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  1. Recycle day stone

    I will add another suggestion that will be met with much omfg and in no way will ever get community support, but I think it is the best option. Remove Day of Recycling. Omfg why?! Multiple reasons. 1. It encourages people to hoard rare ings rather than trade or use them in a timely fashion. This causes items to skyrocket in price when there has not been a recycle lately. 2. It encourages people to sell final products cheaper than ings since they "got it for free" via recycle. This messes up the market for months after each recycle day. 3. It rewards the very rich much more than the average player. They can afford to stockpile 100 binders and 50 eme for a recycle day and still have gc for day to day life. And they do not have to rush to sell items quickly after unlike poorer players whose entire storage value is held in recycle day ings/items. Rm
  2. Recycle day stone

    Could remove stone days from the pool of natural days. Would make tge othets occur more often.
  3. New Summoning Daily

    After doing the new summoning quest a few times, I started to think about how to make it a bit more fun and involved than dumping furs from storage to npc for xp. There was a bit of a discussion on 6 about the topic, which i have copied and pasted below. The general idea is to either add tasks to the possibilies to the current summoning daily or make a new daily entirely. The tasks would be to kill some number of mobs with your summons, similar to Haidir. I.e. Today I want you to kill 20 male goblins in VOTD using only your summons. So you would go to and kill 20 male goblins in VOTD cave using your summons. You talk to the NPC you are trying to help and he goes "Thanks for the help! Those green buggers won't be bother me for a while." You gained 4000 + 200x<summon level> xp. The xp for the quest could be much better than the current quest since you actually have to do something. The difficulty for lower levels came up, so I would propose the following level-gated quest levels: Summoning < L30 20 Male goblins in VOTD cave. 4000 + 200x<summon level> xp 20 Skeletons in PL cave. 4000+ 250x<summon level> xp 20 Gargoyles in TG south cave. 4000 + 300x<summon level> xp 15 Female Orcs in VOTD temple. 4000 + 350x<summon level> xp 15 Trolls in Carmien Manor. 4000 + 400x<summon level> xp 15 Male Ogres in Vermor Castle. 4000 + 450x<summon level> xp Summoning < L50 20 Male Orcs in Tahraji Desert dragon cave. 500x<summon level> xp 20 Armed Female Orcs in Naralik Catacombs. 600x<summon level> xp 20 Polar bears in Irinveron. 700x<summon level> xp 20 Armed Male Orcs in Hurquin Crypt. 800x<summon level> xp 15 Cyclops in Tahraji Desert. 1000x<summon level> xp Summoning < L70 15 Desert Chimerans in Melinis. 1100x<summon level> xp 15 Mountain Chimerans in Ruins of Tirnym. 1200x<summon level> xp 15 Frost Trolls in Trassian. 1300x<summon level> xp 15 Forest Chimerans in Kusamura Jungle. 1500x<summon level> xp 15 Yeti in Imbroglio Islands. 1700x<summon level> xp Uncapped Summoning 10 Giants in Aeth Aelfan. 1700x<summon level> xp 15 Arctic Chimerans in Hulda. 1900x<summon level> xp 1 Black Dragon* in Aeth Aelfan. 2500x<summon level>xp * This would require that the non-instance/invasion/invance black dragon not cast smite summon. The dragon is currently not farmed anyway, and allowing summoning on it is unlikely to change that. Anyway, that is my suggestion for a summoning daily. PK areas give better xp than non-PK areas, and higher level mobs give more xp as well. The chat log from 6 is below, but note the idea I presented above has developed some since then. [16:35:09] [Rabbitman @ 6]: has there been anymore discussion about adjusting the summoning daily to using summoning :? [16:35:17] [Rabbitman @ 6]: rather than fur dump? [16:36:14] [newhope @ 6]: what you mean Rabbitman ? (like sum daily is only "clear game of trash furs" atm?) [16:44:45] [Rabbitman @ 6]: I mean "Today I want you to kill 10 cyclops using only your summons" [16:45:06] [Rabbitman @ 6]: which summons to use are up to you, so stronger summoners can use slightly weaker summons or w/e [16:45:26] [Rabbitman @ 6]: people without nexus can buy stones and use those (increase summon stone market for nicer stones too) [16:45:39] [Rabbitman @ 6]: acw/giant/little dragon etc [16:46:07] [newhope @ 6]: hmmms sounds realy interesting [16:46:38] [Rabbitman @ 6]: have mobs of all range up to giant [16:46:48] [Rabbitman @ 6]: xp goes up with higher level mob ofc [16:46:52] [The_Punisher @ 6]: but the fur is good too, cuz any fur is useless, like to polar bear fur [16:47:01] [newhope @ 6]: mhm well i gues its hard to implement [16:48:41] [The_Punisher @ 6]: i think only need add any furs like to snow leopards, black panthers etc.. [16:49:23] [newhope @ 6]: The_Punisher yes for a few mounths furs will be fine, but what when we clear trash out of game? there is no so much furs incoming to game [16:49:28] [Rabbitman @ 6]: it might be a little difficult to implement but i dont think so [16:49:38] [Rabbitman @ 6]: game already knows which summons are yours (they follow you) [16:50:11] [newhope @ 6]: talked about that with radu rm? i realy like the idea :/ [16:51:05] [newhope @ 6]: at all when they told "summoning daily" i thought it will be "come here little fucker and summon "xx or xxx" "this or that" near me on this ws area... [16:51:38] [Rabbitman @ 6]: @puisher, maybe the furs will get used by people summoning them to kill the creatures for daily [16:52:31] [Rabbitman @ 6]: like, i think polar bear strongest animal 3 summon [16:52:39] [Rabbitman @ 6]: and has nice health so can get some good hits in [16:52:56] [Rabbitman @ 6]: doesnt require tit longs like armed orcs, serp like cyc or ele like all the higher [16:53:11] [The_Punisher @ 6]: have a lot of furs incoming to game.. if u select right furs.. like to fur or feathers of haidir mobs (falcons, leopards, hawk, etc) [16:53:22] [The_Punisher @ 6]: and for low invance mobs [16:53:36] [The_Punisher @ 6]: like to polar bearsa [16:53:38] [newhope @ 6]: low invance mobs usualy is killed by low emu guys and they bring out nothing [16:53:57] [Rabbitman @ 6]: my main point was point click deliver furs isn't a really interesting daily to do [16:54:01] [newhope @ 6]: poalrs/falcons/bears/polar bears/hawks thous is okish.... even black panther but what about others [16:54:11] [Rabbitman @ 6]: and killing 80 pumas for furs doesnt really sound like a summon daily either [16:54:24] [newhope @ 6]: +1 [16:54:27] [The_Punisher @ 6]: yep.. puma no seems a good daily [16:54:42] [Zilding @ 6]: don't even get meats [16:55:15] [newhope @ 6]: lets clear this shortly, we arent against the new quest, its ok each quest is already good, but woud be nice to see real summoning quests. right ? [16:55:42] [Wizzy @ 6]: those with no nexus could get stuck on one for a long long time, possibly forever [16:55:53] [Rabbitman @ 6]: you missed the comment about summon stones wizzy [16:55:58] [Wizzy @ 6]: I did [16:56:08] [newhope @ 6]: well wizzy, same as some of us stuck on others quests... but for summoners it would be realy nice [16:56:10] [Rabbitman @ 6]: increased market for slightly better summon stones if needed to kill the higher mob [16:56:31] [Rabbitman @ 6]: armed orc stones, fluffy, sslessar, yeti etc [16:56:39] [The_Punisher @ 6]: but it turn the daily expansive for newbie players [16:56:59] [newhope @ 6]: you dont need to do all quests [16:57:13] [The_Punisher @ 6]: and this way (furs) turn a lucrative way for newbies.. getting furs of invances, etc [16:57:16] [Rabbitman @ 6]: remember it can be level-gated based on your summon level some way [16:57:16] [newhope @ 6]: but if you decide to be summoner, why not to do it and get fun/activity and so ? [16:57:26] [newhope @ 6]: like it should make your training more fun from view how i see that [16:57:31] [Rabbitman @ 6]: i.e. < 30 summon level you dont get anything above male ogre to kill [16:57:37] [Rabbitman @ 6]: <50 nothing above fluff [16:57:43] [Rabbitman @ 6]: <70 nothing above acw [16:57:48] [Rabbitman @ 6]: 70+ giants fair game [16:58:48] [CastieL @ 6]: In 10min rm made better daily then it is now ; o [16:59:05] [newhope @ 6]: new daily* imo my idea isnt that bad tho btw [16:59:30] [newhope @ 6]: or actualy could connect thous 2 thingies to 1 big daily summoning quest [17:00:09] [The_Punisher @ 6]: idk RM.. would be nice for me try increase de pc of animal trash [17:00:42] [The_Punisher @ 6]: i only desagree about puma furs [17:01:21] [The_Punisher @ 6]: anothers furs seem a good way to newbies [17:02:26] [newhope @ 6]: like new quest which would be "make summoning to get summoning reward, not buy furs and give them away to get summoning reward" [17:02:57] [CastieL @ 6]: going that way Daritha schould give manu exp.. but still [17:03:36] [Rabbitman @ 6]: could be more summon xp than the fur one as well (haidir gives > daritha) [17:04:48] [Wizzy @ 6]: did you ever think that maybe the daily is not ment for everyone to do every day? Unless dedicated? [17:05:03] [Aislar @ 6]: but its called a daily [17:05:21] [Wizzy @ 6]: not everyone does the eng daily everyday right? [17:05:40] [Caliphear @ 6]: corect [17:05:41] [quagmire @ 6]: i try to
  4. prices

    Have you bothered reading the other replies? As I said above, radu mentioned that more bindings etc. entered the game than were used... Doesn't sound like there are not enough entering the game, now does it? So if there are enough entering the game, where do they end up? And why? Wrt to increasing drops from fluff and feros: they don't drop that well, indeed. But, they are also fairly easy monsters to train on, as they don't hit especially hard and don't have a lot of critical hits. Armed orcs and esp. cyclops hit a lot harder for their a/d and HP, so are more expensive to fight. So it's reasonable that the reward (in rare drops) is larger as well... And finally, buying from NPC is one of the few ways in which gold coins leave the game, which is good against inflation. (note that items breaking and such do nothing to remove gc from the game). Offtopic response: Honestly, fluffy rabbit gc drops are balanced for their a/d imo. I enjoyed training them (I stayed on them longer than I should have because I didn't want to move to the bad drops on feros). Ontopic: Based on the available information, there are two main reasons that prices are so high. #1 is availability of rare ings..there simply aren't many of them so people stockpile them rather than trade them. #2 is profiteering. Intelligent traders have enough gc to just keep buying all of the rare ings as they are made, and they are making gc faster than it costs to increase their stockpile. Ask some of the power traders in the game how many binding stones they have in storage, I know of at least a few players who have over 100+. In example, if more rare ings were to come into game (e.g. removing problem 1) the very rich, problem 2, would eventually run out of gc and the price on rare ings would have to drop since they would not be able to keep buying them all at that price. However, due to the shear amount of gc the very rich have (and the rate they can gain it), the rate would need to be increased a TON to keep people from profiteering and maintaining prices. For a frame of reference, if I no-life play EL, I generally make ~200kgc/week (not including WTF instance) without really trying too hard. If I make my goal to make gc, I can make ~1Mgc profit per week (not including WTF instance). That is just one player, you are talking at least 10-20 players who make similar amounts of gc. As far as solutions go, no matter what you do, someone is going to be unhappy. The fact of the matter is, as long as prices are this high, the game discourages f2p and new players.
  5. Youre too far away get closer

    That would work as well. If you have time and can log in to Other-Life the fix there is the "ideal" I mentioned. When you click a creature you move towards it. If you are close enough to start combat you do, otherwise you just move towards it. For the compromise I was thinking basically if you are too far away just make it not a move command. So if you aren't moving and you are too far you dont move. If you are moving it doesnt do anything.
  6. Youre too far away get closer

    Ideally, too far messages would make you walk closer to the creature or harvestable. If this would make it "too easy," a small compromise would be to make it ao you dont STOP moving when it happens (ie you continue on your previous tragectory). The current system feels clunky and imo probably pretty annpying to new players.
  7. Rule #5, multiplaying

    To be honest, I like the idea of disallowing dailies/questing if you are anti. It makes a real and tangibl difference in gameplay that will force people to decide if it is worth it.
  8. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 3P923671BN819000P. Shoprite+Bugs_Bunny paid.
  9. Most of what you are describing is called "variance" or "RNG" (random number generator). That is the difference between a short term average in enriched essences rates. That said, radu did mention on 6 like..6 months ago that he has changed the enriched essences rates in the past (global rates). This would effect long term averages much more than short term due to RNG.
  10. new server

    So can the new server handle more creatures at a time XD?
  11. Too many high level Armors in Game

    Almost correct paulb. In EL someone could actually do it, but not by buying from players. Someone with ~$2k to spend could fix those prices fairly easily by acting like an npc and selling at a fixed cost. E.g. someone buys 1k binders from Radu and fills all the bots with the first few hundred. Then sells for 5k each on their own bot. If they ever run out, just buy more etc. Doubtful anyone would do that at this point.
  12. Armour reduces damage and will increases the total damage you can take. These are the current defenses against engineering. That said, I think some new gear types that would further reduce mine damage would be a good addition. E.g. Blast shield - counts as medallion, reduces incoming mine damage by 20%.
  13. Halberd of Action: Auction

    pm me in game before end
  14. Halberd of Action: Auction

  15. Halberd of Action: Auction

  16. Possible Invance Rehab?

    There have been 3 "very good" ideas presented so far in this thread in my opinion. The are: I think you should stop yelling and you divided it up into too many groups but yes, I think 120+ should be divided at the very least to 120-140 then 140+ . There have been other ok ideas, but they require more coding and there won't be community agreement on them. These three ideas I think have the best chance to be implemented. RM
  17. Hevenspawner Medallion 1/10

    Most people who hspawn take it because they don't need to change maps often. I periodically take and remove it based on what I want to do in game. If this change was made I would probably take hspawn on all my chars and use medallions frequently. The question is, how big of a negative should the perk be? ATM it really limits you a lot, whereas if this change were made, it would not be so limiting.
  18. NOTE: You can already buy attack xp at 1:1 rate from a certain god by doing some quests for him if you build them in your sto and spam add/remove god ;p.
  19. No PP at OA

    Pm me in game and I will link you to my bought pp calculator. It should remove doubt one way or another.
  20. Nov 27th fight club fight

    128-136 range
  21. Raising caps to 52. Radu is willing, are you?

    This comment makes me think some voted no on these ideas because they think it would benefit the suggeater in some super special way. I encourage you to reread my posts and think about what I said. 'm not convinced I would change any attributes on Rabbitman if this change was made...I have carefully thought through every pp I have allocated on RM, and moving any of them may hurt more than help.
  22. Raising caps to 52. Radu is willing, are you?

    The game is different now than it was in the past when caps were added. One of the biggest reasons is that restore is no longer full health (requires magic+rationality to increase now). If caps were completely removed instantly and people went to their old builds, they would actually be worse than they are now. In example, consider LuciferX's build from before caps: http://s173.photobucket.com/user/ln2sales/media/before_caps.jpg.html This build has high coordination so it will hit/dodge and do a ton of damage when it does. However, it has almost no rationality, with a maximum restore of 226 and a mana pool of 80. This char would not be able to tank any creature that has mirror skin...it would die to its own mirrors or run out of mana very quickly and have to use a diss ring very quickly. In pk, this character does not have high health so it can be killed easily with bombs or harm. So basically what I'm saying is, if caps were removed, people would still need to think through their builds now...the all coordination build is archaic and would not be as OP as it used to be. So, personally I'm for the change. @luke12 People who don't have capped attributes are the ones who actually have to think through their builds. People who have bought enough pp to max their attributes now will probably be able to max attributes whenever caps are raised. What's more important is making it possible for people to be creative and experiment to find what works best for them..not to have everyone be the same (like they are now). -RM
  23. No More Mirroring Cape

    Hey all, I was talking with Entropy the other day about a new cape to add to the game. The idea was for a cape that would give both Mirror Skin perk and No More Tears perk, but have a break chance. I think it would be used fairly frequently, but Entropy thinks people wouldn't use it because they would be afraid it would break. So my question is, would you use this cape if it were implemented? Thanks, RM
  24. No More Mirroring Cape

    Believe what you want of course, but I already own mirror greaves and can get this effect that way if I choose. I made yhis suggestion since I believe it would benefit the game, not as much so it would just benefit me personally.