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  1. Forgot password

    As far as I know there has always been a $5 fee. This comment isnt going to help you get your password. In fact it might now prevent it. You are the one who wasn't able to keep your password handy and safe, but you expect someone else to take the time to retrieve it for you at no cost. Shame, shame. [Even if password retrieval were automatic it takes time to write that program, which then creates other issues.] I need this service. How do you prove ownership of the account?
  2. EL videos

    nice ta
  3. Beware Terrance PKG

    Message from a nub seeking a reaction from me via forum pm after i posted my last comment: It seems to me you still play the game like a nub, because you are a nub? Your "game style" kinda is against the grain good on ya well done. What end up happening to the bag you stalked and bagjumped?
  4. Beware Terrance PKG

    still a nub it seems
  5. Sign up for "almost PRO" instances

    anybody post video, screen capture/slideshow ?
  6. Forum games!

    free st00fs please
  7. The Fast Giant Breeding Program(tm)

    No they can't... but the impact of those perks alone is far less than when 100 bears and 100 white tigers get dropped around you and within seconds you've got no mana and everything is on cooldown xD edit: to be fair, the example I give above is not commonly seen in invasions... it's been extremely rare. Yes Gods can do Crazy things hey? Just as well it takes them ages to learn about the mobs they dropping on you, especially if they chuck a couple of high lvl ones into the mix to close the deal Maybe need God training school on test server. Have not played for ages so maybe not. Invasions need to bust at least one of your rostos but still have an element of fun and survivability about them. Seen maps full of giants and Black and red dragons in my time playing, but was more fun when gods watched what the players were doing and responded accordingly.
  8. The Fast Giant Breeding Program(tm)

    Ya ^^ A lesson i learned long ago: take MI ess to invasions xD Recast MI or cast a restore hmm choices choices but always interesting. Off topic, isnt there mobs with mirror perks and other stuff these days? can they also be stopped with MI?
  9. Why is it...

    Detta my sympathy goes out to you, and i admire your courage to stand up against this type of dispicable behaviour @The other meanies who have SHOUTED or posted vulguar comments on your original post and even here on this new one, im not sure what to say except im horrified that this has been allowed to happen in this day and age. Maybe some sort of 'filter' type system should be applied to this and all other forums with no opt out options like the one the Australian Government had/has planned to implement for its citizens. To think that "freedom of speech" is allowing this to happen to to innocent people each and everyday. Thats like 15 people a week if my caculator is working properly. Its time we put a stop to that freedom now for all our sakes!
  10. The Fast Giant Breeding Program(tm)

    Post bust rosto count please. Funest way to lose rosto's in game from what i remember of EL. Especially when the Gods turn thier attention to busting your rosto in particular, through the use a combination of mobs with their abilities/spell effects not just using over powered mobs in great numbers. Im sure everyone woulda had fun. I remember invasions were always fun things and good way to get rid of them pesky afk harvesters too.
  11. the ugliest shitty mess I ever saw

    And Im trying to work out which part you being honest about. Hard to do when you post a one line statement. So we even i'd say
  12. the ugliest shitty mess I ever saw

    aww Howsaditisthatpeoplemissedthewholepointofhispostandfocusedonthewayhedeliveredit. Mighthavebeenbettertotryandkeephimplaying.Youllallhavetosticktoonlybrodingeachoth ernowyourbad.Kindalikethewhitebroncochaseandsubsequentcourtcase.YesOJwasguiltyinm yopinion.Misdirectionstillworkswonders.Ishouldknowbecauseiuseitalotlol. omg
  13. EL Urban Legends

    That was actually true untill Ent fixed it. Well thats what i believed anyway lol Really have to learn to read more slowly, was already answered. Heres one: If you marry a Female toon in game it means they are Female in real life. Well at least until they post on forums that they are not. And another: If you click on the lilly pad near VOTD docks you will go to a wonderful happy place, and dont forget to wear your best armour.
  14. At the risk of starting a gender war :P

    Pfft washing up is fun, maybe better if i had help but where would they fit?. eg.
  15. Morath

    Very cold assement of this thread, and incorrect in my opinion. I see you stating that there are 95 posts but cant see anywhere in your list where you mention there was an exchange of ideas and view points, admittedly a small sample group compared to number of players, but still an exchange occured. Sorry Goot im going to have to post. If your house of cards was built while the person who knocked them over was waiting to have a human interaction with you then i kinda dont blame them. You just wasted time out of thier short lives they will never get back EVER for what? a house of cards? lol? I would say dont place your value on things that can be replaced if lost they really are at the end of the day just things. That is not a true meaure of the person you are and dont let anyone tell you any different. Place value on the interactions you have with others and the fact that they are there for you to interact with. If making GC in EL is time consuming/monotonous/not entertaining to you wtf why do it? Is it really that important? see above. Enjoy your EL interactings with others and have fun imo. kk ty omg