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  1. Jezebelle's radu party

  2. Community Armory

    Sweet idea! Can I have a titanium serpent sword of therma?? I would be more than happy to help spam channel 1 with information to help noobies. I'm very good at it. - Ianitor

    Yer! Amar attacked me like 18 times in KF! He used harm and I didn't even get near him...
  4. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    If you run windows, try one of these, at your own risk http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=681000 The latest macbooks have new vid cards so I can't find many updated drivers for them. Anyone else know how to help?
  5. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    That is strange. Maybe one of the techies here can help you. Try googling NVIDIA GeForce 9400M drivers, and find the lastest one for your mac.
  6. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    What kind of mac?
  7. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    Update your graphics card driver. When I used a Nvidia GeForce 2, the best driver that worked for EL was a Detonator 23.11. Search google for the best driver for your card. EL should run just fine. What kind of graphics card do you have?
  8. EL Now Listed on CNET GAMES!

    Ok, I changed the description and it should be approved soon. I also submitted the game to the Macintosh section of CNET. Thanks for all the positive reviews! Keep 'em coming! Lets drown out the nay sayers! EL ROCKS! * Now, EL is in the Mac section to Here! EDIT: Both MAC and PC CNET downloads updated to 1.90.
  9. EL Now Listed on CNET GAMES!

    Within 3 days, total downloads 18! Help the nooby invasion on IP!!! On a side note, why are EL players leaving bad reviews????
  10. EL Now Listed on CNET GAMES!

    Omg. Someone left a review and only 4/5 stars?!??!? K, we need to form a posse and PK whoever left the 4 stars instead of 5.
  11. Help. It won;t let me download

    Try the French or German mirrors for download. The UK download mirror doesn't work.
  12. EL Now Listed on CNET GAMES!

    Gosh. I swear they didn't have the options for linux and mac. I listed the main EL site so people can always download from there. I'll repost a review saying that EL also runs on linux and Mac os.
  13. Failed to mount disk image (mac)

    I noticed that too. And I use windows. I think the UK host has corrupted installation files.
  14. I managed to get CNET to publish Eternal Lands on their downloads section. Lots of people visit the boards, so hopefully that translates into downloads and more people. If you have spare time, leave a postive review for the game so people will download it. Here is the link: EL on CNET
  15. Connection failed

    1. Firewall 2. Maybe your IP got banned?