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  1. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Personally I think its a great idea, go for it Aquila Oh, and Im saying that as someone who wouldn't be able to complete that, even though Im 163/163 A/D there is no way Id be able to tank a bula down to zero by myself
  2. Sell Hydro ring in store

    Have to agree with Maxine, $1 seems about right price from shop and it should not be shop only item. Having said that though, I also dont think it should be mixable, just dropped a little more often by mobs (and as Revi said, could be at cost of GC from bigger mobs maybe)
  3. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    Oh bugger, every time I read read it I see something else............one other thing, you can only increase an attr that is already at 48 this way, not one that isnt, otherwise it doesnt work Maybe this isnt such a good idea after all
  4. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    Oh sorry, to clarify after re-reading my above post, I was thinking that you can choose which 2 att you want to be able to increase in the future when you get to 179, so a fighter/harver might go P/C, a mage might go will/reason etc and someone might even go inst/vit (would this be good for a tank?)
  5. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    I voted yes. But I think it should be with caviats especially on how you get these extra PP. Personally I think it should be done through the wraith. You go see him at 179 and get your last PP and he pushes you back to 178 OA xp. You then have to get another 98mill (?) to get another PP and he pushes you back again to 178. This can happen 12 times, this means with the cap limit at 60, you could have an extra 12pp andONE of your atribs could be 60, or alternatively you could choose to put 6 into 2 attribs and so on and so on. The only drawback I can see to this (and it might be prohibitive to some) would be the nexus removal/hydro buying way of getting PP, this would mean it is possible (eventually and after much GC spending) to have all your attribs at 60, unless, the wraith only allowed you to choose 1 or 2 particular attribs. Thats all, feel free to rip apart the idea to your hearts content, I dont mind
  6. Storage sale.

    Trade 1 bone for each CF
  7. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    I think what you did was commendable Stouxy, well done! Those who live by the sword die by the sword, and Multanex/Multani/whatever pondscum name he intends to go by now has got his just desserts. I understand he has rage quit, hopefully it will stay that way So, well done Stouxy, and I hope Cad comes back to play again on the Asclepius character (and perhaps may also get the name unlocked now if he ever wants to sell it or change that particular name)
  8. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    Oh dear Talon, you couldn't resist a personal dig could you. After Im trying to do something nice for someone as well. Let us hope that it never happens to your shared characters then Talon. You might have to go see a doctor and get some very expensive medical bills with the sharp U turn you would undoubtedly pull if it did. To be clear, Im not asking for a rule change, I dont think its needed to deal with this situation satisfactorily, and the issuing of any punishment/banning is my opinion only (which I realise is worthless in the grand scheme of things before you decide to point it out Talon). Im just trying to see what everyone else thinks
  9. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    wow, asininity! what a great word, I actually had to look up the meaning of that one. Brilliant and thank you But to answer, yes, I think he should be punished, isnt that what civilized cultures (and the not so civilized) do to thieves?
  10. Asclepius/Multanex scammers - BEWARE

    Ask Radu if you want proof, although I am pretty sure it will have been discussed by the Mod team so you all know exactly to what I am referring. As for not breaking rules, no he hasnt, and yes it was naive of Cad to give his password. None of that I dispute. However, my point is that in exceptional circumstances where proof has been given (by dint of his own mouth) that a character has been stolen (call it scammed or whatever, all amounts to same thing) that things can be done about it. Not by the Mod team - Im not asking you too and you certainly shouldnt as that would be a violation of the rules as they exist. However the game owner could. If you think it is a good idea to lock this topic then please go ahead however be aware that by doing so you are effectively playing into the hands of these 2 scammers and almost semi-condoning what they have done which is not a good example to set everyone else. I would like to see more comments and replies on this thread so we can see what the mood and opinion of both the players and Mods are towards what has happened. As for rule 2, like I said, there is nothing that Mods can do about it, I accept that so I am most certainly not 'discussing moderation' and to suggest or infer otherwise as you have in your post is being disingenuous
  11. These 2 toons are scammers, trust and deal with them at your own risk, they will try to scam you at some point They should be banned in my opinion, if you agree then please feel free to post your opinions as well Im sure some will disagree, so please feel free to explain why you would like known scammers kept in game
  12. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Talon (or whoever you may be at time of reading this) - Yes, I realise char sharing is legal, Im not saying its illegal. Im just saying no-one can be sure who is behind the Talon (or any other WGT) character anymore as you have admitted the sharing happens, therefore shouldn't be trusted. Thats a simple fact whether you like it or not and there is nothing you can say that is going to change it. If people do want to trust you, or any other known char sharers, then that is up to each of them as individuals but they then lose the right to complain if things go tits up for them. This thread is really just about warning people that the person they think they may be speaking to/dealing with may not be the same person they actually trust Cokphay, Ive already said that doubtless it goes on elsewhere so I agree with you there
  13. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Only WGT members have admitted to character sharing, which is pretty damning evidence, doubtless it goes on elsewhere but evidence is sorely lacking. However, that said, if people want to post here which characters they share then we can all be holier than thou, frown upon them from the moral high ground and chastise them accordingly. I stand by my comment, trust this guild no one iota, you just cant be sure who you are actually dealing with
  14. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Assume the entire WGT guild is character sharing, thats the only sensible thing to do, and trust none of them as you will not know who is behind the toon If I had a bot I'd ban the lot
  15. Bring back the fun

    1 idea....how about a kill the god contest in KF. A mod who has their own abilities/stats but a shed load of health/mana (30k ish perhaps) and lots of high lvl summ stones and someone (s) has to kill him/her - Would be good, - either see people working together as a team to do it (guilds working together) or maybe some naughty people in un-named guilds could actively participate by killing those trying to kill the god So you could have people who try to kill the god, people who dispose of the gods mobs, people trying to kill both of those sets of people and people to protect both of those sets of people from others trying to kill them and its up to everyone which they will be From chaos comes fun