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Found 1 result

  1. Two days ago a few of us were up during a slow time of day (wee hours for USA). We were talking on a very peaceful channel 6 and got on the subject of astro and skeptic. One suggestion was that the Skeptic perk only really affected fighters, as it affected only the skills pertaining to fighting, such a/d and magic. However, others suggested, as Radu clarified later in a PM to PaulB (waitint for permission to afixto end of this post) that skeptic perk acts on all forms of astro and is not limited to fighting. However, one question remains that I would like an answer to. I suggested, not from my own idea but from the idea of the Late Graywolf of BoC guild, who had been a dear friend of mine, that astro is NOT the only deciding factor or force at play in the chance failure or success rate of players on any given day or time. He suggested that rather, besides astro there was a second force he called Luck which he believed was coded into game as well and influenced our chance of failure or success perhaps on a differnet pattern of cycle, or perhaps generated somewhat randomly on the computer; but that it did change back and forth and players would experience therefore highs and lows in performance, failure, success, etc. They would have good days and bad days, some really good days, some really bad, some fairly good some fairly bad and some just ordinarily mediocre. This seems to be the experience at least of many people who take skeptic. There bad days are not as bad perhaps as without skeptic, but they do have these variables. Is is imagined? or is it real? This I would like an answer to if possible. It would be really swell if someone knowledgable and not just guessing would answer athoritatively, perhaps even 'teh_g-d' himself. thank you and others may feel free to express your experiences but please unless you know for certain clarify your responses as experiences and not the known truth. Please allow someone who truly knows answer athoritatively.