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  1. http://schmurk.corne...php?user=smooms Leave a message or PM me ingame under the name sMooMs
  2. Instinct Removal Stones

    I am looking for instinct removal stones. PM me ingame or the forums. I'm sure we can work something out with the price.
  3. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    That may be, but what do you expect from a game who´s owners never give away the creature attributes for some unknown reason. This is the best we can do.
  4. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Lol, people with 140's are saying 140's, with 150's saying 150's and so on. I can't speak of the monsters above me, but I'd say it be nice if there will be something between Forest/Mountain chim and Yeti. There is people with 130-135's who are still on Forest chims simply because it's still the best experience what they can get at this point. I got very demotivated when I heard, that I had to stick on them for another xx lvls.
  5. Any 100+ a/d gap?

  6. Eternal Guild Challenge

    So cool, I´m glad we all like it. Radu, Roja your up now
  7. At first I want to say that this isnt a instance/invance rip-off. I came up with this idea because of an other game. Guilds in this game do not have real purpose so far, this suggestion will make it more intersting. I can just make a topic talking about it in 5000 words and then you would all think what the **** is he on about. So I put it all in pictures with a little explenation next to it Here it is: http://i41.tinypic.com/rh1op1.jpg Ofcourse it doesnt all have to be like this, this is just the main idea. You could always work around it and change some things/numbers.
  8. Elysian Fields -EF-

    Well well well.. if it isn't sMooMs with his Elysian Fields once again.. Yes I am back to EL. Not as active/nerdplayingstyle like I was before. I do have a life now, yes I do, dont make funny jokes =) I am trying to bring -EF- back to the Lands of Eternal. If you would like to join, just give me a whisper ingame! If you are a starter and want some help/fun/chats while playing the game, you are more than welcome! See you around!
  9. a/d gab

    LoL higher attack than def, must be training naked all the time
  10. Forum games!

    Heya Are you bored waiting for something or harvesting? Play some games vs other EL players on my forums! Register and beat our scores! sMooMs out www.smooms.nl
  11. Favorite Colors

    When you ask about colours I think about clothes, and uhmm if more people think that way not many would pick yellow :/
  12. Fluffy Rabbit

    Almost real
  13. Netherlands / Holland

    maar ik zie nog veel bekende hier, da jullie nog steeds EL spele zeg pff
  14. Netherlands / Holland

    ja probeer maar, shasso heeft bijna alle highscores :x nie leuk meer hah
  15. Kill the post above

    lol magp