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  1. After client update 1.9.3

    0 info in log seems its program crash from windows side.Its something similar like when i tried go to our guildmap when radu change something in past.and after it he meake update el.exe(www.eternal-lands.com/el.exe) and when instal it i can go to gmap.it was similar error el crash that same but when i log than i get again crash and again.....Here i get crash but i can log on. Trying poor man and other options but nothing help:/ Drivers i think i have the best for this card later drivers meakes many problems windows crash and work much slower.i read that they was bad compiled or something like that.Tomorrow i will try reinstal el and we will see whether this help.
  2. After client update 1.9.3

    i download your compilation and have a one small problem.everytime when i change map or go inside outside of house el crash and turn off:/any idea why? Video Card ati hd4800 series 1gb 8gb ram win 7 64
  3. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Paid for Dzik id. 2LU40590K6960893N owner Daroh
  4. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Pigi paid. Numer identyfikacyjny transakcji: 7TB32607BT744570F
  5. Polska - Poland

    Zapewne masz bana na ip.Bany takie daje radulec wyjściem może być poproszenie go o dodanie cię do white listy wtedy twoj char mimo iz z zbanowanym ip nie będzie już bllokowany i będziesz mógł odpalić el.Inne rozwiązanie nie przychodzi mi do głowy.No chyba że zmienić neta i mieć inne IP:D
  6. Hai

    Hello, it took more than a one month so i can ask for an unban, not need to say that ill be nice and helpful, just unban me and check it. Yours sincerely Spidi = )
  7. Polska - Poland

    wpada mi jeszcze Laudantes i wreszcie Padre : p
  8. Different way of building char

    How often do you score the hit on fluffies?
  9. Legionnaire Orc Profile

    nice gift for christmas, isnt it? : p
  10. Real Life Imitating EL

    U have to use 2 pieces of silver
  11. Input on a ~70 to ~110 a/d PK tournament

    Wow, i love it then
  12. Input on a ~70 to ~110 a/d PK tournament

    Isnt 70-110 too big gap? Im sure that we have enough ppl to make 70-90, 91-110 and 111-130. And 2k entry fee is really needed imo.
  13. Book sale

    500 gc bood of evasion
  14. Server Crash?

    I know cool trick with cards btw. it works
  15. Bronze sword adjustments

    He had to be really good pker if he didnt use MI not to get cooldowned.
  16. ive never had problem with free fluff spawn, but... more is better
  17. Making EL better

    Hai Mango
  18. 500 Pickaxe Auction

    Ok! I can offer 4k Coal if you accept it
  19. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    hi dilly im silly
  20. Contest, win a thermal serp and 20 rostos.

    congratz Its not part of event for sure
  21. make rare summoning

    Just remove "fluffy option", you cannot summon wolves or snakes there =)
  22. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    You stole my 21k LE's from bag, with dan13l of cours I dont care, but dont say shit like "please do not call me a bag jumper".
  23. Hardcore Contest!

    Isnt it illegal?
  24. Snare - Trap time.

    Its just useless