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    England, Norwich
  1. very old players

    Ohhh, i recognise quite a few names here! Started properly in 2004 after big crash under the name Logger, soon after changed it to Logiscom! and was in -EF-
  2. Stuck in Europe

    Just got back to England from Gran Canaria! 1 week overdue
  3. Best Male PKer

    I hear sunny_moon was one of the best!
  4. Some game!

    Lol, i came back to this game the other day for a bit of reminiscing, used to be a good waste of 10 minutes this game Did everyone stop playing it aswell then?
  5. Alfred

    huh? i do use chrome!
  6. Alfred

    Yes, hurry back Alfred misses you and he's looking forward to the apples and polo mints when u get back ;D they're his favourite Alfred loves the compliment... thank you
  7. first game you ever played?

    First console games - Sonic 2, golden axe, streets of rage 2 and shinobi on mega-drive First PC game - Lemmings christmas and XCOM ;p First game played online - Tiberian Sun
  8. Alfred

    My horse died, he couldn't handle going into a VOTD house However, some mysterious Goddess by the name of Dilly managed to revive him Here is my Alfred!
  9. KF o:

    Yeh, should be kept as no drop, because before there was no drop, no1 PKed and was rite boring... however nowadays it seems more active which is good... Just keep it the way it is really... Logiscom
  10. Some game!

    yeh well, I let level 1's beat me, to give them more incentive to play the game
  11. Some game!

    lol, the hammer took 86 damage from me... that's my max hp ^_^
  12. Some game!

    ok, i've created more space in the ~EL~ clan so you should be able to apply for it now... click link http://mybrute.com/team/308
  13. Who the hell are you?

    hi i r Logiscom
  14. Some game!

    Doesn't count, God has a capital G, so it's a faker
  15. Mare Bulungiu

    hah! nicely done!