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Found 1 result

  1. The EL Impics God Games For the playful amongst you to raise the spirits of the Gods To appease thier helpful or perhaps , decietful nature To Hold a Games, dedicated to the EL Gods This will please them !! The C2 Find and Keep Marathon -- In Celebration of Aluwen she would adorn her subjects with golden crowns The TD Sprint - In Respect of Mortos he wouldfind humor in accepting your soul into the underworld naked, after attempting a sprint through the desert of certain doom from one entrance to the other. Any who make it through would be greatly rewarded. ( this would be subject to a shut down of TD and control of map so all people only att the runner ) and so on *depending on acceptance id be into designing some custom banners to go around arenas if they could be put up perhaps they could be changed later maybe even you could have that as part of the games letting people submit God banners * Horse Racing - To bring Unolas closer to the Unicorn's Magic the master of Horses can take thier steed across bridge and marsh in Jungles where the wild is magical