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  1. Funny Signitures

    I once seen someone with a very funny signiture and i want to see more post here please i enjoy a good laugh.
  2. Invasions

    How about a new invasion system when you enter an invaded area there will be 4 sides fighting in an area: npc enemy, npc resistance, player resistance, and player opposers. When you enter and invaded area a menu will ask you wheter you want to fight on the side of good or the side of evil. Then your general will command you. When you summon your summonlings dont fight other summonlings on your side of the invasion. Npc resistance can attack player opposers and npc enemies. Npc enemies can attack player resistance and npc resistance. Your general might give a command like #command attack coordinates. This command when typed by the general will tell the people fighting to go to that area to assist in the killing of a super powerful monster like a chimmie. Or #command rescue coordinates. It will tell the army to defend the general. If the general dies then your team loses and an enormous amount of monsters from the other side will appear and slay them all. The winning team will be able to go and gather all the fallen deathbags. Deathbags droped during an invasion will be red colored and called invasion spoils bags and the players who wins will be able to gather the spoils. Here is an example of an invasion Mortos attacks the city of White Stone (npc enemy) Aulwen sends defences (npc resistance) Lord_Vermor gathers fellow players to defend ws ( player resistance) The_Piper fights against lord_vermor to regain revenge for lord_vermors poisoned potion of feasting. (player opposers) You enter ws What side are you Good () Evil() Good(*) YOu join the forces of General Lord_Vermor Placid joins your team DonPedro Joins your team (other players join your team) sMooMs joins The_Piper (and so on) General Lord Vermor commands you to attack 124,587 Warmastermage: Donpedro help kill those 2 chimmies Donpedro: Pwned them both General Lord Vermor commands you to help him 232.983 General Lord Vermor is pushing up daisies Aulwen loses. The forces of The_piper and Mortos have prevailed WS is in ruins. (the sMooMs The_piper and everyone else on the player opposers team picks up all our death bags and everyone in the player resistance is very angry) sMooMs: sweet i got some iron cuises The_piper: nice invasion spoils i got a few srs and a summoner droped like 30 eles what a lucky day. Feedback please
  3. Tropies/Bounties

    How about when you pk someone you get a part of thier body like a finger or an ear as proof that you pked them. Trophies can be traded but when you use the eye icon, it says the name of the person you actually killed the guy instead of the person i possesion of the trophie. This would be useful for two things: Showing off showing off the ear of someone strong to your friends and for bounty. Lets say someone bagjumped someone and refuses to get the stuff back. Then the person would go on the general chat or market channel and say that he is buying the ear or finger of the person who bagjumped him. Missing fingers and ears will not show on your char(it grows back). Feedback please.
  4. Password

    I pmed entropy in the forums to get help geting back my password because i changed it but dont remember it. I followed entropy's instructions but its been a week and no one has helped me can someone help me about this?
  5. Password

    Entropy told me to contact rogue about it.
  6. New Forums?

    How do i get to the options that tells me about the new posts in the topics i created? I want to look at all the feedback im getting.
  7. mouse

    I use a optical mouse. I used to have a roller ball mouse but the arrow kept flickering off to the right of the screen so i decided to get a new one.
  8. The Rig

    The Findings I have researched deeply the old tomes of the olde times and discovered that one time in the history of the world one of the gods in a fit of anger sent a large lump of coal the size of a island crashing into the southern seas. It was rumored to have drifted further south and froze into a landmass. The legend states that a fire boiled beneith it, the fire in the earth rose and formed a mine filled with tons of sulfur. I sent a ship to the south poles and found this very island and thought of a use for it. I have drawn blueprints of a rig that can be used to put this island to use. It consists of a Upper level to contain masses of ore and a lower furnace that contains masses of Enriched Essences of Fire to fuel the sulfur and coal and melt the ores and cool off containers for the ore to cool into bars. I will present my findings to the council to see what they would do. The Presentation, Construction, and Voyage The council has agreed to put in 50million gold coins into this project and has sent a team of elite dwarves to assist me. They loaded 1000 ships with 80million eternal matter units of Titanium ore to be shipped to the island. A team of skilled manufactures, miners, and alchemists have built my rig for me in peices and plans to put it when they arrive at the island I feel confident that this expedition will lead to an Industrial revolution in the history of the dwarves. We set sail and endured many weeks of harsh weather that I have experienced before on my last journey there after 4 weeks we finnaly arrived at the frozen island. I have named it The Rig City. The team of elite manufacturers will soon build this rig. South Pole, Rig City Day 1 Before the manufacturers can begin building this rig, we must find a way to dispose of the top layer of ice. We sent a team of elite miners to dig off the ice with no prevail. One of the many wise dwarves has suggested to fill the inside of this first layer of ice with coal and set off a enormous explosion. We tried the idea and it worked with a massive bang the ice tumbled into the ocean the manufacterers will begin construction of the rig tommorow Day 2 They have pieced together the rig with great speed and put it together with great skill. First they laid down the foundation and poured molten liquid to bind it to the ground. Then they built the lower levels in the coal. Then they peiced together the upper levels and added the cool-off sections and poured molten steel over it all to finish the rig. Day 3 They rig is finished and the dwarves have begun to haul the titanium ore into the upper levels the upper melting levels can contain 8million emus of titanium ore. They then dug the coal and sulfur into the lower levels and set it aflame with an essence of enriched fire and smelthed all the ore, 1million bars of titanium in 100 ships are heading back to the mainland. Day 4 The ore smelting is continuing but we are running into some problems. Some of the ice is melting and water spilled into the lower levels we had to use several EFEs to smelt our quota of ore. We have smelted 2 million bars and are left with 800 ships. Day 5 The problem is continuing and is getting worse we also found some leaks in the rig that seem to slow down the production and today we used 10 EFEs to smelt these ores but the ice seems to melt more. They have smelted some of the titanium and tried to fix it but with no prevail we have smelted 3million bars and are left with 700 ships. Day 6 Surprisingly, we used only 1 EFE today and thank goodness because our supply was running low. We do not know what caused this but we are very thankful for it because of this surprising event, we have reached double our quota and so far smelthed 5million bars and are left with 500 ships. Day 7 Our bars production have skyrocketed but we are running low of coal and sulfur and we are down to just 1 EFE but thank fully we have smelthed 4 million bars today for a total of 9 million we just need to finish 1 million to go and 400 ships were sent to ship the bars we are left to our last 100 ships. Day 8 We have found the source of why the smelting process was sped up. They discovered liquid coal or what the mage dwarves called oil. We tried to smelt the ore but the oil leaked in and the lower levels caught aflame. We had to stop it but the fire kept spreading we have blocked off the fire from the oil but it is slowly burning through the coal and sulfur! The ships have sent with the 900tousand bars to the mainland and the remaining 10 ships are leaving to prevent disaster. The upper level then completely melted off from heat and all the molten liquid went spilling into the water melting the ice and sent oil into the water. The fire from the lower levels is seeping out and we are afraid. Day 9 All attempts have failed to contain the hazard and the fire destroyed the lower levels. We tried to flee but some of the ships stayed behind. The fire reached the oil and there was an enormous explosion. The rig the island and the sea floor exploded and most of the dwarves that we left fell to thier doom. We managed to escape and sailed for the mainland. Our beautiful smelting facility has been destroyed and all is lost. A long 4 week voyage later We came back to the mainland and have found the 990tousand titanium bars were stored and the city heard the news they had a memorial to honor the fallen dwarves. I shall always remember those fallen dwarves and it fills me with sadness and guilt that haunts me to this day............ -The Jounal of a Dwarf Epilogue The dwarves put the bars into construction of Gothrag, the new underground dwarf city/mine the dwarves have lived prosperous since its opening and the economy thrives. In the town square lies the statues of the fallen dwarves. Many things born of fire and coal live in the city. Forges and Mines with new dwarven ideas and innovations have made the mining of ore, the smelthing of ore, and the forging of weapons and armors faster than ever. Since the fall of the Rig and the construction the the City of Gothrag, the dwarves are in a Golden Age. This Story takes place in the distant future of Serdia.
  9. Legend of the Warriors Line

    The Legend The legend of the line of warriors states that far back in the past when Glygoc created the race of Orchans he created a line of magnificent warriors. These warriors would have amazing reflexes, super strength, skin of iron, speed of light, and guile of the cleaver beasts, and the ferousity of the chimeras. The legend states that when the next generation is born, the parents of the previous one will die , then the uncle will raise the child and teach it about the ways of battle. The people that raise the warriors are known as the Line of the Protectors of war. The Next Generation The orchan child stood on the ruins of the battle. His village has been attacked by orcs of Mortos. His parents were killed in the battle. He slew some orcs and fled into the mountains with his uncle. They were planning of moving to another place to live. The did move to the prosperous city of whitestone. They had some time fitting in with the people but he managed. Everyday his uncle taught him the ways of combat. He would take the child to the arena and have him go in with only a small stick and fight the fierce gladiators. The child of course won everytime. When ever a sword hit him it bent. When ever a person tried to outsmart him he dodged and attacked. He attacked with great fiercness and gave no mercy. Soon he was named the top gladiator at the age of 12. He then learned even more about combat from his uncle as they moved to the penninsula of grubani and fought the chimeras everday. When he grew up, he joined armies to engage in war. He soon became a general in the army and went off to fight many wars. Where ever he fought, all feared him. (Give me some feedback on this and how to improve it also i will be using this in many of my other war stories this is just an idea that i have but i need more ideas to make more details)
  10. Tropies/Bounties

    Since this idea turned out to be a bad one, i would like to place the blame on the people of Blizzard because i ripped the idea off from DiabloII
  11. Eternal Toon

    Me too i want in i almost choked on my snack when i saw it. By the way why didnt ent just use his mute commands to silence all the newbs and pwn you?
  12. Tropies/Bounties

    Why? many people have enemies and have lots of money. Pkers need money for equipment. Why not have someone put a bounty on an enemy and buy ears for proof that they killed him? Makes sense to me.
  13. Bros Alchemy and manufacturing biz!

    People dont need your services when they can make it themselves people need essences but they are easy to make there are two solutions: Make the limits higher Start making bars because people need alot of bars and making them is kind of boring and long. (most people would rather by them)
  14. Bros Alchemy and manufacturing biz!

    First of all edit your posts dont double post and I dont see anything wrong except that you are not selling many things in demand. If you could make bars then you will have some more customers.
  15. Helpz0rz

    Aerowind Online?
  16. Selling EFEs cheap

    Stop hurting the economy!!!!!!! Alchemists work hard to make EFEs and you fighters and mass producers kill your chimmies and make millions of fes to make tons of EFEs to destroy the alchemist's hard work!!!!!
  17. Lord of the essense

    Shouldnt it be 3 elves and 7 dwarves instead of the other way around?
  18. Bread

    toast for me unless im in a hurry and just put together a really bad sandwich and pop it into the microwave.
  19. The Rig

    Its the scale of time that doesn't make sense. "after 4 weeks we finnaly arrived at the frozen island" and yet on Day 9 "We managed to escape and sailed for the mainland" and arrived on....... Day 10 ("We came back to the mainland and have found the 990tousand titanium bars were stored") It doesn't add up and I still think that the sheer scale of things needs to be looked at (if you want advice, that is) Its your story, it will not go into the EL storyline, but still I assume you want it to appear credible, don't you? 215141[/snapback] Fixed the problem but i cant make any major improvements to it untill im finished with my ingame project. Its going to take about 15 weeks or so untill i can edit my stories.
  20. Question about guilds

    They will if you have at least 1 skill other than overall and harvesting over 20 some guild have bigger requirements it depends on the guild
  21. Scary Link

    Found Lost Play this scary game (im easily scared so i didnt finish the game because im so scared if someone finishes the game tell me how you finish it and what the horrific ending is? Tell me if it even has a ending) this game brings me the chills
  22. The Rig

    The dwarf in this case is a scholarly dwarf that grew up learning with humans and doesnt really have an accent. And about the numbers of the bars i dont think the serdia polititions would be interested in this if it were not a lot of bars a couple of thousand bars wont interest people, boost the dwarves into an industrial revolution and be enough to build gothrag.
  23. Monsters & Weapons & Armor!

    adding on to my last post for elephants and ivory maybe mammoths? Stronger than elephants and give mammoth fur to make a huge line of clothing with really good cold protection.
  24. Scary Link

    Im so easily scaried.... I even stoped playing another game that i bought because i was afraid of the undead monsters brrrr i guess i can have my cousin play it and watch or something...dont spoil it maybe i can attempt it with some relatives gathered around me and in full light maybe just maybe i can draw up some corage
  25. Harvesting Events

    I want to say that one day i was harvesting silver and making HEs and i had like 5 event free runs but on the next run almost all my pickaxes broke. Then i enjoyed some more runs and then on the next run mother nature attacked me more times than i can count and sent tons of cavern walls on me then i enjoyed more runs and then queen of nature blessed me twice in a minute why are all these event so packed together? They should be spread out evenly.