead of the same spot, thus making the spawn killing a little harder.




Added by Entropy, Thu, Oct 02 2003Added a new quest, changed the spawning point of newbies to the wraith, fixed a small bug, and the fox cloack thing should work now..




Added by Entropy, Wed, Oct 01 2003Version 0.8.4 Alpha [1 Oct 2003]

- Added two new maps.

- 3 new monsters (ogre, orc, goblin) that will attack you if they see you.

- Now the eye icon will give you some info about various objects (not fully operational yet)

- Fixed tons of bugs, on the server, including a server crashing bug, walking dead animals, the "remote healing" spell

allowing infinite use, with no reagents cost, and many other smaller bugs.

- Now the creatures will attack you, if you poison them.

- Updated maps (the Tab maps), including more details, and they are much more accurate right now.

- A new spell (life drain)




Added by Tropicano, Sun, Sep 28 2003Added a new section, the Creatures section. It contains stats/info about the reatures implented in the game so far. Also updated the maps section (uploaded the new maps, and re-made the section to make it handier) Some updates in the fansite section also took place.




Added by Entropy, Sun, Sep 21 2003Version 0.8.3 Alpha

- Changed the server, to a faster machine, in France.

- Added a few new items, and the ability to increase your manufacturing skill.

- Fixed a few bugs.




Added by Tropicano, Tue, Sep 16 2003A few days ago the Race section got added, where you find info about the different races playable in the game so far, and also about some that will be added later on, in the p2p version of the game. A section about the monsters in the game will be added within the next couple of days. Detailed descriptions about the monsters will be found there (stats etc.).




Added by Entropy, Mon, Sep 15 2003Version 0.8.2 Alpha [15 Sept 2003]

- Added support for some unicode characters (french, german and danish sets)

- 5 new animals (fox, puma, and 3 different snakes)

- The stats windows is now updated in real time, no need for a refresh.

- Fixed some combat formulas.

- Changed various animal attributes (made them a little stronger)

- Fixed Mira so now she will also buy potions.

- The "Carry Capacity" stat was moved to the inventory window.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Sep 09 2003A few server bugs fixed.

One of them was the "invincible rabbits" thing, were, after you killed a rabbit too many times, it became way too strong.

The other bugs (2) were potion related.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Sep 09 2003A trade bug fixed

A selling stuff bug fixed.

A new NPC (Mira) that sells potions. She can be found in the White Stone City marketplace.




Added by Entropy, Mon, Sep 08 2003Finally fixed that server crashing bug. Yesterday I thought I fixed it, but I didn't, so we are sorry for the downtime and inconvenience. But now everything should work out OK.

Also, Bakart will now increase your physique, if you do the quest for him. The wraith will tell you about any quest you didn't start, but you can start, and also, the Physique of already existing users was increased by 1, and the Physique of the noobs tha didn't take the first quest will be increased by 2, rather than by one, thus allowing people to have health bars early in the game.




Added by Entropy, Sun, Sep 07 2003Two more quests added (see the Wraith for one of them, for the other go to Bakart).

A server crashing bug was fixed.




Added by Entropy, Wed, Sep 03 2003We just got from PreAlpha to Alpha. So, this is a big change, of course. In 1-2 months we plan to go to Beta, then by the end of the year, also have a commercial version (besides for the free version).


- Now there is combat! You can attack the animals anywhere, and other players in PK maps.

- Added experience for new skills (atack, defense, combat, potion and alchemy)

- Many new potions (about 10)

- 2 new animal species (boar and rabbit)

- Increased the harvesting exp/hour limit to 120 harvests, rather than the old 50.

- The Wraith and Golric will offer to train you and increase your WILL and REASONING stats, after

completing some quests

- A few minor bug fixes, on the server.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Aug 19 2003Server update:

1. Fixed the bug where you could harvest stuff beyound your harvesting level.

2. Added a new NPC (Henrik), in the Treehouse Forest. he sells/buys furrs and skins.




Added by Entropy, Mon, Aug 18 2003Version 0.7.8 Pre Alpha

- Added AI in the game (deers, bears, and wolves). You can't attack them yet but you can poison them.

- Improved the GUI. (menus now have a border, and can be dragged on the screen)

- Fixed some map bugs.

- Reseted the harvesting skill, made the harvesting experience a little different to prevent scripting.

- Added a new map (a gold mine)

- Changed the magic system so you won't lose the reagents if the spell fails.




Added by Tropicano, Wed, Aug 13 2003Since the number of EL related fansites / guild homepages increases fast, we have added a new page for all the EL related links, and even some other good ones. If you have created a fansite / guild and want us to create a link to your page, just contact Tropicano or Roja. (email adresses are to be found at the crew page)




Added by Entropy, Thu, Aug 07 2003Fixed a few bugs with the manufacturing, spells, and some resources becoming sunflowers, after a while.

Also, added experience requirements for harvesting.

So, right now, you can't just harvest anything, you have to level up in order to harvest most of the resources.

To see your experience, type: #exp




Added by Entropy, Sun, Aug 03 2003Update on the server:

1. Now you log in at log out place.

2. You can die now (from poisoning, so far). If you die, all the spells you have active will be disspelled, you go near the docks in Isla Prima (this will change at the enxt client update), and each item has a chances of 1/2 to dissapear (will be put in a bag, on the spot you died).

3. Some bug fixed in Harvy (now he will sell emeralds too)

4. The blacksmith guy will no longer say he wants to buy flowers




Added by Tropicano, Thu, Jul 31 2003Made some changes in the map section on the homepage. A magic and a Manufacturing section were also created. There you can find out more about how to create certain items / spells. Hope you enjoy..



Added by Entropy, Wed, Jul 30 2003Version 0.7.7 Pre Alpha has been released

- Added Magic (the magic system is still in the development stage).

- Added 4 new NPCs (2 magic shop owners, a blacksmith, and an alchemist).

- More items to manufacture.

- More resources to gather.

- Added a healthbar.

- You can now see when and how much damage someone takes.

- New objects to manufacture.

- Some small bug fixes on the client and server.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Jul 08 2003- Added a trade option.

- Added a new map.

- Added a new quest.

- Fixed some bugs.




Added by Entropy, Wed, Jun 25 2003Version 0.7.5 released


- Added a new (bigger) quest.

- Added a manufacturing option (so you can create some stuff)

- Added a new map.

- Now everything is saved at log out time.

- The "Stats" menu shows more attributes, including the carried weight.

- You can eat food, and drink some potions.

- Fixed a bug that made the client leak memory every frame (it also gives a small speed boost)

- Fixed a bug that incorrectly shown some dialogues.

- Fixed various invalid locations on the server.




Added by Entropy, Wed, Jun 25 2003!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

All the charachters were wiped out, in order to enable the smooth transition to the new file format.

So, you have to recreate your charachter. DO NOT even think about creating a character that does not belong to you, because if I hear any complaint from the original user (I have the IPs), you get banned.




Added by Entropy, Mon, Jun 09 2003Version 0.7.4


- Fixed some interface stuff.

- Added more player attributes.

- Added NPCs (shop keepers, and quest related NPCs)

- Two small quests.

- Some bug fixes.

- Added some ships, that take you to other maps.

- Now you can use the eye icon to identify resources.

- Added a weight and value information for items, so you can't carry anything until you complete a quest that increases

your strenght.




Added by Entropy, Fri, May 23 2003Version 0.7.3 Pre Alpha [22 May 2003]

- Added the ability to pick up and drop items on the ground.

- Fixed lots of bugs related to inventory and harvesting.




Added by Tropicano, Fri, May 23 2003Fixed a homepage related bug (the white area appearing all around the main page) Also the screenshots are now uploaded in full size, and enlarged by clicking on them. Some other bugs will be fixed soon




Added by Entropy, Wed, May 14 2003Version 0.7.2 Pre Alpha

- Added an inventory!

- Added harvesting (gathering resources).

- Fixed SOME map related bugs, as well as some map images, so now your position is much less displaced.




Added by Tropicano, Wed, May 14 2003New Homepage. Ive added some new things to the Homepage, such as the new right frame. This one is also made in php, not html. This means that you can scroll the left menu, wich is very good for computers running in low-res mode. Thank you DaRoMeR for helping me with the php scripting.




Added by Entropy, Sat, May 03 2003Version 0.7.1 Pre Alpha was released

- Added in game maps. [Tab key]

- Now the 'view self attributes' icon is working.

- Fixed SOME sound related bugs, now, HOPEFULLY, the rain should not crash Win2k machines, if the sound is turned

off in el.ini

- Fixed a bug regarding URLs send via private messages not working properly.




Added by Entropy, Sat, Apr 26 2003Version 0.7.0 Released

- Added weather conditions (rain, and thunders).

- Fixed some bugs that made the trees houses innacessible.

- Added a configuration program (Windows only).




Added by Tropicano, Fri, Apr 25 2003Roja have made some really nice banners and also another wallpaper. The banners are meant to be used as links to this page. Be sure to check the Game Art section... Ive also made some content to the homepage - but that will be uploaded in some days.




Added by Tropicano, Fri, Apr 18 2003New homepage! I've improved quite a few tings on the page. Its brighter for one Ive also added the Art section - where you can find Concept Art and Wallpapers. For the moment you can only find one wallpaper in that section, but that will change in a near future. A section called Online users were also added (where you can see the amount and names of users currently online in the game)... Thank you Entropy for making this work so fast.


In the map section you can also find some changes. A 3rd map has been added. For the moment the map section lacks some important info about the maps - but ill take care of that soon. Ill also fix some font problems in the Download/Update sections.


And btw. check out the new community categories: Story line. Go there and help us find a storyline worthy the game... and Concept aret and wallpapers - where you can help us by making wallpapers or c.art for the game.




Added by Entropy, Thu, Apr 17 2003Update 0.6.9 was released.

- Fixed that bug that prevented people from going inside the houses.

- Made it so that if you can not connect to the server, you can still press Alt+X to disconnect.

Very useful when in full screen mode.




Added by Tropicano, Fri, Apr 11 2003Version 0.6.8 Pre Alpha was released.

- Changed a lot in the rendering engine, now the limit is not placed on the CPU anymore, not even on high poly count areas. This gives a speed boost from 0% (in some areas) up to 1000% in some other areas (depending on the video card).

- Made the current mode switch back to walk, after using an object (like entering a house, etc.)

- Fixed some bugs on various maps.

- Made it now mandatory to click on doors, instead of anywhere in the building, in order to get out of that room/building.

- Added a few objects that were accidentally missing on the last update.

- Disabled the night shadows (they were slow, buggy and inaccurate)

- Fixed the bug that didn't allow people to use the Home key as "move forward"




Added by Entropy, Thu, Apr 03 2003Version Version 0.6.7 Pre Alpha is done. Here are the features:

- Added 7 new maps and fixed some bugs in the first 2

- Added two new relief types (desert and caves), and lots of new objects

- Now you can go inside of houses, inns, shops, etc.

- The option menu now gives you the posibility to change the resolution, color depth (on Win32)

and toggle the full screen mode on/off the fly.

- Added a manual navigation. That is, pressing the Home key moves you forward one step. It is

usefull for places like mountains, etc.

- Now the compass gives you more detailed info (if you click on it), including the map name, and

the area you are in.

- Added a 'text area'. That is, if you enter in a certain area, you get a text on your screen.

- Removed the opening screen, and replaced it with the console. (usefull to log the errors that

might happen prior to log in.

- Much better/faster response when someone losses the internet connection. That person is disconnected

in less than 1 minute since that happens.

- Changed the name color to white, on the chat screen, so it is impossible now to 'impersonate'

someone else.

- Fixed the teleporter related sound bug.




Added by Tropicano, Thu, Mar 20 2003As some of you might know, you are able to make your own maps in the EL mapeditor. If you make a map that we like and send it to us it might just end up in the game.


We really need voluntairs to make maps since the developers need to put their time in so many other things. If you help us out here, the game will be done so much faster.


The best maps will (as i said before) end up in the game, and you will get your name in the credits.


But before you start making a map, try to get contact with someone in the development team to see what kind of map that is needed. And if you think that the map editor lacks objects, wait till the next release, it will include alot of new objects etc.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Mar 18 2003Version 0.6.0 Pre Alpha released


Here is a list of changes:


- Fixed two mouse pointer related bugs, on Linux.

- Fixed a bug that occured on Linux, causing the text to become pink, whenever the Del

key was pressed.

- Now you can use Page Up/Down in the console mode.

- Added some particle based teleport in/out effects.

- Added 3D sound in the game! (right now there are only 3 sounds, for teleporting in, out,

and the portals)

- Added paste ability! (thanks to Leeloo for some Linux paste code)

- Added some new directives in the configuration file, related to the ignore command.


Also, made a small update to the web site.




Added by Entropy, Fri, Mar 07 2003Updated the game, here is a list of new things:


Version: 0.5.9 Pre Alpha

- Fixed a bug that made the client crash when disconnected from the server.

- Fixed a bug that caused the Linux client to crash, after "glinfo"

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Linux client from properly detecting if we have

multitexturing, which resulted in a nasty crash, on video boards that don't support

multitexturing (like some Matrox video boards).

- Added a help command, in the game. Just go to the console, and type help, for a list of

help topics.

- Made the client sleep a lot, while in the console mode, so, now, if you switch to the

console mode, and do things such as browsing the net, play other games, etc. your other

applications will be much more responsive.

- Added the ignore command, which is very usefull against AOL kids. Fore more info, go to

the console and type: "help ignore"

- You can turn around in place now, but you have to stand still (as opposed to walking, or

sitting). Use "help keys" for more info on this.

- Fixed a lot of bugs in the map editor, especially in the dungeon mode.

- Fixed a bug on the server that made two people log in the same spot.




Added by Entropy, Tue, Feb 25 2003Today the website was updated, radically changing the design. The design and html is made by Tropicano, with some modifications by me (some content changes, some php integration, making some images smaller, etc.)

So, Tropicano is a new team meber (well, additional team member), in charge with the web site




Added by Entropy, Thu, Feb 20 2003Version: 0.5.7 Pre Alpha


- A bug that prevented the text to display properly (it appeared as an avalanche of lagg)

was fixed.


- A few minor optimizations (should increase the frame rate by 5-10% in places with many

objects, like cities or forests).


- Now you can invoke the console by pressing F1. This was done to solve a problem for those

with non english keyboards.


- Some small changes in the start map, it should look better now.


- A whole new, BIG map. Just walk into a teleporter from the start map.


- Now the client will try to autodectect if the frame rate is too low, and if it is, it will

disable the shadows.


- Now you can look at players, and get their name


- The working icons on the interface change their color when selected, or mouse over.


- The conversation is saved in the file chat_log.txt


- Fixed a bug where the game just quit when it couldn't resolve the host (now it will let

you retry, and will give an error message)


- Fixed two bugs when you reconnected to the server, after being disconencted. That is, if

you were sitting at that time, now you can sit again. Another bug was that the players in

your range were not cleared, and they appeared as 'ghostsly ghosts'.


- For those who didn't read the license, and run the game, will prompt them with an error

message (a very mean/sarcastic one). Hopefully, they will feel offended.


- Press F2 and get to the last heard URL.


- Now, the text wraps in 2 lines (the text that you write)




Added by Entropy, Fri, Feb 14 2003The first demo is available for download, enjoy




Added by entropy, Thu, Feb 06 2003Just added 2 new races. Now, you can play a human, elf or dwarf. And each race has a male and female version, so there are 6 different avatars, in total

Also, I fixed a small but ugly bug in the path finding routine, and Maura did some new nice bushes. Yesterday I finished the teleporters system, using a particle engine to show where the portals are.

Stay tuned, the first public, pre alpha demo release will be on 13 February.




Added by entropy, Sun, Feb 02 2003Did some bug fixes, and now the game works perfectly on Linux

But it is a little bit slower, I get 14 FPS in a spot, on Windows, and about 10 on Linux (Vanta TNT 2, 8 MB, Athlon TB 750 MHZ).

Anyway, it is now official, the game works on Linux (and possibly other big endian Unix machines that support OpenGL and SDL)

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