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  1. Can't log in

    A little while ago (1 or 2 days) I felt like playing EL again. So i downloaded and installed the new version. But as i tried to log on i found out that i couldn't. The Error message is: The password is wrong. But as it seems i can still log onto my Forum account even though they are actually the same password. Thanks for your time and Help.
  2. Buying 3.1k Green Snake Skins

    I am buying 3.1k Green Snake Skins. (If you dont have 3.1k you can sell what you have.) I am buying them at 5gc each. So,all at once would be: 15.5k. If you're a Seller please pm me, gossip me or leave a Message here. Thank you.
  3. What was your first guild?

    I first Went to GWaR. GM is mschoolbus(was don't if he still is) Then To EWoL,GM "WAS" Markusweck Then i went to some other guild i cant remeber the Name of at the mo. And Last of all,i Founded a Guild with SleepyJo,(GM),called The Wild Bunch ( |W|), and thats where i am now. There you go thats all. tgL
  4. sad to hear your Offline a time. Hope you come back Soon
  5. 100 Raw Meat -400gc 100 Fox Furs-700gc =1100gc I pay in normal GC. Thank you P.S: Ingame Name ThegreatLord Mostly on on Weekends. West European Time.
  6. EL Olympics!

    I think 5 Contestens is Enough.... I Really hope you don't Cancell it i have been waiting really long for this!!! It would be sad seeing a Contest like this be Cancelld TGL
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Atm: Knorkator Wir Werden
  8. A mystery

    Argh!i just found out that i was going away! (thats why i am Editing) So sorry i can't come, but still i wish the Best of luck to you all!
  9. Robin Hood and Marian

    Ill be an Hour late. argH! Still i hope i wont miss to much
  10. The Greatest EL Player

    Blodoks or Erma i think are the Greatest
  11. Well i have : Positive: Monster Magnitisem I Eat Dead people(going to get!) the Summoner(also going to get!) Negative: I can't Dance
  12. ELG Alchemy Shop

    You don't Life Essences do you?
  13. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    they played sooooooooo rubish (the Germans would say:'Lusche') Can't belive that they Lost! Ah well at least i didn't bet for it. :P
  14. Gods of Eternal Lands

    Would be nice to see the other Gods. But one thing,i haven't noticed anything about a Tailoring god. Atm I Serve: Selain and Mortos, and am Hoping for a Tailoring god,since it is quite hard to level in that Skill and a bit more Exp wont hurt. Cheers!
  15. which linux to use for el?

    I use Ubuntu and have no Problems with it.