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  1. Sold.

  2. Ranging fix

    Never really knew why this happened to be honest.. Should really be changed or fixed.
  3. New perk ideas

    This PLEASE!!!!!
  4. The Fully Random Joker

    I really like how he works on OL not that hard to find and can be a lot of fun, I would say Take all the Items off joker and make him give you a Random item giver When his found(Could be changed some to maybe not give some Shop items?)
  5. Defend the Fort

    Im all for it! As long as it isn't on a sunday.
  6. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    So no one has a pic of someone wearing it ingame for people to see?
  7. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Im a noob who can't read
  8. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Teemo stop (I hate you!!! "Starts working in scripts to auto bid") 40k
  9. Beware of faxie

    I leave this game and all the fun stuff starts to happen!!!! (p.s HI RADU!!! Hope your doing well!) p.s.s I still can't type and im sorry for that.
  10. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    Sorry but... What is this? 30k since I just wanna see what it is.
  11. Need team for ice instance

    Wow that will be easy...
  12. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    GG.. Karma really is a bitch
  13. So-long Eternal Lands

    Good bye my friend
  14. Atomos Serper beware!

    Karma's a bitch
  15. EL error

    Hey i posted here a about a year ago about and error that just started showing up i played on lrnr main for about a year and that ran out so i wanted to see if i could get main to run again. The error i get is [12:11:31] Connecting to Server... [12:11:32] <0:00>: Disconnected from server!: [] [12:11:32] Press Alt-x to close the game It started coming after my net when down when i had EL open and running i have looked to see if the port 2000 is blocked and it said it is what i don't know is how i called my ISP and they said they have not blocked the port and i have looked in my firewall and it's open i really don't know how the port is block unless my ISP is lying to me and i hope they are not anyways any help would be nice if any of you know how to Thanks TrueMen
  16. EL error

    I moved
  17. Wait wait.... How many nexus removal's have you guys found!? And I don't think it would be that bad if it did say when it was killed or when it spawns If we to many nexus stones are coming into the game they can always be removed as a drop so...
  18. Using hyperbags? Important Notice

    Wait invance map or instance maps?
  19. Skarak's behavior on LT spawn

    Does this mean Yeti spawn is open or did he take a new alt there now to?
  20. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    I was the player on Talons account yesterday when the casty was "Taken" But I never got the bag Finja on Starkie char who got the drop I just tanked it Tbh I really don't know why I did it but it was gonna happen if I was there or not so if anyone wants to stop trading with me you all know who I am and ill understand why I wont let other take the blame for me so if you wanna hate me by all means do I did lie to a few people and say it wasn't me on the account and I shouldn't have done that but as for the casty no one can own a boss/spawn or anything else in the game it all belongs to Radu so saying we took your boss like you owned it is BS but I take full responsibility for my actions As for the "we killed people and made them lose rostos" only player we died that we saw was brutus and not really sure even how he died you can hate me all you want I really don't buy any items from Saxum or anyone else so if you want to ban me from your bots I guess I can always find someone else to sell/buy items from or just make an alt As for the char sharing Blakkat you share your account with a lot of people so you really shouldn't be talking. like Starkie said if you want to complain start a petition and have rule 5 brought back. I really don't care what anyone here thinks of me Ill play the way I want to play if you want to hate me for that so be it one thing I had to learn in the game is you can never make everyone happy.
  21. [Treasure Hunt] Tequila sunrise.

    You are in Magic School Garden [159,89] Physique Removal Stone Thanks for hosting them Groomsh
  22. Or just Cast Mi... like everyone has said Like really how hard is it to just keep Mi up and not flee....