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  1. Got the perk, and lost way too many harv meds So my vote is clear.
  2. Storages sell

    I'll take the wt furs for 75gc ea.
  3. Game Crashes ?

    Seems like i am not the only one with troubles when logging on ...
  4. Starting BID: 950k Increments: 5k Buy it now: 1 mil Auction ends: Saturday, 3 November, 18:00 GMT +1 Any questions abel in game.
  5. Artificial Removal Auction

    Sold in game. Thank you for your interest.
  6. Auction: 100k sunflowers

    I offer 80k
  7. Server crash?

    same here ...
  8. Selling some sto items

    I'd take the bones@2.5, the cf flowers@1.5gc, same for the mop flowers. Tiger lilies@ 0.5, and blue lupines for 0.5gc ea.
  9. Storage Sale

    I buy the steel bars and the white asiatic lilies. And the bones powder for 8gc ea.
  10. Help

    Top of the website is a letter symbol. -> Compose new
  11. Full Storage sale after 4 years

    I like to buy all the turqoise 5gc ea.
  12. Last of my storage

    I pay you 5gc for the turqoise if you still have 16k left and i see you online sometime
  13. Last of my storage

    I take whats left of the turqoise. Maybe 16k if i counted correctly. What about 3gc ea?
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    13 Ice Dragon Scales remain
  15. Bringing Gossip back

    Thx for bringing Gossip back
  16. Daily quests

    Depends on my mood: if i spend my time with training or destruction i do haidir/daritha, if i am in a mixing period i tend to the harvesting ones
  17. Haidir passes

    I use them on sun tzu and when i get boars
  18. It would allow me to do the crafting tutorial without switching nexus there and back. From this point of view i like it.
  19. I take the CoL. Pm me in game when online.
  20. Global Quest FAQ

    A new round begins: We need: 70k Ogre Toes, 80k Toadstool, 3 Pears and 25 Oranges.
  21. Global Quest FAQ

    Looks like radu repaired it Will help the srm crew
  22. Memory Access Error

    I got a new machine and installed Opensuse 11.4. I also downloaded the 1.9.2 zip file of el. After extraction and chmodding i tried to start it: It gives me a memory access error. I know i had this problem before, and solved it with a new el.bin file from bluap, but that the official packing bin isnt worked puzzles me. Any ideas where this problem might be caused? And of course it chrashes after the login. No other message is in the console given. Graphics Card is Nvidia 6600, Athlon x4. Hope you can help me. Greetings abel
  23. Memory Access Error

    I found a solution, i had to install the nvidia driver, not the one from the repository, that fixed it. I noticed that the graphics information at the el starting gave errors and they looked like graphic card options. Thx for you help anyway
  24. Memory Access Error

    Didnt work either... I found this in dmesg: [ 478.310290] el192.x86.linux[7380]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp bfb1c74c error 14 in el192.x86.linux.static.korrode.bin[8048000+4d7000] Does that mean something?
  25. Selling ore, bones, sulphur

    I'd like to buy the bones and the gold ore. Pm me in game if online.