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  1. Peace Day Poll

    Create an item that enables pve combat for 3600seconds.
  2. Problem with Intel's GPU

    did you install UHD/chipset drivers? If not try to do so. And if nothing else works, you could significantly undervolt the RTX - to consume less battery. Idk how it works with neither nvidia, nor laptops, unfortunately. Haven't used either in 4ever.
  3. Recover EL character

    afaik Radu is usually online at around 23pm to 2am gmt. Probs best to pay the 5$ and describe your issue in the description along with a way to contact you.
  4. new rare manu items

    Just to make mixing for daritha more fun and less of a chore. Especially steel chains and til shorts, that set you back 10-12k for not that much exp. Steel shield of fast regeneration - some love for harvesters Leather helm of life and mana (+40 life +20 mana) - something for beginners who can't affort col/rdholam yet. Steel chainmail of extra defense (+3 def over the regular one)- adds some more value in making them for daritha Kicker's leather boots (+3dmg +3acc) - kick away Titanium short sword of extra damage (5% chance to do 20 extra dmg) - more dmg with less human nexus requirement.
  5. i doubt anyone buy them from npc. only halberd and dragon blade is made from them atm. everything else is cheaper from npc, even if wolfram bar was removed from all recipies. Halberd - hardly used, so that leaves only dragon blade, and wolfram is only a fraction of it's cost. theres an underlying bigger issue - that is stone price. if the stone price was lower, and we could craft greatswords/crowns, then it would be worth discussing wolfram. As it is, wolfram might as well not exist in the game. dead content (apart from 10-20bars that go into dragon blades... and maybe a couple for tutorial).
  6. free market, when half of the items' prices are dictated by npcs' sell price *shakes head* . i dont rmeember this game having a free market, ever. sorry, off topic again.
  7. ok, then. care to explain what would change if you removed serp stone? coz i dont get it. I understand the idea behind dvarium, but not wolfram.
  8. If you increase the demand of binding stones (by mixing greatswords/crowns), binding stones will jump in price to make greatsword/crown mixing not viable, again (and by extention - no one will want wolfram bars). in the end, all we're achieving is higher binding stone prices. It all revolves around shop stones. their demand >>supply, but radu doesn't want to increase their supply in game, as it would negatively affect his shop sales.
  9. New stones from harvesting

    yes its 11 items. I dont see anything wrong with it. which ones have no use? I don't see anything wrong with duplicating beaver token, beaver token in itself is way overpriced duo to limited supply (who kills beavers other than for haidir...?). maybe the price would settle somewhere where its useable with the stone. "and the last eight as a somewhat expensive way to reduce current limitations due to mana, emu and cooldown." exactly what was done with the introduction of the mentioned beaver token. If you think about it, thats what everything in the game does - reduce limitations. weps? reduce limitations on what you can fight. pots? reduce limitations on mana/food regen. and so on. And convenience. dont discard it. i'd rather pick up +300g cost stone than sort out the runes for ictpr. especially if i need to use it a few times in a row. The stones do remove risk of failure. Comes with the price. Helpful for someone starting the game who just got to 21 mag and wants a cheap fail-safe. Failsafe is useless for anyone of higher lvl, since you want to have mag lvl for bigger heals, anyway. in 6k harvests today i collected 1kgc. Is that a lot? no. But considerable over the entire game. All gold gen counts in the long run. 5 or 10% less gold generated could amount in decent changes in a couple of years. If youre refering to ICTPR stone , its 6 mats, if u check carefully lastly. if they're useless, their price will drop to next to nothing and more ppl with use it for convenience, which automatically make em not useless.
  10. Magical Stone Obtained from harvesting mini events (common). Weight: 1 emu Stacks: yes Used for: crafting Large Magical Stone Obtained from harvesting events (rare, but not as rare as current stones) Weight: 1 emu Stacks: yes Used for: crafting We could remove gold and gold bags from harvesting events at the same time, without hurting the harvesters. Stone of (shield, restoration, TPR, ICTPR, magic immunity , heat/cold/rad shield) weight: 1 emu Stacks: yes When used: cast the appropriate spell, cannot fail when using Cooldown (when using): 5-30 sec, not shared with magic Mana cost (when using): none Magic lvl req (when using): same as spell Magic exp given (when using): none or very little effect scales based on the user's attributes and mag level. creating: Required materials: 1 Magical stone 1 SR potion (2 for higher cost spells) 1 Energy ess 1 Magic ess materials for the spell (e.g. 4 HE for restoration) required skills: crafting: idk magic: same as spell exp given in: crafting: some magic: same as spell Stone of extreme restoration weight: 1 emu Stacks: yes When used: restore health and mana to full. Cooldown (when using): 1-10 min, not shared with magic or magic stones Mana cost (when using): none Magic lvl req (when using): none Magic exp given (when using): none or very little creating: 1 Large magical stone 2 EMP 10 Health ess 10 magic ess 1 Enriched energy ess required skills: crafting: idk magic: idk exp given in: crafting: some magic: some Both are single use items. tl;dr new stones can be obtained from harvesting mini events, which then can be charged with any self-cast spell. The charged stones can be used later to cast the appropriate spell for free (no mana or ess required). Useful for instances and invasions, or when you want to train longer at a spot (since the stones weight less than the essences). The rare stone is expensive, but fully restore mana and health. Nice as a life saver when you're out of mana, or at low magic level, when restore can fail. At the same time we could remove all gold from harvesting events, which, hopefully, would deflate the prices a little, so more items would be profitable to make (instead of buying them from npc).
  11. why always combat related. could use EEE in manu window to increase the chance of making rare items, for example.
  12. Many idea's (and headaches) for/about EL

    This. Could exchange some EFE recipies to other ess, like Enriched energy (which has so little use atm).
  13. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    when you start the game and have 40-60MP, you dont really need restoration. You dont really need it til you get col or rdholam. Heal is enough for start.
  14. EXP Bonus after the kill

    i always found el counter-intuitive. The fun about killing stuff is getting loot. But the faster you kill, the less exp you get. and then people think its better this way. i have no clue whatsoever.
  15. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    ive quit maybe 10 times already. but i just keep coming back.