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  1. Expiring bots, may of 2015

    CelticLass and CelticWarrior paid for
  2. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Paid for CelticLass and CelticWarrior You just completed your payment.Your transaction ID for this payment is: 19W36106WW972412D.
  3. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Celticlass - renewed Celticwarrior - renewed Your transaction ID for this payment is: 0WS941662J922483D.
  4. Thats what KF and DPa are for, no real need for anymore non drop zones
  5. Sounds more like somewhere to MD with no risk of loss. I dont think it will be used, not much PK taking place on C1 so splitting what there is atm isn't going to achieve anything. IMO of course.
  6. The laughing cow

    One i seen today about Birdseye. A person made the statement, "No way i hope my fish fingers are actually made from fish" the reply was "Rumour is they are made from sea horses". I loled at that one
  7. Good luck on Friday Adelle, hope to hear from you soon. God bless and keep you safe. Davy
  8. New Waypoint System

    I think this would be realy cool for lenny hunting routes or mob hunting Davy
  9. I like this idea, it will allow the newer players more afordable protection and no change for the "Pr0s" Rostos are expensive and so they should be, for ppl that can afford them, they protect your expensive kit whether you're training or pking. Giving the lower levels a cheaper alternative is a good step in the right direction. I don't think this would effect Radus shop sales for rostos as the higher level players would still need the real deal. It was fine to have a rosto as a newb when they were 15k but to expect a new player to fork out 55k, almost 4 times as much for the same thing is barking. Monster drops haven't increased considerably over the years so for a newb to save up and protect their kit it's a difficult task. What they consider at the time to be good kit (the best they have) is likely cheaper than the price of a rosto and the risk of losing it is demoralising. +1 for looking after the newbs Davy
  10. The Death of a Ranger

    Olen i enjoy reading your posts and often think i want a pint of whatever he has. You do supply a giggle on the forums and i dont mean that to disrespect you in any way. Maybe we can start a new section just for on the forums called "Are you having a f*****g Giraffe" section or "Are you for f*****g real" section I am intriged to see the total randomness of your posts and that goes with changing your mind so readily. lol keep the entertainment rolling. Davy
  11. New scammer or new name

    Sorry to hear about your loss and a shame you haven't kept up with current times about him. Banned from my bots Davy
  12. Expiring bots

    Celticlass is owned by TheWilloW was due March Celticwarrior owned by Davy not due untill July Both Payed now You just completed your payment. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 4KE55961E8181713T. Davy
  13. Are you a hardcore player ? :)

    I wouldnt be particularly happy about it but guess i would return.
  14. 1 or 2 weeks is very optimistic, more like minutes to hours. Best ive had about 2 days. I only use now on x3 day Davy
  15. Memory footprint increased

    Im having the same problem, this has only started happening the last 3 days. I also run 2 clients all the time no problems and when i log them on it usually takes a few mins to settle down. Now they both run 200k in the task manager eating all my cpu usage making it near impossible. Unfortunatley i know very little about computors so if anyone can tell what the problem could be it would be appreciated. Davy