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  1. indefinite boot?

    which nonsense? i woke up and tyra told me she was IP banned. since the boot i haven't done anything related to EL other then this topic. and unoff forums. it was St_arcane if you wanna know, afaik he told on unoff it was him using proxy's.
  2. indefinite boot?

    Tyrannis is on a no sharing restriction, so she won't be helping me in any way. not interested in causing trouble either, rather play a game for fun then try and dodge moderation. edit: and Tyra had a talk with Aislinn already yesterday, and Aislinn told her she didn't want to ban her aswell.
  3. indefinite boot?

    atleast whitelist Tyrannis and her bot Athena then. different person and she had nothing to do with it.
  4. indefinite boot?

    you told me you guy's deal with things in-game and dont care about elsewhere? and now you bring it up as a reason to ban me? on another note, i said my apology, if i didn't mean it i wouldn't bother posting. and no, i haven't always been making trouble. sometimes got caught up in trouble, sometimes because i have an issue with how the mod team runs. and if you point out some of those issues, hoping things will change you are suddenly a troublemaker. and as far as i can remember each issue had a punishment? so i get punished for things already dealt with before, just so tonight looks like an OK reason to ban? i get that you are friends with Maxine, you being guildies and all, but you have responsibilities and if she's wrong you need to point it out to her. not just save her from w/e she does by backing her blindly. my point being, my "truths" been obliterated how? i've pointed out exactly what's wrong, you even confirmed it happens but "with reason" just looks like you don't tolerate anyone pointing out flaws in the way you run things, and follow up with "your a troll, you lie, everything u say is bs" so you can be the one who's right, cause the victim is just a troll right edit: and no, i don't ignore what you say and don't put words in your mouth. I read and respond to your posts, as far as putting things in your mouth? where did i do that, i've based what i said on what u said, and how it sounds like. edit 2: just explain to me, why is it OK for a mod to insult someone, even with reason? you just end up adding fuel to the fire. and you wouldn't hear from me if mods come across hostile, ofc that's gonna upset people.
  5. indefinite boot?

    1: i said things that could be changed but wouldn't. and maxine had to start threatening/insulting which is what started it in the first place. it wasn't insulting, if it was theres obviously a truth in what i said. 2: she warned "1 more false location and ill send you there" which is exactly the warning i followed by not giving another location, so what she did was wrong. overall, i never got a nice pm from a mod in about 6 years. ofc it's not gonna work if you don't do it. which is the problem, people poke at you guy's too much and suddenly you start lashing out at everybody for minor things. and things like this happen. i could find a few occasions of mods insulting for no reason involving headless. but i'll do that later and post it here. so basicly what you are saying is, if given a reason they can insult people and make things worse? and then just because they have the power they can punish someone and call it justified? 2 wrongs don't make a right. atleast i apologized, but doubt moderation will suddenly change their attitude or admit they are sometimes wrong too.
  6. indefinite boot?

    Freedom of speech to some extent of course. but a lecture to mods to not lash out with threats and insults, and then end it with a mute/boot/ban backed up by you like they didn't contribute to a punishment themselves. like Maxine earlier, she thought a warning and then calling me a toddler would keep the peace? ofc not, that's just pissing someone off hoping you get a reaction to boot the person. same as before, with the invasion she gave. she warned me for a false location i gave, i didnt give another false location but made a comment saying it wasn't against the rules and Zap! there i went. i actually listened to her and didn't gave another false location and at the same time even admit i lied about it and still. other mods are actually pretty cool though, they work with you to calm you down and stop talking. not like this where they just insult someone and hope they get a reason to ban someone. edit: ofc it's not just these incidents. whenever there is a hint of trouble on channel 6 there is always a threat/warning and sometimes an insult which sometimes leads to more.
  7. indefinite boot?

    afaik i mentioned i got booted earlier? aside from that there hasnt been anything today, or past week. i've been mostly afk harving playing another game in the meantime. maybe not a lecture from me, but someone needs to do it. obviously there is no higher power moderating mods. just you, but you stick with whatever mods do and justify it somehow. poking sticks at the game? the recent suggestion i assume? scuze me for making a suggestion and try to help out improve the game. or pointing out things you think lack or can be improved, is that a crime? and at radu? another excuse to justify it? come on, everybody knows poking radu leads to his ignores, or a ban/boot right away. my behavior wasn't acceptable i admit, but it's not like mods are saints either. difference is i come here and admit it and apologize. something we'll never see from you, or the other mods.
  8. To: PKG From : olenthered

    off-topic, and irrelevant anyway. doesnt matter if they appreciate the help, their guildie lost alot of money which was paid to ppl who got bj'ed in the first place so everything is fine, but still pkg are outlaws ;o
  9. Maybe a section on the official website keeping track of how many player kills he's had and how much deaths? ^^ would be nice to see the statistics after he's been made stronger.
  10. Quests

    yes, I am the one incorrect lol. even after all of the proof people gave and newbies/non native english peoples opinion about quests why they don't like them. idk, maybe you aren't playing the same game? must've gotten about 10-20 PM's yesterday asking me where the new quest starts, what the reward is and what is needed. but yes, i am incorrect and all these people who were asking for the info on channel 6 and PM we're in fact interested in looking through all the maps to find it themselves. Blizzard does set out to make money, but guess what? if you read you'd see people buy their game and pay for it monthly cause they do please the people paying for their stuff. EL does not want people paying for server upkeep? or so that the developer can spend more time improving the game? either way I don't understand what money has to do with it, both try to make a game and it's the ideas they put in that attracts players, not how much money they spend on it. anyway i suppose the topic i done, it's obviously not being done. Suggestions will have to wait until server funds run low.
  11. Quests

    refer to the link i gave earlier - http://www.google.com/trends/?q=eternal+lands&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 things kept changing in all those years and do you see a growth in popularity? Quests are a nice change from logging in and harvesting/train or mix most of the day which are all a grindfest, but really not worth going out and search for without having a guide ready. they would be even more fun if you get the start handed on a silver platter so you can figure out the rest on your own. and i think you got dumbing it down wrong, the dumb thing is expecting people searching 100+ maps for a few quests with some rewards. i dont know about you but most people rather waste time doing something productive or be busy with something worthwhile just looking for the NPC where a quest starts yields no reward, and to top it off after you finally found it you have to do another task to finally get something worthwhile for your time. As for comparing to WoW.. why not? both are an MMORPG, sure wow is a corporation, but they do have tons of players, and it's not just all the money/employees they have that gets people playing. it's the ideas they put in game that keep people happy, playing and paying. thinking about it you are right, that is apples and oranges, in EL it's what makes the development team happy, players are dumb and only the dev team knows whats best.
  12. Quests

    Haven't thought about non native english speakers, but yeah i can imagine it's very difficult to find out quests like that. either way, most people just aren't interested in the story, or they can't follow it, so why not put the story there and at the end just list the objectives. example: Father has a son which is married to a witch put a spell on him now the mother of the long lost cousin has connections with wizards from the magic school who require special ingredients for a potion to get rid of the spell which you might wanna ask the library guy about where to find them. then list the objectives: Objective: Talk to NPC guy in the library about ingredients. maybe without giving exact map names, so people still have to think which maps have a library and check. those who are interested in story etc can read it, those who don't can just see the objectives and follow them. that with Quest NPC marks ^^ no reason to force people to do quests like you want them to do it, will end up in ppl doing the exact opposite anyway through guides.
  13. To: PKG From : olenthered

    Amen to that, Olen still good guy after that scam.
  14. Quests

    Nope that's not my idea of a quest, but that's the way quests are done because players are forced to follow this site. with the new quest added yesterday, i now know where it starts, what it needs and the reward given, all without even spending a second looking for it. alot of people were interested in the info aswell. simply because they don't want to search through 39 outside maps and the 40+ inside ones too. with some sort of indication people would go out on their own cause they'd notice a quest right away when walking. starting the quest on their own and finish it that way too. As for the kicks in the faces, it seems they prefer it that way, intentionally forcing people to do it the opposite way of what they want so the creators end up dissapointed. which is entirely preventable if you just work with people instead of against them.
  15. Top Guilds

    easy to make, but hard to get going. kinda difficult to get members with a few established guilds around. playerbase isn't big enough for everyone to make a guild
  16. Quests

    When you go from point A to B using a walkthrough the other story npc's are already non-existant. And amaara, good suggestion. although Tutorial NPC does offer a free full heal if you talk to him, it's still good to know for newbies where to find those potions.
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the case Calsonic, but in any case you won't get any to admit fault. Haven't even been to 120+ yet and already hearing Maxine is quite the drama queen in that invance. can't really say i look forward to that x,x just my 2cents, carry on ^^
  18. what exactly triggered the invance cooldown?
  19. Surviving invances

    if you are low level in any range try and stay close to the gate. it's difficult helping out away from gate where you can easily be surrounded, so might aswell help the gatekeeper a bit buying him some time for stronger fighters to come to the rescue in case of boss mobs. or maybe some lone wanderers come by that you can kill. saves some rosto's, but you still help out. oh and maybe it's obvious, but if you happen to be around a big rock/object.. dont be afraid to pass monsters that are around it (if all other ways are cut off), if they start walking they won't attack you untill they reach their destination. giving you some time to run past. might work in open areas too, but with objects you are almost always certain they walk around first. if timed right it saves you sometimes from walking into something more dangerous.
  20. good idea, but maybe start off with 3 day's, repeat offenders get 5 days, 7 day's etc untill they get the message.
  21. Quests

    What radu was referring to was the tutorial quest, not the other quests i guess. AND: If you can't bother to find a quest (what IS a relevant part of the quest itself) and "does not like searching for NPC's that give quests" why would you be willing to do the quest ? I tell you why, just because of the reward. I think that's quite an over-simplification. Quests give a reward, yes. It's one reason. But another strong - and IMHO at least as strong reason - is that they give "purpose". A meaning to spending your time with the game by doing something wrt a specific goal - which does not involve (mindlessly klicking and) killing dozens and hundrets of <whatever> to gain XP nor to sit around for hours to harvest for gc and ultimately XP in skill involving mixing. As such, IMHO infamous' argument to make some major (not all!) quests better visible is a valid and good argument. Persuing quests is a rewarding play style - and yet a playstyle totally distinct to the harvest+mix and the killing playstyle. But asking the players to talk to each NPC (again and again) to possibly find out that he has a new quest might not be the best. Also the visibility would generally enhance the awareness of the quests like "wait, that NPC has a quest...?!. Let's check" while you actually were doing something entirely different. I also think it's not true that such indication of "I have a quest" would incite people mindlessly using a walk-through. If you want to do that, you anyway find the pages which give you NPC, their place and what to do - totally independent of whether you now find see the NPC this way ingame or not. It doesn't... for the reason above. Or maybe the NPCs which you talked to last in your quest (or those which you were sent to explicitly by name in an open quest) could get an indication - again as reminder to like "hey, you have a quest, you could continue". I can find out in my quest log. But it's lengthy and I need to checkout each of the open ones which I came accross. Of course, you want those. And there's no saying that people who get told "hey, quest!" would skip this or find that boring more often than people on average do with the current system. Actually less so, I'd assume. Currently you can mindlessly click through NPCs and see whether it triggers a quest entry... which encourages not reading. Atleast it would lower the amount of people using a walkthrough, yes some people still would, but the ones that want to quest by their own would no longer be tempted looking for such walkthrough just to find the start (and automaticly be looking at all the steps), atleast when given a quest you know what to do next. where to start looking for NPC's? when you are handed a task you know where to start, NPC gives you clues/hints what to do next which encourages you to go look, not knowing which NPC to look for or if it has a quest at all is discouraging. why bother with that?
  22. Quests

    even though they start next to it, and the name, there is still no indication for people that there is a quest, which is what they expect. they just see an NPC talk to it and when they see it's just talk they quickly close the window and figure things out by themselves. new players expect indications of quests, or pushing a button to accept a quest since that's the case with all other games. random talk is always seperated from quest related speech to make it obvious for people it's a quest, not just talk. dunno about the pop-up and #hints, but recently i found out the char i'm playing hasn't been De-noobed. so lately i've been spending quite some time on channel 1. i'm wondering though, what do you consider "often" ? most of the time it's a dead channel, when someone asks a question it's the same 1 or 2 people, haven't hear d anything related to quests there. and if they ask they quickly get linked to the wiki... which has quest walk-throughs.. So i guess that's the way it's gonna be? instead of easily discovering quests on your own and do the tasks on your own (still difficult) it's better if we just use the wiki? amazing how we can be against people being a bit more independent even if shown the way a little bit, but at the same time quickly hand out walk-throughs for everything. mind = blown
  23. Quests

    you may take your posting permission anytime now :< Anyways I like EL, it's a nice morpg to spend some time on passively, but maybe, just maybe it's better to listen to players from time to time? http://www.google.co...date=all&sort=1 It's sad to see things like that, EL deserves better statistics, too bad few aren't willing to budge to make improvements for the majority. (if it's inappropriate somehow, disheartening or upsets the big chief feel free to erase the link. it's solely used to prove a point saying if you aren't willing to work with players, how can you expect to get new ones.) Actually other than the tutorial quest, most newbies don't look for a sign that says "Next go to person X in place Y and do this quest". What initially keeps newbies in the game is knowledge on how to set targets and start leveling up their chars. That means questions like "what do I do next?" "what skills should I follow?" "where can I find something to kill?" "where can I find people to talk to?" "where can I get better armor?", etc.. if they can find/finish the tutorial they learn quite a few things, and there are other quests around that teach newer players a thing or 2 about what to do next. (for example: while they are in NC doing the Past quest they could pick up the summoning quest, but sadly it's easy to skip without marks. i'm sure there are other NPC's being skipped aswell during the newbie stage) which is why we should shed some light on things to do next instead of keeping people in the dark wandering around aimlessly.
  24. Quests

    what are you talking about? it is still not clear to you most of the game does not like searching for NPC's that give quests? proof is there, like Groomsh said, few people do look, the others get a walkthrough. newbies and reviewers cant find any and like Radu said the numbers are low and he wants to get them up. what other conclusions can you make then screwing most people the way it is now? besides, treasure finding can be made easier, hyperbags with alot of high value items in it which you can find over and over again, but a one time quest oh noes, end of the world if you find the npc easier. i don't know if you realize this, i don't have to accuratly quote you or analyze your motives. you do not speak for everyone either, and your motives benefit a select few. Entropy gave the quest statistics, doesn't like walkthroughs, i doubt quest writers like people doing things following a guide either. Difference is, i base this suggestion on the stats Radu gave, and the way people do quests/what they want from them. You on the other hand seem to think it's all about you and i have to convince/analyze you to change things? sounds kinda wrong imo. think outside of the box, think about what is best for EL, what would benefit EL in the long run. making things better for the majority is and always will be better then preferring a couple players. and just for the record take your own advice and play nice, don't try and incite flames. If you want to troll i can happily direct you to the unofficial forums. You are a mod after all, give the right example.
  25. Quests

    http://www.eternal-l...06 yes! because things that you have to look for, which yield high amounts of GC when found. and are found within a few minutes every time (treasures and pears) are priority, and worthwhile to make even easier to find! while things that aren't being found, or not even bothered with, and keeps newbs away from game is not important. Edit: sorry for double post ^^