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  1. Not a dispute, just a warning

    This Frost person seems pretty cold-hearted.
  2. Not used much (if at all?). Perhaps extend the 2 seconds? Any other ideas? You agree or disagree?
  3. Up a tree

    I don't think this is a bug...It's like the lamp-post and the wall.
  4. Sunday AA Invasion

    Ty gnny ^^
  5. To: PKG From : olenthered

    Sure, it's a game, but not everyone plays the same. Anyone can take anything as serious as they want. That doesn't make them any less right, or more wrong, for their style of play. Well, he documents what he has done with the money, and explains his view(albeit in horrific English that makes me want to put fire essences in my eyes). I don't understand why taking it personally makes it lame. I don't see the connection between [if personal = lame]...this lacks in justification. [Repeat from above: Anyone can take anything as serious as they want. That doesn't make them any less right, or more wrong, for their style of play.] Olen, you are like robin hood. There, now it's not self proclaimed But I didn't have to say that, because his 'enemy' called him that as well, so your statement is inaccurate. Whatever he perceives his standards/community rules/ laws/morals( things no actual community will 100% agree on) to be, he stuck by them. I can admire that. Again i quote: Yep. While he may have extreme clumsiness in constructing informative threads for the community, he makes that up in luck or strategy (or both? or something else?). Community lost a few pawns a while back, but Olen got his check mate, for whatever reasons he deems worthy for this "game"... Olen may not express himself in perfect English, but there was one gem that was flawless....
  6. PATCH: new command (walkto)

    Combine your user menu and a certain command that is already in game and you get something very similar to this...
  7. Contest time!

    Thanks for the event!
  8. Calsonic - BEWARE!

    It all started on a cold stormy night. It was raining outside, and I was casually working in the iron mines as usual when I suddenly got a PM from the mini-geoffrey himself....... Mr Calsonic. He sought aid, and i pledged him my assitance, and the beginnings of an epic hero quest was in the making..... ...I was coerced into a WTF by his silver tounge(full of ego stroking and jerking) which in retrospect should have been my first hint that something was amiss. Long did we prepare ourselves for this harsh undertaking, stocking supplies, shining blades, polishing boots, but there was a lighter side to it as well. Many jokes were told, and many were made an ass. And that is how it begun, many asses, assing off to the darkness. Starting off as a fellowship, heading to mordor, to destroy the one riing, no wait...wrong naration. But lo! behold the day we shall all curse, the 20th day of the month Carnelar of the year 0031 Age of Eternals *spits on the floor*. For here did come the giant-rapage of calsonic and sonic, and their rosto's did p00f on the 20th day of the month Carnelar of the year 0031 Age of Eternals *spits on the floor*. And upon the 20th day of the month Carnelar of the year 0031 Age of Eternals *spits on the floor* all shall remember it as a sad day. A very sad day, upon which little happiness did exist. The saddest, sadiest, sad of sad, sad sad sad, terrrible, saaaaaaaaaaaad, day upon which all sad things are compared to and are made tiny compared to this day, the sad day, day of sadism, the 20th day of the month Carnelar of the year 0031 Age of Eternals *spits on the floor* And tombstones shall be erected in those rosto's honor, they will not be forgotten. And upon those stones the sad day shall be written: "....the 20th day of the month Carnelar of the year 0031 Age of Eternals *spits on the floor*...we did lose thee..." ...and so, dear community,i prey thee let us go upon a witch hunt, to end this dastardly....machiavellian Calsonic's evil rain. Use your common cents and have your wits about you, for he did enslave our hearts, and lure those rosto's to their doom... piece out
  9. Calsonic - BEWARE!

    oi how dare you bunch turn my joke of a thread into a serious conversation!
  10. I formatted my PC, reinstalled windows 7, downloaded and reinstalled EL, got nvidia drivers + installed(301.42-desktop-win7-32bit-english-whql), got drivers for motherboard/chip and installed, pretty much haven't done anything else yet. I tried EL and while it works, it's clearly not as smooth as before, which makes me think ive done something wrong or forgotten to do something. Im relatively sure all my ingame graphics settings are the same as before (ie: everything was maxed out & enabled). So I'm just asking if anyone has any ideas why this might be the case (the lower performance). By lower performance I give an example of, lowering camera angle to see a greater portion of the environment, and the FPS lowering to 15~ where once it was a constant 30. (and generally, its visually 'jumpy' as opposed to smooth). The game is playable, but not as enjoyable as before. I'm not sure what information I should post, so I just put everything I could think of below, if more information is needed, just ask where I can find it and ill add it. Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit) 4g RAM Processor: IntelĀ® Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 GHz #glinfo On start up: Some other stuff i found in a logs file: Thanks
  11. Game not running as smoothly as before...

    New selection box ticked, and now FPS is constant 30 FPS, ty deckara (oddly enough I found it on my own while going through all options line-by-line, came here to say all is solved, only to see you say the exact same thing, posted within minutes of me finding it, creepy ) *spins camera in circles with constant 30 FPS* weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Questions from a new player

    No tricks. Just the sword cursor and a bit of luck. But don't dispair, those are the smallest critters in-game, generally it's not so tough to engage a creature. Also just check your latency is within an acceptable range (type #ping). It should be below 400~. I wouldnt recommend FPS as regular camera view. If you're speaking about "Follow Camera"[ctr-o --> camera tab -->] or a similar option, adjust the rotation settings if they are to sharp. The jitters may also be attributed to computer performance. If your PC is old or doesnt have strong graphics, take some time to review your settings in "ctrl-o". This may radically improve gameplay IF its the issue (and adjusted correctly). Join an active guild. Join an active channel. Learn and chat. Chat and learn.
  13. pulled out of an invance

    Stopped reading there. Laughed. Carried on reading some of the posts. Facepalmed so much i have a headache. A decision to not take a weapon inside an invance ( team event) by a known multi-trainer is the definition of a "me me me" attitude. Compounded by not taking in a torso armor (WW's post) strikes at multiple rule violations(and lolx and the people trying to justify that by explaining the 'who the mob attacks in multi situation' method - because he was at FCW's *alone*.). While trying to break items for quests is completely normal(and regularly done without any rule-breaking), you still have to do it in a fashion that is permitted by the rules. Rule broken: 2( B ) --> 3 day ban justified. Whats the problem here? :X EDIT: Brackets turned something into an emote accidently
  14. pvp in guildmaps

    Whats so safe about them?
  15. Newhope - Invance

    Today in invance: http://i340.photobuc...elscreen080.jpg Newhope attacked the MB at the last few seconds and got the drop. Thats no problem, but he didnt proceed to share it out fairly as most of the community would agree to, I believe. Maybe I have missed some evidence (unlikely) but I think the following is a fair representation of actual events that took place today. (1)[newhope @ 120200]: PM ME FOR 128K MB SHARE (2)as per the pic (and the players themselves can confirm this) the team was in my mind: Sonic Necram Korsan Done(tanker) Cordor Angler newhope?(maybe - not really sure he contributed much at all, compared to the others) (3) we were given 12k each, and I was not satisfied with this, spoke to the others, and asked newhope how he came to this amount: Sonic @ 120200]: newhope, can you please explain your maths? 12k per person is low... [newhope @ 120200]: next time wont give a coin if thats low [KorsaN @ 120200]: next time i wont range [sonic @ 120200]: wow newhope, thats really not in the spirit of doing invances... [newhope @ 120200]: i dont count and dont give a fuk, gave to everyone who pmed me 12k dont even know did i gave out my own gc or left some with it [newhope @ 120200]: i told done to take drop was no respond [newhope @ 120200]: so just told to pm, all who pmed got 12k [Necram @ 120200]: same here, i even went to restock cause of 3rd MB ... as you said but there were not so waste 250 extra pking arrow to be scammed on MB's drop at the end [newhope @ 120200]: and if someone dont like it next time i wont split it at all if ig et drop [Cordor @ 120200]: you can use the screenshort http://i340.photobuc...elscreen080.jpg [Necram @ 120200]: you had a screen shot to control who was here [newhope @ 120200]: do i care ? [Necram @ 120200]: anyways 12 k is good but not really faire [newhope @ 120200]: you can return me then [newhope @ 120200]: oh right i kept mm removal on myself, it worth anything ? [sonic @ 120200]: np keep it now, but nobody here will trust you now lol... [newhope @ 120200]: omfg, just not this, looks like i ruined my white player reputation [newhope @ 120200]: srsly to be fair i will tell, next time i will keep whole drop because of this shit what was told now [Kiryu @ 120200]: lol nice going NH probably should stay away from Mbs fro now on since no1 will count you in [newhope @ 120200]: kiryu first: maybe bark at least when you will be in invance? 2nd: i usualy stay away from it [newhope @ 120200]: and had asked split once in all my done instances [Kiryu @ 120200]: first do i care? [Kiryu @ 120200]: second do that then [newhope @ 120200]: first if you dont care then stfu dog [Kiryu @ 120200]: lol go and do something usefull for once [Necram @ 120200]: TBH one time SK did keep the drop [newhope @ 120200]: yea looks like talking with dog like you isnt usefull in real [Necram @ 120200]: he shared a bit at least [Kiryu @ 120200]: like keep quite [newhope @ 120200]: i shared proly more than it droped [newhope @ 120200]: i never quited dogie [newhope @ 120200]: well did like 6 years ago [Necram @ 120200]: if you did share more it's your bad [Kiryu @ 120200]: you do know that quite means to stay silent dumb ass [newhope @ 120200]: as i told necram i dont give a fk, i share to everyone who pmed 12k [Necram @ 120200]: but it's easy to know who get some gc from you and make the calculation [newhope @ 120200]: so do it dogie [newhope @ 120200]: coz all what you can do is just bark somewhere save [newhope @ 120200]: it would be necram if i would care of that [Necram @ 120200]: what do you mean by bark ? [newhope @ 120200]: that was for Kiryu not for you [Necram @ 120200]: yup but i can ask you the meaning of a word if i don't understand it [newhope @ 120200]: the sound which dogs do [Necram @ 120200]: ok [Necram @ 120200]: cya later guys got stuff to do (4) these events just leave a bad taste in the mouth, I dont belive anyone in the team was satisfied with the sharing If i had done the calculation, on the GC alone it would be 18kgc+ for each person at the very least. Newhope's share was 56k + MM stone. (128k-(6*12k)) while...... ours was 12k. Other unusal things were: waiting 20minutes after invance to annouce the sharing of the drop in chan 120200 AND asking us to come to TG storage. Both are irregular and add to fuel speculation on trustworthiness. [13:10:48] [Krrick @ 120200]: good job all [end] [13:30:54] [newhope @ 120200]: pm me for 128k mb share [annoucement] On that basis I would encourage you to take extreme care with newhope in instances/invances and anything relating to responsibiliy of sharing or finance. EDIT: (1)Now on a personal level, it annoys me when someone does this, because rangers are so vital to the invances, and when this happens, you will scare them away. Then its no longer fun(which is what we are here for). (2)This reminds me of when Aislinn was discussing a similar issue in chan 6, regarding people who spoil the fun for the invance 'team'. How one may spoil the fun, and there is nothing people can do about it. (not really an opinion, it just reminded me of this, so I repeat it here)
  16. Horray for Penguins!

    Thanks for the fun
  17. Are you a hardcore player ? :)

    I feel like I'm missing/misunderstanding your point. The $ issue would be here before and after the reset, what is the point of the reset then, except making people(the ones who remain) repeat their work to get to the point they were before.
  18. Are you a hardcore player ? :)

    Was going to say the same.
  19. Sell: Silver/Diamonds/Bones

    Selling: 30k silver @ 2.5ea 10k 5k Diamonds @ 3.4ea Bones @ 2.2ea (2g if you're a friend) all sold I used GenX prices on the harvestables, since they seem to be very average market rates. I strongly suggest leaving a post here to offer, or use a message on forums. Contacting me ingame isnt reliable. I generally play in euro time zones - if you see the afk msg - im sleeping!
  20. Newhope - Invance

    Karma <3 and the little temper tantrum that came with it.....priceless.
  21. Invance Time

    We'll when I made my post I didnt have the 'twice a day' mentality in mind. I was thinking of the afternoon that I did my invance, then went to bed, then closely 12 hours later, in the morning of the following day(a different day) the invance was repeated. Also im confused at the argument which goes "do not include the command because it will stop the people who play more than 27 hours a day from going twice in a day" - not it wont! This is just a creature comfort command for our feeble memoried minds, its so harmless.
  22. Invance Time

    Indeed, we have this function for the instances, would be nice for the invances too. Simple and useful.
  23. God Please save PK

    Warning: Drink 3 glasses of wine before reading my post to not be offended by dry humour! Well as it stands now, I'm mostly into PVE, PVP no longer has a competitive edge to it for me. Competitive meaning, my opponent does something, and I can respond in a meaningful way, and this carries on until one of the opponents makes a mistake(which is taken advantage of) or one of the opponents have a superior strategy of winning or greater level of skill responding to situations. For example: Mages can harm/MD/whatever(strong magical attack), but we have MI(cheap long lasting magical defence), but we also have MI removal wards (ohhh! an added layer of complexity to weave into strategy - make person move = % chance to remove MI, but even if its removed it can be recast straight away! ) (oooh! more layers of complexity: we can level our magical level, get will/reas, wear items, all to reduce magic damage) (Oohhh! another layer: we can wear items or construct our build to have high hp to protect agasint high harms!) Then we have mines: Boom dead. (OoooH!...no wait, nothing you can do about that) The competitive fight doesnt really exist[anymore?]. I'd say many pk confrontations these days are simply assassinations of poeople who just happen to be in a pk area for some odd reason (harving/questing/passing through the map/exploring/training/.../...). That said, some people do manage to have fun in pk areas once in a while, on the odd accasion.
  24. Mines bombs how to avoid etc

    I feel like im the only one thinking "RIP competitive PK". There is no reasonable defence against this item. Needs 2sec cooldown on the detonator IMO. EDIT: reminded me of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBuU1YHOxH8 Speaking for both vids in the thread: twice, someone is instantly dead from 150+, and other is 230+ hp to zero faster than I can blink(litterally)
  25. Currently: To change view in game, I hold down middle mouse wheel and move the mouse. What I would prefer: Hold down secondary mouse(holding down right-click) key and move it to change my view in game. I don't know how to achieve this though. I first went to keys.ini thinking it may be changed there but didnt see anything that helped. I checked on forums but couldn't find anything helpful. I looked at Window's 7 settings and could only invert primary and secondary buttons. I spent a few minutes on google trying to find some external software that would invert the button - without success. [i have a list of reasons why I want this, but they aren't relevent. I only want to know (1) is this possible (2) how to effect this change for my EL experience] Now...does anyone have any ideas?