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  1. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    CelticLass and CelticWarrior paid for
  2. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Paid for CelticLass and CelticWarrior You just completed your payment.Your transaction ID for this payment is: 19W36106WW972412D.
  3. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Celticlass - renewed Celticwarrior - renewed Your transaction ID for this payment is: 0WS941662J922483D.
  4. Thats what KF and DPa are for, no real need for anymore non drop zones
  5. Sounds more like somewhere to MD with no risk of loss. I dont think it will be used, not much PK taking place on C1 so splitting what there is atm isn't going to achieve anything. IMO of course.
  6. The laughing cow

    One i seen today about Birdseye. A person made the statement, "No way i hope my fish fingers are actually made from fish" the reply was "Rumour is they are made from sea horses". I loled at that one
  7. Good luck on Friday Adelle, hope to hear from you soon. God bless and keep you safe. Davy
  8. New Waypoint System

    I think this would be realy cool for lenny hunting routes or mob hunting Davy
  9. I like this idea, it will allow the newer players more afordable protection and no change for the "Pr0s" Rostos are expensive and so they should be, for ppl that can afford them, they protect your expensive kit whether you're training or pking. Giving the lower levels a cheaper alternative is a good step in the right direction. I don't think this would effect Radus shop sales for rostos as the higher level players would still need the real deal. It was fine to have a rosto as a newb when they were 15k but to expect a new player to fork out 55k, almost 4 times as much for the same thing is barking. Monster drops haven't increased considerably over the years so for a newb to save up and protect their kit it's a difficult task. What they consider at the time to be good kit (the best they have) is likely cheaper than the price of a rosto and the risk of losing it is demoralising. +1 for looking after the newbs Davy
  10. The Death of a Ranger

    Olen i enjoy reading your posts and often think i want a pint of whatever he has. You do supply a giggle on the forums and i dont mean that to disrespect you in any way. Maybe we can start a new section just for on the forums called "Are you having a f*****g Giraffe" section or "Are you for f*****g real" section I am intriged to see the total randomness of your posts and that goes with changing your mind so readily. lol keep the entertainment rolling. Davy
  11. New scammer or new name

    Sorry to hear about your loss and a shame you haven't kept up with current times about him. Banned from my bots Davy
  12. Expiring bots

    Celticlass is owned by TheWilloW was due March Celticwarrior owned by Davy not due untill July Both Payed now You just completed your payment. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 4KE55961E8181713T. Davy
  13. Are you a hardcore player ? :)

    I wouldnt be particularly happy about it but guess i would return.
  14. 1 or 2 weeks is very optimistic, more like minutes to hours. Best ive had about 2 days. I only use now on x3 day Davy
  15. Memory footprint increased

    Im having the same problem, this has only started happening the last 3 days. I also run 2 clients all the time no problems and when i log them on it usually takes a few mins to settle down. Now they both run 200k in the task manager eating all my cpu usage making it near impossible. Unfortunatley i know very little about computors so if anyone can tell what the problem could be it would be appreciated. Davy
  16. +1 i like this it means a few more spells could be introduces with it
  17. bots with no gc

    I have 2 bots online and try my best to keep gold coin on them, i understand ppl's fustration when they go to a bot without gc, it has happened to me lots too. tbh if the deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is, its part of the game, not nice i agree. If you dont like it sell on the market channel instead of going to the bots that YOU think YOUR going to make a few gc's on. Some bot owners do set rediculous prices and i agree with some of the posts, they dont play that often anymore and let the bots run for themselves, so be it. Bottem line is and ill say again, if the deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Everyone has a greed factor in them wether its the bot owner or the the guilty buyers thinking their going to make a few gc's on the bot owners behalf. Davy
  18. Tank Builds

    One way to solve the a/d gap is to combine a/d skills in to one single skill so that they advance equal amounts. That way there will be no gaps and mobs can be restored to reasonable levels again.
  19. Haidir passes

    Voted only on Sun Tzu, i will use one if i get really a crappy one on sun tzu that is barclays, otherwise will do them all regardless, the few i dislike and will use one on during sun tzu is wood sprite and beavers and hope for better, if i get rats, so be it and will do that. At least its fast. Regards Davy
  20. invances, invasions and special days

    There is always the option of getting your own instance team together and entering that whenever you want, that is your own personal invasion, always here of nice drops etc in those. imo invances should be randomized like GIWS invasions letting AI determine what lvl and what time the invasion will occur. This will take pressure of the mods who get a rather hard time from ppl moaning at them about missing invances or wanting one to be run. That way it may be that 100-120 invance may get run 3 days in a row or only once in a week, totally random no recall to moan about. I feel no matter what way things pan out there will always be someone unhappy, thats life i suppose. Im still waiting on finding my first nexus removal stone anyone suggest a good time zone for me to do that in?
  21. Safe area in kf

    +1 to The_Piper agree would like too see that implemented that would be nice for players to visit pk and watch, would suggest that when the cape was worn no chat available to the wearer at all to stop enemies telling who was in or out of locations, but very nice idea overall. Davy
  22. Expiring bots

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 9B368472SJ850614V. Bots CelticLass and CelticWarrior Paid for Regards Davy
  23. Auction 50k AE's

  24. Concerning bagjumping

    As much as i like that idea Groomsh, it would have its downfalls and could be abused. 1. ppl genuinely trying to save your db or keep a mix bag safe would be blown up. 2. abused by assholes dropping bags with the described mines in them around noobs or stores to get drops from players when they die Davy
  25. Banned message

    Hi Aislinn, I'm away from home on a course at the moment and have to use a dongle to connect to the game. This was fine for me the last two times i connected, however today i received a banned message. When i went to the forums to pm you i couldn't access the forums either on the dongle. I have managed to get on the forums through other internet but with this i cant access the game. I'm sure i haven't done anything wrong and assume that its the ip range from the dongle. Could you please white-list Davy and Laktor until i get home again at the end of the month, i will pm you again when i get back so you can remove me from the list. Also can i be white-listed for the forums? Regards Davy