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Found 1 result

  1. In Eternal lands there are certain distances where a player is able to see annother character, monster or enemy. Of course the distance depends on the stats and the type of the object, daytime and certain other parameters. As far as I know the conditon if a sound of a object is observable is exactly related to visiblity of an object (If you can see it, you can hear it). My idea is, like in real life, that the audio perception of the sound of an object would be possible over longer distances than the visual perception, so if there is a monster around you can hear it before it is visible. This means you might be warned by the sound of something in advance, which gives you a strategic advantage in dangerous situations if you are using sound. It would even make the games more exciting in certain situations. And at the end it would be a real motivation for players to use sound! What do you think about this idea?