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  1. New quest contest

    Sorry, but the 30th objective is not the Mountain Chimeran, which is instead the 31st objective. It is in fact the Forest Chimeran in Willowvine. The reward is 9,000 Attack and Defense experience. I believe that makes me the first to post the correct information for the 30th objective.
  2. Temporary class system

    The statements in this forum already back up my claim. There has already been at least one person that has posted here indicating that they had refrained from forum posting for this very reason. I myself have refrained from it in the past for that reason. I simply don't care enough about the game any longer to worry whether or not you'll ban me for telling you the truth. I'm sorry, but I will not out people by name that do not wish to be revealed, that is for them to decide. If you feel there is insufficient evidence, do what you feel you must.
  3. Temporary class system

    With people afraid to voice their opinion for fear of potentially being banned (whether that fear is justified or not), you will never be able to have an open discussion on any topic. See above. Whether the discussion happens in game or in the forums, while players are afraid of being banned for voicing their opinions it will be impossible to have an open discussion. Who is saying that they could not post something following the rules? I don't recall reading anything along those lines. Instead what I read indicated that their fear is of getting banned for simply voicing their opinion. The short of it, right or wrong, is that there are players that are afraid to voice their opinion (in game or in forum) for fear of being banned for having done so. As long as this is the state of affairs, there will never be an open and honest discussion regarding anything in the game.
  4. Bot payments

    Just going on Entropy's own statement and asking for clarification. So, why don't we wait for actual clarification?
  5. NMT and Skeptic for harvesting?

    AFAIK, the NMT perk does not apply to tool breakage.
  6. Bot payments

    IIRC, Aeryn was a double blessed bot. With both blessing purchased in the same year. Based on this statement: Wouldn't the bot still have another two years before the renewal is needed?
  7. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    I want to thank you all for your comments and support. She really did enjoy the time we spent in EL.
  8. I know some of you will remember my beloved wife Katryel (Rachel Collins) and her battle with melanoma (skin cancer). Your well wishes were extremely heartfelt and appreciated. Last night, Katryel passed away.
  9. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    Once again, I apply for not using such strong wordings. 55 votes is certainly more, but it is still not that many more as you suggest. Play your semantics all you want. 55 votes more than a thread with a total of 105 votes. that's more than 50% more people voting (52.4%). I'm pretty sure that's valid justification for far more.
  10. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    There are far more people voting in this poll than the previous. As of today, there are a total of 105 unique votes (for two different questions, giving the 210 total votes). Right now we have 160 unique votes on this poll. Those taking bags would refer to the previous poll as justification of their actions. This was prior to it reaching 105 unique votes, in fact it had only 95 votes at the time. Just because several players either don't know about the poll or have elected to not voice their opinion doesn't invalidate those that have.
  11. LoGG and your hyperbags

    Yes, for your previous actions. We also tried to discuss this with your guild to come to some kind of resolution, at the persistence of Suncie. However, you disrupted those talks and brought them to an end. We are now simply seeing your true colors. There were a few different players that saw me with opportunity to take bags you'd created since this thread began. All of them were left untouched.
  12. LoGG and your hyperbags

    Then you'll probably get a kick out of this: [23:51:30] [PM from Sylvester: insidious just grued out. Wanna poof his hyper? =P] [23:51:34] [PM to Sylvester: kk] [23:51:58] [PM from Sylvester: the ladder down the ground at the fluff spawn] [23:54:48] [PM from Sylvester: bring like 5 keys, just incase I dont have the exact coords] [23:55:24] Sylvester: hey [23:55:28] BleedingSoul: ;p [23:55:29] Sylvester was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [23:55:32] Sylvester: not that one =) [23:56:03] Sylvester: lol [23:56:42] [PM from Sylvester: =D] [23:57:40] [PM to Sylvester: easily 20k+ stuff] [00:01:59] [PM from Sylvester: Its a junk bag] That's right, Sylvester solicited help in poofing -AR-'s bag. Edit: just to clarify, the bag was in fact poofed, all contents lost.
  13. LoGG and your hyperbags

    I took that from Blackthorne quoting you here: By the way, that quote comes directly from your post earlier on this very same thread.
  14. LoGG and your hyperbags

    No one is forcing you to read it. You may not have a problem with it, and yes they are free to do as they like within the rules of the game. However, I (and others) see their behavior as that of an outlaw. Here we disagree. Destroying others work is (in my view) the behavior of an outlaw. Unless of course the work belongs to a declared enemy. Sylvester did not return the bag due to us informing him it was ours. He knew who the bag belonged to before he took it. He's worked along side several guilds in that mine and I doubt any of them were at the time declared enemies of LoGG. The only thing he returned upon being confronted about the bag was the 10k FE and GC cost for the keys for us to recover it. I feel their behavior was deserving of an outlaw post. I would think I've made that clear by now. edit: grammar
  15. LoGG and your hyperbags

    I attempted to discuss this further with LoGG due to Suncie's persistence in the matter (again only the location has been altered in the logs): [13:24:22] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] Suncie seems to think there is some benefit to contact you about the bag situation... if any of you would like to discuss it I'm open to discussion [13:25:03] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] however, since as I've stated your GM seems to have been involved in the taking of the bag I don't know how much benefit can come from this [13:26:33] #Ig [Form:LoGG] I am not even sure what exactly happened. Suncie and I didnt know who's bag it was. And Sylv told me he didnt either and i tend to believe him. [13:27:30] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] sylvester has been in the **** cave numerous times with either myself or insidious present... it would not have been a large leap to determine the [13:28:00] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] location of one or more of our hyperbags in the area... we know the risks of using these bags and it's not the bag that is the problem [13:28:42] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] it is the fact that we have helped watch over Sylvester's bags... regardless of whether he lays claim to them or not... we helped ensure they would be [13:28:47] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] there when he returned [13:29:27] #Ig [Form:LoGG] ive known Sylv for a long time and i cant imagine him being buddies with you and helping eachoher then stabbing you in the back. [13:29:47] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] we did this by reseting the timers on the bag by dropping items into the bag... this was repaid with taking of a very large bag [13:30:35] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] believe what you want... I don't accuse randomly... I do wish I had screenshots now to prove he was there... but I don't [13:32:30] #Ig [Form:LoGG] i hope we can settle this somehow. We are not a gang of thieves, you know. I still cant see the whole thing clearly. [13:33:41] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] as long as sylvester continues his hunts in areas he works next to people in I don't see that happening... and this isn't a personal thing... [13:33:58] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I just don't feel we can trust your guild with actions like this happening [13:34:47] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] Sylvester was one of the first people our guild met in the **** mine... but claims to never have worked beside us... and he works beside insidious on a [13:34:56] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] near daily basis... [13:34:56] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] well you are accusing us - me of stealing [13:35:11] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] did you or did you not assist in moving the bag? [13:35:28] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I know you were present as I saw you in the cave myself [13:35:56] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] i did help him hauling it in [13:36:14] #Ig [Form:LoGG] i was on the bag for about 5 minutes, he called me, i didnt even know what was really going on. Then i logged off since it was late. [13:36:23] #Ig [Form:LoGG] so no, i didnt help. [13:36:43] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] but you saw the bag and new it's size, this didn't raise any alarms for you? [13:36:47] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] syl did not claim not working with you, he did not know that was your bag, point [13:37:33] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] "I have never been working in the same area, neither have anyone from LoGG." that is directly from Sylvester [13:38:06] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] that explicitly claims that he's never worked in the same area as us, nor has any LoGG member... it's a bold faced lie [13:38:10] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] he was talking about the spesific area [13:38:57] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] so you claims he was working in that spesific spot before? [13:39:17] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I claim that I was on the bag that was lost when he's been present in the **** mine, yes [13:41:20] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] he also claims not to use hyperbags or more specifically "Since I have no bags, I have no idea what imaginary bags you could have helped me with BT." [13:41:55] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] yet I've watched him use at least two in the **** mine... and he's stated to insidious that he's got a tool bag in the mine... [13:42:05] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] yet more bold faced lies from him [13:56:04] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] no comment ? [13:56:58] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] on? I'm sorry I was disconnect and haven't seen anything since my last to you [13:58:54] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] my guild mate passed on your message... it's not an opinion... sylvester admits to having taken the bag [13:59:01] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] so this is all about you believe syl is a thied and now you have outlawed a complete guild? [13:59:49] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] that is theft from my view... and he admits to it... the fact that multiple guild members were involved in it resulted in the whole guild being tagged [14:00:20] #Ig [Form:LoGG] he admits taking the bag. And none of us denies sitting on it. But we didnt know who's it was. And he took a little amount compared to what it [14:00:21] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] as I've stated numerous times... if only Sylvester had been involved, it would be against only Sylvester [14:00:35] #Ig [Form:LoGG] was in it, AND he returned it. [14:00:46] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] he moved the bag... that is taking the entire thing... he admits to that [14:00:58] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] exactly, your view,so i still think this is a personal vendeta [14:01:36] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] suncie you still aren't getting it... -AR- and many other guilds consider taking hyperbags as theft [14:02:18] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] while it is nice that he did return the FE, it doesn't change the fact that he took it... [14:02:19] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] take a look again at the pic that Nardo has posted [14:03:03] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] what about it? our guild views are different... just because your guild condones taking of hyperbags doesn't mean other guilds don't see it as theft [14:03:40] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] how come you dont mention it in the forum he has returned it [14:04:18] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I believe I do... right in my first post... complete chat logs including the trade [14:04:43] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [16:51:17] Sylvester wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade. [14:04:51] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [16:52:02] [PM to Sylvester: ty] [14:05:35] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] that's immediately following the request for where to meet for the FE and GC... that's pretty clear to everyone [14:05:49] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] have I ever denied that he returned the FE? [14:10:30] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] so while only 10k of FE was hauled out of the mine, the entire 130k FE was moved from it's original spot, that's attempted theft of the entire bag [14:10:59] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] and he admits to moving the bag: [16:54:18] [PM from Sylvester: took me 20 minutes just moving the bag a few steps] [14:11:35] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] so are you (Suncie and Form) indicating that you had no part in the moving of the bag... only with the removal of 10k from it? [14:11:48] [PM from Sylvester: hi] [14:12:03] [PM to Sylvester: if you have something to say, do so in IG... not in PM] [14:12:35] [PM from Sylvester: wrong] [14:13:38] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: hi] [14:13:40] [PM from Sylvester: this discussion doesnt have to involve all of my guild or all of yours] [14:13:46] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM to Sylvester: if you have something to say, do so in IG... not in PM] [14:13:54] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: wrong] [14:14:04] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: this discussion doesnt have to involve all of my guild or all of yours] [14:15:27] [PM from Sylvester: thats very disturbing. If you want to make the discussion official, then share your logs please] [14:15:36] [PM from Sylvester: dont spam out #ig] [14:15:50] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: thats very disturbing. If you want to make the discussion official, then share your logs please] [14:15:59] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: dont spam out #ig] [14:16:24] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I wish this discussion to remain open to all memebers of both guilds so there is no confusion on the matter [14:16:46] #Ig [Katryel->LoGG] I for one would like to 'hear' it. [14:17:22] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] no answer to my question (Suncie and Form)? [14:17:44] [PM from Sylvester: how many members in your guild are involved in the discussion? Im sure that they dont have to see the messages instantly] [14:18:00] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: how many members in your guild are involved in the discussion? Im sure that they dont have to see the messages instantly] [14:18:26] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I've my my request clear in both PM and IG, please refrain from attempting to PM me directly regarding this [14:18:30] #Ig [suncie:LoGG] why should i? i have made myself clear have a clears consious hope so do you [14:19:44] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] because I'm open to resolving this as I've told Nardo and hope I've made clear by discussing this here... it is my understanding that your involvement [14:20:09] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] includes moving the bag... if that is not the case (which has not been contested to this point) then enlighten me [14:21:40] [PM from Sylvester: we have heard too much of your voice. Please stop spamming our IG] [14:21:54] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] [PM from Sylvester: we have heard too much of your voice. Please stop spamming our IG] [14:22:13] #Ig [blackthorne->LoGG] I'll take this to mean that discussion are over... we are here if you wish to continue