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  1. I found a solution, i had to install the nvidia driver, not the one from the repository, that fixed it.


    I noticed that the graphics information at the el starting gave errors and they looked like graphic card options.


    Thx for you help anyway :)

  2. I got a new machine and installed Opensuse 11.4.

    I also downloaded the 1.9.2 zip file of el.

    After extraction and chmodding i tried to start it:

    It gives me a memory access error.


    I know i had this problem before, and solved it with a new el.bin file from bluap,

    but that the official packing bin isnt worked puzzles me.


    Any ideas where this problem might be caused? And of course it chrashes after the login.

    No other message is in the console given.


    Graphics Card is Nvidia 6600, Athlon x4.


    Hope you can help me.

    Greetings abel