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Found 3 results

  1. Android or other tablet keyboard

    I tried out the Android client. I could not get the keyboard up in console mode. There is always some trick to things in the Android client, it seems. That sort of thing will just piss off and drive away potential new players. When will we get a keyboard summoning icon? For any device without a working physical keyboard, that would be very helpful. https://discourse.libsdl.org/t/on-screen-keyboard-change/19216 This really old article says that it should be really easy to just pull up a virtual keyboard in SDL.
  2. Clicking Alt-LeftMouseButton on an item in the inventory is supposed to put all of that item to storage. This doesn't work on my system with the standard Alt key to the left of the keyboard. Instead I have to click the AltGr button, which is to the right of the spacebar on my German keyboard. Strangely Alt works for other commands, such as Alt-s sit/stand. I had a look at the key.ini file, but can't find any likely settings that might affect this. System information I am running on Debian with the package version The setxkbmap command gives the following: setxkbmap -query rules: evdev model: pc105 layout: de variant: nodeadkeys I have not altered my key.ini settings.
  3. After playing the game for a few minutes, keyboard input is lost. Can only use mouse. Cannot use 'tab', 'alt', direction arrows. Even when trying to enter a # command, the first letter will not print. #quit turns into #uit. #stor turns into #tor. #beam me turns into #eam, etc. Have to quit and start new session. Please advise.