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  1. adip1 is a bag jumper

    wolfgamer was about to die and i tried to save him by killing the garg (fighting with him) but he died and adip1 bag jump him as u can see i m on the gargoyles bag and he/she (adip1) is on wolfgamer's db
  2. Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    Auction Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal Starting 137k (bot price) BIN 250k Selling: 2x tit cuisses 53k ea tit greaves 36k tit plate 95k 2x col 88k ea mage robe pants 46k bd chest 125k js/os/cutty SoM steel greaves 9x BP cape 3x Mirror 2x fr 1x warlock/cotu 235 cord pot/90 att/426 vit/183 reas/218 GHP also got some books like ts/invis/eva worth about 50k
  3. Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    auction closed see u in game elg
  4. Beware Terrance PKG

    ty for the entertainment looking forward for the next entertaining post when i log back next month to see & lol @ reporting urself for breaking the rules
  5. Bindings are going silly

    ty for ur comments on a 3 month old dead market thread <3
  6. a/p protection spell

    yea pk in a group..... sux for solo fighters (who need to flee 20x and chase the ranger who will just ttr on the other side)
  7. a/d gab

    dont know whats the highest gap atm....~2 yrs ago iirc fluj had ~40-50 a/d gap 60s/110s ask beol whats his gap, its probably the highest btw mr i beat ur exp/hr / min by far
  8. NPC

    since server is overstocked with bindings i dont see any reason for keeping the npc's deleted i say bring em back so low a/d ppl can make some gc and buy pr0 wep/armor to
  9. with bindings stones being sold for 60-80k/stone radu gave away 100 binders to 2 ppl (afaik only 2 ppl found the 100 binding stones) and the price is about the same. Instead of increasing the chance for finding them so every1 could take advantage (log in more/play more). Some ppl who worked very hard to promote the server are pissed off cuz of this.
  10. GodZ spawn serper

    2nd link didnt work
  11. a/p protection spell

    1st time fight with stivy vs me and amar the fight continued ~10 min with me dis/tele ~2x and than later elg3neral come to shoot with us stivy d/t after ~30 sec smurf d/t after few sec of fighting to (b4 amar had the chance to att) and just yesterday choris (ranger/mage) + snowghost vs me and i did ~40 dmg/hit on snowghost while choris did 60s dmg on me 2x (he hit me a lot faster with his arrows than i can hit with my sword and a lot more dmg to)... i tried ~4x and gave up. choris being a mage with pr0 mana didnt matter how many times i fleed/diss to att him..they were able to double team me very easily. The dmg was to much for me to even try to take a pic and take kgxjeff for example probably #1 pker who gets teamed by a lot of ppl and still wins he attacked me and elg3neral and choris started shooting at him and he d/t ~45 sec
  12. Auctioning instance booty

    32k for the scythe and 87k for the helm
  13. GodZ spawn serper

    lies it was other way around unlike him i haz pr00f in the pic u can see i paid him and he still p00fed it after the next trade bot i promise
  14. bot blessing coupon

    selling bot bless coupon also selling arti cape invasion token anti social/fr/gb/icd/hs & ied removal stones offer here or leave a gossip pm
  15. Phoenix

    Then you already won the fight, if they run. u only win the fight if u kill the person & ch6 announces the kill
  16. عرب

    you don't need the keyboard to type in Arabic or need to know the language لا, إنه لن. ow عمار آسف لا أعرف أحدا
  17. GodZ spawn serper

    yea that will fix the problem, 40 sec respawn time on MCW/FCW is 2much single chim (mcw/fcw)............vs ...................3x rot spawn exp => 220k-240k/hr.............vs....................300k-330k/hr gc => 1.8k-2.5k/hr..............vs.....................10k+/hr with much higher chance for drops and its very annoying if 1 person is there for 15hrs/day .....
  18. GodZ spawn serper

    she train with thermal serp the pic doesnt really prove anything...maybe wolverine was training there? and u and me_ow started serping him and rest of godz came to help... and she made a post with no proof .... spawn serper got serped for once Smurf: Got tired of seeing Cher and me ow hand this spawn back and forth for a month or so, so decided to serp them [PM from TigerClaw: because you and cheurt dont like to share ^^] [PM from TigerClaw: your not brod tag. but we got permission from the GM to serp you.] [PM from TigerClaw: Tyrannis gave permission.] And it is not the serping that realy got me ,,,It was the Dictating when and Where I can Train <<< End of this Thread for me u want to keep on bringing up old stuff that everybody does go ahead <<<<<signing out forgot 1 pic sry :/ thats ~2 days old. NOT saying what they did was right, but u do this shit all the time to me and get away with it... and you know you hog the spawn for hr's than get some1 else to keep it and take it back later again... even if some1 is training u force them to leave anyway
  19. GodZ spawn serper

    she train with thermal serp the pic doesnt really prove anything...maybe wolverine was training there? and u and me_ow started serping him and rest of godz came to help... and she made a post with no proof .... spawn serper got serped for once
  20. GodZ spawn serper

    ur on rot spawn everyday for ~15hrs a day...learn to share plz. lol he returned your db, and you afaik like to camp tirnym double spawn with your friend cherut rotating it every time giving no1 else the oppurtunity to train so fk it, if your being a greedy hag expect to get serped And for your Information ,, Infamous ,,I pm all u train here when I'm about to leave I will not name names it is up to them if the want to be known ,,, It just so happens Cherut and I are on same time schedule << Do u not call your guildies to see if thy want the spawn before u let it go ,,, I have no guildies training on same mobs so I call who ever I know ,,,,,Smurf is just upset cause one of his own wants the spawn <<< ummm no u dont pm every1 who train there...from 100x i waited for ur pm, u pmed me ~2x maybe and u always do quick restock by teleing to votd and get back to spawn in few secs-min and take the spawn back and when 1x i saw u @ votd sto doing restock and took the spawn u took it back from me "cuz u had to go trade" ..so wtf?? u left spawn and i should have kept it ..but i gave the spawn back and left ^^ stivy was training here and he pmed me to take the spawn (iirc stivy pmed both of us but i came here first and started training and she started serping again and i just left) (idk why he went naked and started killing pw ) umm so she was getting the fc @ the bottom ..while i got the other fc near the door/underground area to go to c2. (she wasnt @ the spawn..i didnt see any1 there so i started killing couple of mc + fc on the top of the map and came back killed fc again 3-4x ..and there respawn time is 30 or 40 sec + time to kill and she comes in and takes the spawn cuz she was here oO took a long time to kill a fc with cutty ) i came to rot saw tradon training on 3x spawn..so i checked other spawns in the map ..me_ow had 2x mc spawn again ..so i went back to the 3x spawn and stayed there ~20+ min (not afkish was sitting there waiting for him to finish) and she comes in and she wants the 3x chim but dont wana wait there for the spawn + want to keep the 2x mc spawn oz u can match ur log with mine...it took me a while to find it but for u it should be easy open log control + f and copy/paste 1 of my messages and u will see all this chat log. [15:54:59] Ozmondius: why don't you want turk anymore amar? [15:55:11] AMAR: them make all friends and ally [15:55:17] You are too far away! Get closer! [15:55:29] [@PK central @ 6]: yaserhameed killed Bones. [15:55:29] You killed Bones [15:55:29] Bones is hunting rabbits in the Elysian fields. [15:55:46] yaserhameed: thats true [15:55:50] Ozmondius: without guild summons att u always :S [15:56:01] yaserhameed: to many friendly guild and allies who never help out [15:56:07] yaserhameed: instead they piss me off [15:56:11] Ozmondius: lol [15:56:15] AMAR: than why i buy char i go sit in sto and make all ally and friends [15:56:26] [@PK central @ 6]: pr0yx killed Derak. [15:56:31] Ozmondius: just don't join www/godz/hc please :S [15:56:40] AMAR: no i hate them [15:56:44] yaserhameed: 1) not helping 2) attacking pvp's 3) attacking friend 4) attackign the ppl who are helping me 5) i want fr33 pki [15:56:44] Ozmondius: ok [15:56:57] Ozmondius: join LION [15:57:01] Ozmondius: 1 ally, 1 nap [15:57:29] AMAR: w/o guild i can att all [15:57:30] Select a nearby location to teleport. [15:57:35] [@PK central @ 6]: Smurf killed cokweng. [15:57:37] Select a nearby location to teleport. [15:57:42] Amakuni fled the combat. Damn! Go get that coward! [15:57:44] You see: Amakuni [15:57:54] Select a target for mana drain spell! [15:57:55] You drained 35 mana points from Amakuni [15:58:00] [@PK central @ 6]: yaserhameed killed Amakuni. [15:58:00] You killed Amakuni [15:58:00] You gained 0.031005 PK points [15:58:00] Amakuni enters cadaver service. but instead of joining he made a guild "pk"
  21. Bindings are going silly

    same thing with serp stones i keep losing auctions but doesnt really matter cuz i kept finding more for myself and now i got more than what i need atm so decided to trade "rare item" for other expensive/"rare items"
  22. 3 binding stones

    not selling them for gc, but will trade them for stuff like tit armor halberd/great wep health/engergy/matter/air essences & srs bronze pl8/cuis/shield can pay binding + gc post here or leave a gossip pm for yaser #edit got few more binding if the offer is good & hydro bars
  23. selling some stuff

    63k for js/cutty 170k for ewoed
  24. Binding stone

  25. buying some st00f

    buying 1k matter essences 1k spirit essences 2k energy essences 4k health essences 3k air essences ~50 diss rings ~100 misc rings for c1 ~50 c2 misc rings 4 wolfram bars 5k vials 2 phys removals 3 cord removals 1 reas removal 4 inst removals 2 animal nexus removals 2 vegetal nexus removals 3 artificial nexus removals Selling book of acc p0ts http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a284/yas...elscreen485.png