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  1. I dont understand why i was Banned

    Can I please be unbbanned now?
  2. I dont understand why i was Banned

    The Wiki thing i never posted anything about mods being bad .... I posted that the information was wrong and lies and insulted RS (the evil game) look IM going to try and .... I have no idea how I can get forgivin. I dont even have a hope for being Unlocked, but i dont care about me, Lost_Angel is my wifes charater. Tehanu_MMv is my mothers, ArchAengelRafael became someone elses bot and was orriginally intended to become one in the first place. King_Demoth was my alt. Ghost_buster was a joke and i couldnt figure out how to delete the charater. Dragongoddess I was asked to log onto to make sure that they still existed She forgot her password ....... i could give more explanation but i would rather not go into public about it ..... If you wana keep dragonGod locked feel free to do it. I wont ever play el again but please dont lock these two charaters Lost_Angel and Tehanu_mmv I feel like shit for having them banned! Even so let me logg in one last time to say goodbye to everyone and give away my guild ...... to someone who is worthy of it. Still sorry for everything ive done, Still wishing that i wasent such an idiot. Mabey one day i will be unbanned but ..... I respect your desisions. thankyou for giving me a chance to try to sort this out.... apparently forever ...... aduie eternal lands Edit addition: Again sorry to all those I have caused a problem for, an issue to or just upset in general ......... sorry to my guild for My stupidity, Sorry to those i have upset, I wont ever be apble to apologize enough nore will it probably do any good, but still doesnt mean i dont say sorry, To everyone who i've lead as GM of HOLY, Im sorry, To every one of my friends im sorry, Hell im sorry to most of my enemies. Sorry ... to everyone.
  3. I dont understand why i was Banned

    .... First ...... WHEN DID I CALL MODS WANKERS!?!?!? second may i please ask what charaters i shared .... and even you were the first person who talked about that "exeption" to the rule ....... even so im sorry forgive me please ;.; or even so at least unlock my wifes charater leave me banned and give me the full punishment
  4. I dont understand why i was Banned

    OK so ... its me dragongod .... Im not sure why i was banned ..... someone told me that it was multi .... but i would like to understand why my El wifes (Lost_Angel) account was also banned. The only thing that i can think of is that we traded when i was at her home using her internet on my labtop but ...... A very very sad dragongod ;.; beggs for us both to be unbanned Tho im gona be very noble (or idiotic) and ask that if you at least unban her ...... Give me the full punishment, And again i apologize for what i am to blame for
  5. Quote of the week submissions

    [Wizzy @ 3]: Selling 1 rare dropped fur boots. 200k gc's pm me pls If you dont lol check your pulse.
  6. Who's your Valentine

    To Lost_Angel, My wife, my love, my best friend, my hope and my dreams all bound up into someone perfect. She is my Valentine and so much more
  7. Quote of the week submissions

    [Acelon @ 6]: Sun Tzu would be good [XenaMT @ 6]: no way Game Time: 05:59:44 [bobjsc @ 6]: ord day [Acelon @ 6]: I need to train [adeen @ 3]: pc harv med? [spinacZ @ 6]: acid rain! Game Time: 05:59:53 #GM from bobjsc: do you want me to kill you? [Acelon @ 6]: (Did I just say that?)
  8. Having a Mini Storage sale

    SOME NEW ITEMS HAVE BEEN ADDED Minerals: 266 Ruby (sold out) 186 Sapphire (SOLD OUT) 51 Turqoise (SOLD OUT) 124 Sulfur (SOLD OUT) 369 Rose Quartz (SOLD OUT) 1685 Coal (SOLD OUT) 198 Quartz (SOLD OUT 604 Blue Quartz (SOLD OUT) Animal: 31 Black panther fur 3 Snow Leopard fur (SOLD OUT) 5 Brown Snake Skin (SOLD OUT) 2 Skunk fur (SOLD OUT) 557 Raw Meat (SOLD OUT) 7 Racoon fur (SOLD OUT) 16 Green Snake Skin (SOLD OUT) 20 Beaver fur (SOLD OUT) 95 Wolf Fur (SOLD OUT) 7 Puma Fur (SOLD OUT) 41 Bear Fur (SOLD OUT) 28 White rabbit fur (SOLD OUT) 12 Deer Antlers 63 Brown rabbit fur (SOLD OUT) 33 Falcon Feather (SOULD OUT) 68 Polar Bear Fur (SOLD OUT) 51 Deer Fur (SOLD OUT) 391 Bones (SOLD OUT) 35 Fox Fur (SOLD OUT) 83 Rat tail (SOLD OUT) Books: 1 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Portland Ring Building 1 Book of Iron Broad sword of fire 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Fire Best offer gets it ty Just tell me what you want and give an offer if i dont like it i wont accept (probly not likely) Eather Leave a post here or Pm (guess who) DragonGOD ingame *bows* tyvm for looking (please if you post here leave your ingame name)
  9. Quote of the week submissions

    tpk36: You hurt yourself, and lost 2 HPs,<--Great: if MN isn't beating me up, I'm now self-harming. I must've had a rough childhood :-) Your harvesting experience limit for this hour expired, you won't get any more harvesting EXP until the next hour. [nathanstenzel @ 4]: me too, Schizo Lmao'ed
  10. some stuff....that is cheap

    I BUY everything but pants
  11. HOLY IS back.

    WE are at this moment looking for Tailors/Archers/ Manufactures and are willing to Help train them as such
  12. I Want to join a guild

    HOLY will welcome you with Open arms and good cheer
  13. Storage Sale

    I want I want I want Ingame name DragonGod.6k for all?
  14. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    I started off wanting to be a harvester Like i just wanted to harvest and i kept harvesting ........ then I kinda got stuck on a crummy labtop ;.; and I couldnt leave the Isla prima rat house for 2-3 months so i started training (yes on rats) After that I delved into alchemy for the longest while while still harvesting ........ then i wanted to be a crafter/mage Recently i got into tailoring ........ i just wound up doing everything
  15. New weapon types

    How would holding 2 swords increase accuracy? I could perhaps understand high damage, but the ingredients and stats seem completely random. There is no point in creating such a detailed breakdown of ingredients, when there is no basis whatsoever on which they are selected. I don't think it is possible to strike twice per attack. This would take two rounds of combat. If the weapon strikes twice per combat, just double the damage. Once again, why would anyone ever use this weapon?? The ingredenst were like suggestions that should not be taken seriously ........... because they wana look cool ........... sorry again