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  1. Expiring bots

    HydroTrader and Weaselturd paid - Receipt number: 72G70440K6250313K Please can you change the name to LittleLooter instead of Looter as bot owner Thank you
  2. EFE's giveaway

  3. Global Quest FAQ

    Currently being updated! Global Quest: What is the Global Quest? The global quest is a quest which requires the community to work together as a team to gather a certain amount of a bunch of items, in reward of collecting all the items and delivering them to the NPC Hyutan there will be a special effect that lasts for 240 hours which affects all players. What items are required to complete the quest? Each time you do the quest it will require a different mixture of a certain items. These items are: 10,000 Gypsum, 1200 Amber, 50 Mixture of Power, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture, 50 Black Dragon Scales and 25 Oranges. You can visit Hyutan at any time to see what items are required and now much still left to collect. What NPC do we deliver the items to? The items need delivering to Hyutan in Tarsengaard Magic School Kitchen. (If you use bloodsucker maps you can get there by room 18 and then room 4). What do we do once Hyutan has collected all the items? Next, you need to find a special worm which randomly spawns on any tree in the whole of Eternal Lands (Both continents). These worms are only found by using the LOOK icon on the tree. You need to wear a pair of Night Visors to find them. What reward do we get? The reward will be randomly chosen from: Waiting less to do all daily quests. Time reduced from 4 in-game days (24 hours) to 3 in-game days (18 hours). Fewer harvesting mini events. Consume less food when we make items. More special days, and less bad days. If I can't find Hyutan or don't want to carry heavy items to Hyutan what do I do? There is a special bot which collects items for the global quest. He is in TG storage and called Global_Quest, You require an administrator to log the bot on. Simply ask one of the below people to log it on and give it the items you wish to donate to the Global Quest. The current administrators are: Maxine (owner) Sir_Odie Circle Dendar Rauch Momr58 Gwinny Cajun_belle Amaara Ferny Saxum Stivy YethQ To find out how much of what item Global_Quest has visit this page: http://bots.el-services.net/Global_Quest.php You may also visit this page https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlsEqrG0YJhcdEE4bk1pb183SHFmWWp0YTk0VWswR2c#gid=0 for a more in-depth item list. It includes the items needed to mix the potions. If there's anything you wish to be added to this, and/or see any mistakes please PM LittleLooter in-game or send a forum PM. One has to talk to Jerun in the TG Magic School first before Hyutan would tell us what he needs for the Global. So, when the previous Global is no longer, we must speak to Jerun before hand to start the quest.
  4. Bot expiration

    WeaselTurd and HydroTrader paid Recepit number: 9WL70628JH7993438
  5. Poly in 6080 instance

    The only time i really did the 60-80 instance was if i was 2 manning it, or at most 3 manning it, as even 4 man is often not worth the resources, never mind the token, i agree with diealot, have so it has a choice of poly or scarba
  6. Closed

    I believe its Tanta in Port Anitora, or if not the npc next to her
  7. Closed

    Just a heads up you can buy nexus rem stones @ NPC for 1mil gc, so good luck selling for more than that
  8. Expiring bots (end of June)

    HydroTrader and Weaselturd paid for 1A725174LA437500G
  9. Ideas for Tokens

    I had other ideas in mind - Give random amount of P/C/W/R/I/V between 5-12(so better than using a pot to make people want to use them), buff same as potions and lose 1 each minute (6 different attribs so uses for 6 different mobs tokens) Give random amount of skill levels between 5-12 (So better than using a pot) (11 different skills so give use to 11 different mob tokens) Give random amount of Acc bonus (90 secs) Give random amount of Eva bonus (90 secs) Gives True sight for random amount of time (60 secs to 300 secs) Gives Invisibility for random amount of time (60 secs to 300 secs) Give speed hax for random amount of time without using food (between 30 secs and 150 secs) Tiger stone to remove cooldown affect Spider stone to remove paralyze affect Will add any other ideas that come to mind later, bout to go instancing
  10. Let's Invade

    I leveled a character recently (Felessan) who is low 90s a/d currently - He is very capable to kill the mobs in a 100-110 capped invasion, and even up to yetis/frost trolls as long as it's one at a time. (though quite expensive - averages at about 4-5 restores per yeti/ft) however with his build he can also train Feros very easily and can reach anywhere between 6500-7000 exp/min depending on which feros spawn i am on (with my build i kill 1 feros as the other spawns on a double spawn), I don't think there is a problem with the current invasions/instances being (a+d)/2 - infact quite a few found inside melinis (101 cap) quite easy and people only died due to mana drain from bears, However many people who don't have pure fighting builds do struggle to stay alive in invasions, and in some cases struggle to kill mobs that "should" be around their a/d level - i have found that Vanyels and Aquilas recent invasions that i have took part in do accommodate both pure fighters as well as all rounders if you stay around the edges where there's less mobs - That said it could be a nice idea to change the way the cap works to be based off combat level instead so the people with more nexus and less combat related attributes(therefore lower CL) can fight in invasions more suited to their real combat abilities
  11. Ultimate PKer Contest September 7 2015

    Created a channel for people training a character up for the contest - Your active channel is #62015. Here we can discuss about the upcoming contest, feel free to join
  12. Ultimate PKer Contest September 7 2015

    What time will this happen? If it's a suitable time for me then +1 LittleLooter

    Even if a player is able to survive being bombed upon entry I still find it unfair that they would be required to have maxed out will and physique to do so, alot of standard builds (especially at lower levels) are quite away from being at 48/48 phy/will. There should never ever be anything in any game that instantly kills 95% of the players (very rough guess that 5% of EL population has max phy/will) in the game if they have only just entered a map, no matter how dangerous that map is. I agree places such as the hydro route which is the most common place people are bombed upon entry shouldn't be able to go there with no threat, but to be instantly killed before the game has even loaded your client into the map is ridiculous, I 100% support some type of protection to bombs other than armour rating and having high HP so that being bombed upon entry of a map is very uncommon to do(if not impossible) as well as RC bomb spamming while in combat.
  14. New Stone: Groundhog day

    +1, would be a nice stone, maybe have it mixable and have ings cost somewhere around 200k, or have badaran/neno drop it, but would it work for both bad days and good days (Example: could a troll use a stone after a peace day for another peace day)
  15. Quest logs

    From my understanding the new update once installed will only affect where you have the games directory installed as it will add the new things there so you can run the game without crashes/bugs, it will not affect personal data collected in-game such as quest logs or chat logs. However if you would like to make a backup of those i believe you'll have to find the Eternal Lands folder (I've never used the macintosh OS so not sure where it will be, but on Windows it's located in documents) and just copy the Eternal Lands folder and paste it else where for safe keeping
  16. +1, would be nice to know what you made the other person break so you can brag about it
  17. Making a Truly Widespread C2 Invasion

    Since C2 portal invasions usually consist of DCW upwards there usually isn't many invasions that lower levels can participate in unless they get a team together which is usually rare, perhaps make a similar map for C1 invasions which can be used for mobs under DCW level, and keep IP, WS, VoTD safe. There used to be a lot of C1 invasions many years ago which I feel a lot of players enjoyed but as the mobs kept going into IP they stopped doing C1 Invasions and kept it to solo maps such as SKF, occasionally Nordcarn and MM. Making a map for C1 invasions and having lower end mobs allows more people to participate in invasions on a more common basis and would be nostalgic to old players and a lot of fun to be running around TD, DP, TG hunting for mobs again. I know for certain that I among many would enjoy not only the C2 widespread invasion idea, but having C1 widespread invasions too.
  18. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    This is also the same with Ice Dragon Mail, and possibly blue dragon mail however i cannot confirm as i don't have a blue dragon mail
  19. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    Sold for BIN
  20. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    Added a buy now price, also will accept certain items as part of payment
  21. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    Ingame bid of 1.3Mil
  22. Auction: Magic Removal Stone

    Ingame bid of 1.2mil
  23. Recording your Video's - And my video.

    Dxtory is better for recording imo