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  1. Can't log in

    A little while ago (1 or 2 days) I felt like playing EL again. So i downloaded and installed the new version. But as i tried to log on i found out that i couldn't. The Error message is: The password is wrong. But as it seems i can still log onto my Forum account even though they are actually the same password. Thanks for your time and Help.
  2. Buying 3.1k Green Snake Skins

    I am buying 3.1k Green Snake Skins. (If you dont have 3.1k you can sell what you have.) I am buying them at 5gc each. So,all at once would be: 15.5k. If you're a Seller please pm me, gossip me or leave a Message here. Thank you.
  3. What was your first guild?

    I first Went to GWaR. GM is mschoolbus(was don't if he still is) Then To EWoL,GM "WAS" Markusweck Then i went to some other guild i cant remeber the Name of at the mo. And Last of all,i Founded a Guild with SleepyJo,(GM),called The Wild Bunch ( |W|), and thats where i am now. There you go thats all. tgL
  4. sad to hear your Offline a time. Hope you come back Soon
  5. 100 Raw Meat -400gc 100 Fox Furs-700gc =1100gc I pay in normal GC. Thank you P.S: Ingame Name ThegreatLord Mostly on on Weekends. West European Time.
  6. EL Olympics!

    I think 5 Contestens is Enough.... I Really hope you don't Cancell it i have been waiting really long for this!!! It would be sad seeing a Contest like this be Cancelld TGL
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Atm: Knorkator Wir Werden
  8. A mystery

    Argh!i just found out that i was going away! (thats why i am Editing) So sorry i can't come, but still i wish the Best of luck to you all!
  9. Robin Hood and Marian

    Ill be an Hour late. argH! Still i hope i wont miss to much
  10. The Greatest EL Player

    Blodoks or Erma i think are the Greatest
  11. Well i have : Positive: Monster Magnitisem I Eat Dead people(going to get!) the Summoner(also going to get!) Negative: I can't Dance
  12. ELG Alchemy Shop

    You don't Life Essences do you?
  13. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    they played sooooooooo rubish (the Germans would say:'Lusche') Can't belive that they Lost! Ah well at least i didn't bet for it. :P
  14. Gods of Eternal Lands

    Would be nice to see the other Gods. But one thing,i haven't noticed anything about a Tailoring god. Atm I Serve: Selain and Mortos, and am Hoping for a Tailoring god,since it is quite hard to level in that Skill and a bit more Exp wont hurt. Cheers!
  15. which linux to use for el?

    I use Ubuntu and have no Problems with it.
  16. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    Germany, Well i am not a FootBall Fan but i like Bratwurst so i vote for Germnay!
  17. And you are a ...

    I am Actually a Summoner(or learing,who cares anyway!) But since that wasn't up i voted for Mixer couse to do Summoning you need The Mix Window ,right?
  18. awesome Germans !

    ich sag auch mal Hallo in die Runde
  19. Summoner's Guidebook

    Yeah...considering the recommended level for small Gargoyles is more than 12 above what you'll get with maximum bonus from potion? I'm not too surprised. Wait until you get a bit higher before Gargoyles, I'm nearing 30 and still having a bit of trouble with them. I did it "Just For Fun"
  20. What are you lvl'ing on?

    hmm you may have a Point.
  21. The Greatest EL Player

    I think Blodoks,and Erma,can't realy decide. There both Great.
  22. Summoner's Guidebook

    rofl i did a Gargoyle at lvel 15 with a Summoning Potion. lol no exp at all rubish!
  23. buying lots

    I can get 100 matter essies.Working on them now,(should take 5-10 mins) Tell me wen you need them.(and what is the Price?)
  24. Legion Etrangere

    Yeah... and your point is caller? Good luck with it SleepyJo! Just try to remain active this time 'll need to train my summoning a few levels I hehe i got egsaclty 15.
  25. Tailoring God

    HI!I started tailoring and wanderd if there might me be a Tailoring God.What do you think?