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  1. van helsing crossbow

    Back in my day I shot many a foe with magic/cold bolts to mana deplete or cooldown them. It's just gold in the end and a lot of fun to use when it procs.
  2. Wing Guild

    *points finger* Ha-ha!
  3. Kilaran Fields

    Bleh... so Kf really is so empty without me there huh ? *hug*
  4. Ranging in PK

    Indeed Thank you very much.
  5. Hello Everyone I'm only suggesting that camouflage be made a bit more useful since most top fighters have at least 20 perception and therefore can see anyone wearing a camouflage cloak, ninja tunic or both at maximum distance. For one the camouflage cloak only works in dark places or at night and even then is not really being useful so that's about it. Any thoughts/comments are appreciated, Thanks for reading Yani
  6. Poetry of Disputes

    Nice hope you're doing better! All the best
  7. Ranging in PK

    This definitely ruins the fun for many players who now fear losing items when going out of arena. Things you can do to avoid this is: Die in arena by fighting someone, #suicide, use tele ring, get near to archer and attack him/her or use some summon stones to keep everyone around busy while you run. Not sure teleporting to distance to the outside of the arena will avoid this problem. Rangers can do up to 90 damage with a fire arrow and elvenbow or more so, don't go out of arena if your health is low (careful for invisible/ninja shooters!). One way of solving this problem is make the edge of the arena where people sit and is non PK a no drop zone; therefore when people run out and get shot+die they don't lose items. One more glitch at the arenas is: If 3 people are in a line in the pk zone right outside the drop edge. Person A is on left side, person B is in the middle and person C is on the right side. If person C is in a direction outside of arena and attacks person A, he or she might walk outside to the drop zone to attack person A and will therefore drop items if he or she dies. Thats a "trick" that a friend showed me but he did not try to kill me (had my ice serp on me!). So be careful about how you attack your opponent in the arena! My 2 cents.
  8. Why I like HELP guild

    Starrrlyyyy \o/ Veraaaaa \o/ Join WING Kidding. Love you people \o/
  9. The Tahraji Desert NDD Clash

    Yani - Archer =)
  10. New Perks

    Well I finally managed to take the Wilhem Tell perk after so many hours of training To my regret it seems that all shots give me less exp no matter what the distance is... I've been shooting rabbits on IP from all ranges with an elven bow and 34 perception. The better accuracy works just fine but the exp... I saw that you wrote that under certain circumstances the exp might be less and I'd like to know which ones are they?
  11. A Ranger's Skills

    Alright... So archery is finally out and everyone started to shoot at bunnies and beavers \o/ Oki ranging exp increases the further you are from the aimed creature but would be cool to know more about it.... Are mols useful... do moon meds increase the accuracy or do star meds increase the damage of arrows by 4... How do perks affect archery... Good places to train it. Also noticed that after i got a grizzly down to 10 mp... someone came and shot it and took the bag of it... oki the bag didnt contain muchy but it sure differs from killing someone with a sword... Do share your views \o/ and erm... Join Wing \o/ =P
  12. Leonard The Leopard

    http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1...opardkildo1.png I think someone can calculate the a/d from that? got 22 rat btw
  13. Leonard - Victim #1

    Just killed it myself in 2 hits with a spear You are in Kusamura Jungle [222,245] 20 pots of great healing, 33 brs, 24 diss rings... awesome Just didnt have space for the loot and had to make 1 go to sto Make that 2 times now =) in KJ
  14. Francais!

    Daky \o/ Suis pas Francaise mais bon
  15. DPA King Contest

    Sigh in FrozEn for the contest plz thx