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  1. Alchemic

    Hi to all in EL, i here behave ~AC~ guild and wanna tell u all in here that NO ONE in EL was perfect like they thinking. I sure everyone have done something nasty but they didn't get caught. Can u guys look up ur back b4 look other ppl back? look to own mistake b4 look other ppl mistake pls. I know is hard to get back when we have bad name and when no one give chance to change, but he fine here in ~AC~ . What i can say in here is , did anyone notice that rahul guy have mistake also when he don't have rosto with him and if he have low a/d , he shouldn't try something that he cant kill. that day he die , no one was pm me or king_rick (my hubby) or IG us in guild. Then i hear about this from 1 of my guild member and i let my hubby know . When he try talk nicely and asking what happen to BoC thru IG , we get bad fed back from BoC guild. I saw a lot ppl hanging with other ppl how have bad history. One more thinking if he return back that stuff , are u guys will stop bother him and let him be peacefully??? yes / no .... He have return some stuff in past but no one appreciate...
  2. King_Rick and BlackRooseMib wedding

    Hi All , Due to time conflicts we will have to postpone our wedding until friday 20.11.2009 same time & place. Sorry for any inconvinence, -Blackrose & King_Rick -
  3. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    hi , 1)i don't think defense my self is one manipulator . i want to say also if u thinking that u wish u never meet me and trust me, do u want to know what i thinking about u after what u done to me b4 and yesterday(ur blackmail call from skype). i really wish i wont meet this kind ppl and hope no one will meet this kind ppl in anyways. what ever u say i'll defense myself and i sure ppl will see the truth and make their own judgement. and thanks again to proof WHO are u to me 2) Yes, u pay for my P2P char that i play today and u buy some stone, i not forget about that but did u mention: a) How u pay them? b)Who gc u use to change to real cash in EL? c) how the Gc come ? d) Where the stone gone? to Who u sell them? e) who took and sell from me and where the gc gone? i cant remember all now i'll edit if need later , by the way what ever u say i'll def my self . u asking so i give u answer . sorry if i hurt or make u angry in this i dont want get any blame anymore. and i not the person take other ppl stuff . 3) pls don't put blame to other ppl between us if they not relative . Oh yeah WHO are DEn_RUS to me is not ur problem coz u have asking me b4. WE know who we are and i know him b4 i know u. 4) yes , i use skype to talk with u a lot and if i multi alot like u say do u think MOD cant see what happen to my IP address?? They (MODS) can check what going on in my IP i guess. yes, WE have done multi trade b4 that between my alt (butterfly_gal) trade to u(Violater) all stuff and u(violater) have give me back 1set iron plate armor , bunch flower and pot ingr. and i guesss i already get my punishment . 5) stop talk about my X BF and blame me anything i not done b4 . and i sure u and all get the answer coz he already reply him self to whatever u say and he also show up ingame yesterday . Ty so much Jetchko actually Violater do u that u get bann coz of ur self and i have nothing to do about this , so stop blame me about this. and we already OVER in EL and RL. i'll Defense my self as i can in anyway and how ever i can, but if u stab me from behind that i dont know. pls dont think i LADY u can do as u wish. more u do more u get from me , u never know WHO am'i MUCH Actually i'll keep smile always :)sorry about my bad english and pls mention to me if i have say something bad or wrong. -BlackRoseMib-
  4. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    hi, this some screenshot i took to u all see have 10 pic all. http://yfrog.com/29snapshot20090611171446p
  5. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    Hi , i want to say something in here about this hot topic 1. i want to mention about the bann on 23rd april not i log in to violater and trading illegaly. u (violater ) 1st had my password and log to my char (blackrosemib) acc and took my stuff very often . and i sure the mod can see if the check really carefully that i have askingto u (violater) about this after i notice u (violater) log to my acc. and i hope u (violater) can accept ur mistake and not keep blame other ppl . i not say i good person but if i do something i will take my mistake . 2. u (violater) say i wanted to trade with u and u check about this issue with aislinn . can i asking WHO want trade WHO actually? can u remember u the want want trade with me and u (violater) ur self pm aislinn and check about this and send me msg after u get answer from aislinn . can i asking WHY u put all mistake to me?????? yes, i(blackrosemib) have asking (violater)u the sword back but i know u wont return anyways. 3. i have speanding real GC on ur char (violater) that u have say u will pay back but i not get any single cent untill now and u took the sword. and as u (violater) know that how many stuff u took from (blackrosemib) me and that time i was blind just for ur fake LOVE that u show me . but thanks coz when we get bann and i see all true . thank for bann me aislinn . oh yeah , yes, i(blackrosemib) have asking (violater)u the sword back but i know u wont return anyways. i'll try attach some screen shot for u guys to view:)if need sorry with my bad english but i need def. my self in here. pls asking me if anything i need to answer. ty
  6. may I be unbanned

    I suggest you reread violater's bans thread and talk to him if you still don't "understand". It's all already been covered. pls don't listen to one part only , if i not reply to what he say not mean all from my mistake . i just don't want this getting worst but i was wrong look i get the all mistake and he free . and now i'll def my self in this case. ty -blackrosemib-
  7. may I be unbanned

    yes, i understand and i learn from my mistake. i won't do again. Ty so much for unbann BlackRoseMib ty for unbann me can i asking what u mean by ''lying to him...'' sorry i want to know in more detail -blackrosemib-
  8. may I be unbanned

    yes, i understand and i learn from my mistake. i won't do again. Ty so much for unbann BlackRoseMib
  9. may I be unbanned

    Hi, it has been 30 days sense I was banned I understand what I did wrong and I promise not to do it again. May I please be unbanned. thank you -ingame name - BlackRoseMib
  10. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    i so sorry, i wont do again the same mistake . i accept the punishment and hope blackrosemib and violater can play soon. -BlackRoseMib-