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  1. Banned for...?

    ...what exactly?
  2. Eternal Limericks!

    To all the dung-divers... It's more a tongue twister than a town in Ireland. How much poop could a poop-scooper scoop if a poop-scooper could scoop poop?
  3. Eternal Limericks!

    I arrived at the tree-shrooms, to toil, When I suddenly spied a gargoyle, I tried to depart, Before his mischief could start, But sadly his attack I was unable to foil...
  4. 1k Picks...

    18kgc (ElvishPresley)
  5. Ode to a Stone If your life has turned out tragic, Cuz you put PPs on magic. Then I think you'll find, You're probably not alone. The solution though is easy, Just give me a great big wad of gc, And i'll give you a dusty 'maj' removal stone. [n.b. this line does not imply the stone is free..] BIN: ~950Kgc Auction to start at 875Kgc with increments of 10Kgc and will end one week from today unless it has been sold beforehand. Gold coins only please. I reserve the right to refuse bids from certain players/guilds, to withdraw it from sale and to write more odes. Thank you and good luck. EP
  6. Selling or Auctioning Magic Nexus Removal Stone.

    Auction closed. Stone sold in game to an unnamed buyer. Thanks again
  7. Eternal Limericks!

    An evil attack god named Mortos, Had the hots for a beautiful tortoise, As he poked at her shell, He said we'll both go to hell, Thank heavens that no one has caught us.
  8. Eternal Limericks!

    A bag jumping numpty from YARR, Spied a little tan bag from afar, He jumped on in a flash, Expecting armour or cash, But all he got was a racoon hat, HarHar!
  9. Geoffrey singalong!

    Sing along to the Top Cat theme tune.. or in this case the Top Prat theme tune. Geoffrey! The most dislike-able, Geoffrey! His really brod-able, Close friends will take all your gc. In fact they'll steal anything that they see. Geoffrey! The indisputable Leader of the dumb. He's a berk, he's a twit, He's a pain in the bum. Maybe steals from his mum, Geoffrey! Yes he's a thief, with no class, Who would steal broken glass, He's a pain in the ass, Geoffrey! EP
  10. Auction: Vegetal Removal Stone

    Are you perturbed by potions, exasperated by extracts and maddened by mixtures? You are? Good, I have just the thing.. I am auctioning 1 (one) Vegetal Removal Stone. The auction will be over at no set time or day and I do have a 'reserve price' on this item. Starting bid is 780 kgc Increments minimum of 5 kgc BIN 1 Mgc I reserve the right to refuse any bid for any reason and also to withdraw the item if reserve price is not met. Payment is to be made in full, in gc only. There will be a discount to allies/friends/honourable players. Post here or PM me in game. Thank you and good luck, EP
  11. Auction: Vegetal Removal Stone

    Withdrawn from sale as reserve price not met.
  12. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Although the heady heights of 100+ a/d are some way away for me yet(i), would it be possible to have male and female ice trolls? This way one could be around 120-130 a/d and the other around 140-150 a/d and would satisfy more people overall. Just my n00bish suggestion.
  13. Ok so the never ending saga of storage slots continues so I have come up with a solution. I did do a search on the subject and didn't find anything so sincere apologies if this idea has already been suggested. Why not have a pro rata increase in storage slots that is dependent on ones OA level? We all start off at level 0 with the base storage capacity of 300 slots. A bit like when leaving home for the first time and having few possessions at first. As we go through life we end up moving to a bigger place and having more 'stuff' to store, as we do in the game. So my suggestion is this.. for every 10 OA levels we get an extra 10 slots in our stores, up to a maximum of 470, which would be reached at OA 170. And yes i know we can get to OA 179. Anyway, that is my suggestion and once again I apologise if this idea has already been mooted. Peace to all. EP
  14. Storage Slots - A suggestion

    If you reset and have more than 300 slots worth of 'stuff' then anything over 300 will have to be sold. Your emu drops when you reset and storage slots should be no different in my opinion. And it is just my opinion, nothing more.
  15. Storage Slots - A suggestion

    See my reply. "Then your storage capacity would revert to the base level of 300 slots."
  16. Storage Slots - A suggestion

    Then your storage capacity would revert to the base level of 300 slots. Storage capacity shouldn't be seen as being any different than the attributes which revert to their base level of 4 on a reset. Analogous to moving to a smaller house really.
  17. Let's talk invasions

    Was a lot of fun. Didn't realise the three parts of the map were of different levels though. Started off at the EVTR/KJ flag and headed east. I'm not sure how the other invasions ran but there was a lot of teamwork in this one. A few more (and I mean a few..) harder monsters would have been nice but imo it was still good.