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  1. Poetry Corner

    Very optimistic lyrics, cool stuff. GL to your bro.
  2. pookies

    Thats how I get motivation to train a/d most of the time.
  3. if your in college

    Audio Engineering.
  4. A new Stance for HIM

    The best solution for the pk problem a guild could come up to. GL ppl
  5. ChaooGie's Farewell Summoning Festival

    Chaoo will never leave EL rofl. He is still nab.
  6. o.0 A sério? ROFL, boa sorte e diz "bye bye PVP". Os =hc= tao em guerra com todos ;>
  7. HIM :: Accepting Applications.

    Why you think you made it into HIM?
  8. HIM :: Accepting Applications.

    Holy crap, Not him! His breath is worst than chaoo!!11~one Seriously, good to see you posting here Heart.
  9. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    Its old but still fun. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bunny.php ...damn those bunnies ;/
  10. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    So stupid that I love it.
  11. Anthropologist

    Proof? Proof of what? That he is on your buddy list?
  12. Anthropologist

    Hahahaha! This is entertaining!
  13. What should REALLY be the American Pastime?

    Football (so called soccer). Americans are gaining the taste of it.
  14. Beware of Rend

    If he pk's you, he deserves the bag you drop.
  15. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    BTW, which number are you? ;p
  16. Happy Birthday To Vikingman

    Hey, happy b-day Enius! Finally you are growing bud! JK, have fun and enjoy your day.
  17. Epa mas que porra. Vê la se voltas rapido! Um abraço e boa sorte na vida real.
  18. Já fiz umas coisinhas, mas tens que me dar mais informação. Que cores preferes +/-, etc... Lol, lá burro ele não é! ;>
  19. metal thread

    How predictable. Just by looking at your avatar I knew the answer. ------------------- Not much, mostly on live venues.
  20. Benhe

    He is actually the creator of Benhe char. We were from the same guild along time go. But then he left EL and gave his pass on global. Some idiot got it and started scamming everybody, guildmates (including me coz we all thought it was the real one) and destroyed the guild. Why do i know he is the real one? Bcause b4 he left I asked for his email and now that he came back, he pmed me with the right answer. This hapened ages ago btw.
  21. Farewell

    FFS man, for a moment I thought she was gonna leave!!!! geez..... ------------ Bye Jhun, good luck irl. /edit: typos (as usual -.-)
  22. Ok. Diz la que tema queres. Quais as tuas ideas. Bling-bling, simples com isto, com aquilo.... Ate se quiseres posta aqui imagens para eu adicionar na siggy.
  23. Help Please [CLOSED]

    Yesterday my ping was fine. But today im having lots of lag. Not as high as you but around 50-1000ms. (normal ping is around 23-50) If the ping was high but constant I could predict when I should restore (for example) to compensate lag. All this spikes make it unpredictable. And since you are having it too, im guessing it aint an isolated case.
  24. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

    aka Rambo medics