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Found 1 result

  1. pulled out of an invance

    so i guess now that the top players have been allows to break all there dragon armor in invances its now agenst the rules, just like 60% of those who go to 120200 invance i start back in the FCs spot so i can get a chance at some good drops before going to tank giants and nasps for the rest of the team, i have been trying to break my red dragon greaves and cuisses so i took them alone with steel plate and a CoL, because i dont want to use my NMT during fights i did not take it nor did i take a rdholam or an MoL... I was pulled out of the invance because i was did not have the right armor, "[PM from WolfWitch: an invance is not for training - rules require full armour and weapon - kit up and head back in]", i was told "WolfWitch: yes - its an invance not free training exp" because i didnt have a wep with me so i got a hally and went back, for that i am sorry but it was handeled before the invance started, after i got back to the FCs and the invance started i was there for 7 mins when i was pulled out and told i had to have better armor on... at that time i have taken off my steel plate so i could take more damage and incress the chance to break my red dragon cuisses much as stivy did at the yeti in the 120200 invance, for 1 exp., for months. now a lil about Orick, i have 40/4/4/36/40/20 p/c/r/w/i/v witch means with a CoL i have more life then anyone els in there with RDHoLaM and a MoL on so i stay alive just fine, as well i have 77 att and 143 def so i have a better chance of not getting hit with only greaves and cuisses on then most others in this instance in full drag set with rdholam, SoP, MoL and potted out the a... with only 77 att and any wep in the game i only hit for crits so i dont kill often... now i was in the invance for 7 mins and in those 7 mins i killed 3 FCs and a hawk and i restored 12 times, now please take a min to think about this and stop just jumping to conclusions that i was training, i fled 3x in 7 mins to pick up 2 bags in witch i colected 36848 in def xp divide that by 7 mins thats 5264xp per min and i had 8 FC+ 3 dead one on me so divide that by 11 witch mean in 7 mins each FC gave me 478 def xp per min.... that my friends is not training... as far as not helping the team out, 1; if i have more then RD cuisses and greaves on %50 of the team will tank over me so even agenst nasps, yeti, and giants i keep my plate off for at least a part of the time, and also when i go to invances me and ususaly 1 other ranger are required to run around and kill %70+ of the giants running around because without a 20 man team we cant finish in time if we dont do that... now i have been told that all i do is train in invances and i dont help out by many people so this next part if for you... you DONT know shit about how i play this game, this is the first invances that i have been on in the last 4 months where i didnt have the perk 'i glow in the dark' witch deals 5 damage every time they swing at me, witch means expecialy in the begining and usualy all threwout the invance i am dealing 5 damage to 8 creatures every sec of combat in the invance witch is 40 damage + and crits i also land witch is about 1 in every 5 swings... now for most of the bitchy players who say i do nothing that is FAR more damage delt in the invance then you will deal in 2 invances, just because i am not right next to you fighting in an invance does not mean i just train and just becaues you dont c my kill counters does not mean i dont kill WELL over my shair of the creatures in the invance, F all you who just run your mouth, and to those who have the ability to check past invances and c that i pull more then my waight in invances please DO YOUR JOB. now this invance can get along just fine without me as they have many many many times before, this post is for those who dont take the time to think things threw... perhaps you just did not realise that there is more to this game then what nubs understand maybe now you can resurch a lil into how it works so i stop getting told that im breaking rules that i am not breaking, for the rules i did break(only once i can think of is the sword, witch i didnt know about but fixed before the invance stared) i am sorry... but the double standerd that 120200 vs others and the jumping the gun and the witchhunt started by not looking more in depth makes me and many others not play this game, witch i know no one who controles the game cairs about but those of us who do play do cair about now im sorry for the parts of this that does not make sense, i dont spell well and i have add/adhd so i cant focus on something for a long time like most are able to... also i will attach the chat log from this if tho who want to read it can and maybe let me know what i missed [11:41:02] Orick: hi [11:41:12] [lanfeust @ 3]: manuf up 84: and attak 153 earlier [11:41:14] WolfWitch: hi - where is your weapon? [11:41:25] Orick: i dont have one... do i need one? [11:41:36] WolfWitch: yes - its an invance not free training exp [11:41:44] Orick: brb [11:41:57] martinq: hi orick [11:41:58] [Adell @ 3]: selling 1k of HE's 8k pm me [11:42:00] To Taharaji Desert [11:42:01] To Morcraven Marsh [11:42:24] There are 0 monsters and 111 minutes left. [11:42:24] Hours since last instance visited: 1081 [11:42:51] [saxum @ 3]: Love toads, really love toads? Buy some poison antidotes from me. 60 each when 100 or more are bought, 65 if fewer. PM me [11:42:58] [PM from WolfWitch: please refresh your memory on the rules "]http://www.eternal-l...0entry558693] [11:43:55] Welcome to the Morcraven Marsh Battle Hall! Pick an arena. [11:44:04] There are 742 monsters and 109 minutes left. [11:44:04] Hours since last instance visited: 1081 [11:44:17] Select a nearby location to teleport. [11:44:55] WolfWitch: do not take the piss [11:44:59] You recovered 248 material points [11:45:02] Orick: ? [11:45:14] WolfWitch: sorry not you [11:45:17] You recovered 248 material points [11:45:38] You recovered 239 material points [11:46:05] You recovered 248 material points [11:46:11] You failed to flee. [11:46:13] You are under attack, you can't move. [11:46:14] You are under attack, you can't move. [11:46:15] You can't attack someone while being attacked! (but you will automatically counterstrike) [11:46:29] You recovered 248 material points [11:46:29] [PM from Aislinn: you do realize the idea of an invance is TEAM work, not to run off and train personally] [11:46:42] [PM from Aislinn: and I trust you have read the invance rules radu has posted] [11:46:46] You recovered 233 material points [11:46:47] [PM to Aislinn: im not training] [11:47:00] [PM to Aislinn: im trying to break armor and kill FC] [11:47:04] [PM from Aislinn: uh] [11:47:06] You recovered 239 material points [11:47:09] [PM from Aislinn: there's a lot more there than fc] [11:47:13] [iceQueen @ 3]: selling up to 750 pickaxes for 30gcea, 35 mortar & Pestle for 125gcea. 2k fe 4.8 ea. [11:47:19] [southerncomfort @ 3]: Selling silver + Sunflower or trading for le [11:47:25] [PM to Aislinn: i know when im done here i will tank giants] [11:47:26] You recovered 212 material points [11:47:39] You failed to flee. [11:47:41] You recovered 243 material points [11:47:45] [PM from Aislinn: you have to help the team to the best of your ability and gear up to the best of your ability] [11:48:10] [PM to Aislinn: thtas why i tank the giants] [11:48:10] You recovered 248 material points [11:48:13] [PM from Aislinn: ...] [11:48:26] [brataK @ 100120]: giant at gate [11:48:32] You recovered 248 material points [11:48:42] [PM from Aislinn: well we've had some complaints already and you better not be not properly geared up or helping because you can get a 3 day ban for not] [11:48:45] [PM from WolfWitch: you need to kit properly or leave - FULL armour and weapon - I will take you to MM store so you can dress apropriatly] [11:48:50] Zap! You were sent to WolfWitch! [11:49:03] [PM to WolfWitch: ?] [11:49:08] [Rabbitman @ 100120]: gj fighters at NE fort btw [11:49:08] [PM from WolfWitch: check your pms] [11:49:09] [PM from Aislinn: have you read radu's invance rules?] [11:49:21] [PM to Aislinn: yes i have] [11:49:34] [PM from WolfWitch: an invance is not for training - rules require full armour and weapon - kit up and head back in] [11:49:35] [PM from Aislinn: might want to give it a second go through, you seem to have missed a few parts] [11:49:49] [shihan @ 100120]: argg, just missed it ... good luck guys [11:49:55] [PM to Aislinn: im in RD greaves and cuisses with 143 def if i put on more i cant tank for most of the people in this instance] [11:49:59] [Yosie @ 100120]: OMGGGGGG [11:50:02] [Frost @ 100120]: ty for luck :X [11:50:05] [Yosie @ 100120]: I was at dinner [11:50:09] There are 630 monsters and 103 minutes left. [11:50:09] Hours since last instance visited: 1081 [11:50:15] [TrueMen @ 100120]: restock brb [11:50:18] [Yosie @ 3]: it started [11:50:18] [suiN @ 3]: buying 1k cf, pmme [11:50:23] [PM to Aislinn: i was not training because i only fled 3 times in 7 mins to grab bags of gc] [11:50:37] [PM from Aislinn: >.<] [11:50:47] [Frost @ 100120]: gates looking busy, altho im safe [11:50:58] [shihan @ 100120]: yosie look @bright side, no rosto loss, no breakages, no enormouse amount of essies lost [11:51:08] [Yosie @ 100120]: and no exp :< [11:51:11] [Frost @ 100120]: no exp :> [11:51:13] [Yosie @ 100120]: I would sit at gate [11:51:17] [shihan @ 100120]: lol yeah that too [11:51:36] [Frost @ 100120]: you just ate dinner, how would get you through the gate.... [11:51:43] Orick: what is wrong with this outfit? [11:51:50] [Adell @ 3]: selling 1k of HE's @ 9k pm me [11:52:02] [Galack @ 3]: buy iron ore . Turqoise [11:52:07] WolfWitch: it does not meet the requirements set down by radu [11:52:08] [shihan @ 100120]: if a giant can get through it [11:52:27] [Frost @ 100120]: [if you're reading what im saying, you're not looking at your HP!] Hourly time-stamp: log continued at 2012-05-10 11:52:52 localtime (Central Daylight Time) [11:53:08] [Aspirix @ 3]: selling - 10k coal @ 2.5 each pm me please [11:53:39] [southerncomfort @ 3]: Selling 4245 Silver 2.5 ea 8233 sunflower .75 ea [11:53:53] An invisible rat has spawned. Get him in 10 minutes for some extra exp! [11:54:52] [southerncomfort @ 3]: Trading HE's ings for ings pm me to make a deal [11:56:03] [RedDevil @ 100120]: Your Radioactive Rapier has been destroyed :/ [11:56:11] [Yosie @ 100120]: ouch [11:56:13] [TrueMen @ 100120]: [11:56:16] [Frost @ 100120]: :< [11:56:26] [shihan @ 100120]: :< [11:56:31] [Frost @ 100120]: i have JS/OS if you need replacement [11:56:37] [Frost @ 100120]: or you can go sto [11:56:49] [RedDevil @ 100120]: it's okay, I got more weaps [11:58:19] [PM from MetanoL: ok] [11:58:20] [Aspirix @ 3]: trading - (my) black dragon greave + 15k gc for (your) ice dragon greave [11:59:43] [southerncomfort @ 3]: Will Trade 4245 Silver Ore + 3000 Mums for 2K HE [11:59:52] [Rabbitman @ 100120]: nasp n ingate [12:00:43] [Geoffrey @ 3]: Trading bd cuis/plate for damaged+gcs [12:01:58] [iceQueen @ 3]: selling up to 750 pickaxes for 30gcea, 35 mortar & Pestle for 125gcea. 2.5k fe 4.8 ea. [12:02:43] [bella_k @ 3]: pm anyone pls whi can help with manu daily [12:02:55] [bella_k @ 3]: who* [12:03:44] [viperwitch @ 100120]: red did you got multyed? [12:03:58] [RedDevil @ 100120]: nope, simply broke on naspa [12:04:01] [viperwitch @ 100120]: ouchii red [12:04:28] [viperwitch @ 100120]: i only use mine if i am on 1 max 2 medium mobs then i switch to cutlass [12:04:57] [viperwitch @ 100120]: in instance on naspa i used FA +Cutlass cuz possible to break radio but was with tank] [12:05:09] Equinox: Vous ĂȘtes en invance? [12:05:14] Equinox: oops sorry [12:05:53] [bella_k @ 3]: enough pm, ty all got [12:06:19] [viperwitch @ 100120]: frost on gate again? [12:07:46] [sunriseCoder @ 100120]: s2es [12:09:01] [TrueMen @ 100120]: restocking [12:09:58] [immortelle @ 100120]: 3naspas coming near gates [12:10:02] Schmurk has logged on. [12:10:21] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: buying new holam brb >.< [12:10:26] [GangBoy @ 3]: pc will removal [12:10:43] [viperwitch @ 100120]: abother loss seems this range is not very nice [12:10:55] [viperwitch @ 100120]: another+* [12:10:56] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: loss? [12:11:01] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: we loss? [12:11:14] [joo @ 100120]: no [12:11:15] [viperwitch @ 100120]: your holam isn't that a loss? [12:11:28] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: not really its been thru alot [12:11:30] [TrueMen @ 100120]: wow 30 people on the chan [12:11:42] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: kk all wtf insta ;P [12:11:55] [Zephlix @ 100120]: just logged in 3 min ago [12:13:20] [viperwitch @ 100120]: i am still to break my ''paper hat'' [12:14:09] Equinox: \o/ [12:14:26] AlddrA: hi Equinox [12:15:09] [nolifer @ 3]: buy 5k iron ore 4ea (Any amounts are welcome) pm me [12:16:31] AlddrA: lol:) [12:16:34] byteme: lol [12:16:40] byteme: hiya AlddrA [12:16:47] byteme: \o/ [12:16:54] AlddrA: hi;) [12:17:58] [irinamaS @ 100120]: i restock [12:18:18] [joo @ 100120]: refilling [12:20:33] [Geoffrey @ 3]: Trading bd cuis/plate for damaged+gcs [12:20:49] [Aspirix @ 3]: trading - (my) black dragon greave + 15k gc for (your) ice dragon greave [12:20:56] Going AFK [12:20:58] [Galack @ 3]: buy iron ore . Turqoise [12:21:25] [Darrock @ 100120]: restock [12:21:28] Not AFK any more [12:21:49] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: omw back found holam [12:22:01] [RedDevil @ 100120]: GATE [12:22:14] [RedDevil @ 100120]: now NOW NOW [12:22:22] [Rabbitman @ 100120]: out of arrows [12:22:42] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: almost in [12:22:49] [irinamaS @ 100120]: i restocked omw back [12:23:34] [immortelle @ 100120]: i go restock as well. almost ampty [12:24:01] [immortelle @ 100120]: brb [12:25:14] [Oncelot @ 3]: mule needed Later on to haul TONS of chrysantyhimums from somewhere in DP to DP storage please PM me about more info thanks.... [12:25:15] [RedDevil @ 100120]: gate [12:25:16] [RedDevil @ 100120]: ffs [12:25:26] [sunriseCoder @ 100120]: restock [12:25:39] To Ruins of Tirnym [12:25:58] [CalsoniC @ 3]: selling EFE/ELE pm me [12:26:09] [JoDuFe @ 3]: selling: Animal Nexus Remo, used cutty, dmgd rd mail, bronze plate mail, dmgd bronze cuisses [12:26:11] _KiLLeR_GuY_: o/ [12:26:16] You open the door, and the smell of death penetrates your nostrils as you descend into the darkness. [12:26:23] [immortelle @ 100120]: omw back [12:26:33] To North Redmoon Island [12:26:38] [Orick @ 100120]: i was booted fromt he invance by the way [12:26:45] [TrueMen @ 100120]: why? [12:26:45] [WhiteRhino @ 100120]: o.o [12:26:47] [immortelle @ 100120]: ohh why ? [12:27:13] [MARVEL @ 3]: buying rd plate [12:27:15] [Orick @ 100120]: i guess i dont help enought, i was kicked after 7 mins, ill give you the link and you can read why *Only things removed from my chat are PMs about other players skills that have nothing to do with this topic **and the emots because i guess that not allowed eather "You have posted a message with more emoticons than this community allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message"