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  1. Fairer Harvesting Experience Limits

    so all harvesters would get same exp per hour basically?
  2. Red Dragon at 100-120 invance

    hahaha MB in 100-120 invance, you people are really clever
  3. Banned?

    Well obviously it's an impossible job (to please everyone that is), but I don't see why certain members of the mod "team" try to make things harder by inciting ill-feelings in sections of the community. Fortunately most of the stuff has now been deleted, maybe the person has been educated into some social niceties, will do a better job in the future and everyone's happy. And piper, use your common sense to not spawn dozens of invis rats in small areas please. lol
  4. Banned?

    Should implement a perma mute for such dastardly people
  5. new player

    No, these options do not exist. EDIT: But holding down alt while trying to hunt small monsters can help
  6. Banned?

    Thank you for your feedback. All feedback is welcomed.
  7. cyclops help please

    A number of people do not use the shield spells or defense potions which increase defense. Using a little better armor and a titanium sword and the shield spell or a potion may allow you do fight them with 30/40/4/20/4/4 for attribs. I forget what exactly I had when I fought them. The cyclops will die with a stronger sword, but oh well. The xp is better when you fight them earlier, so it will get closer to being the same. Just find a place with multiple cyclops like EP and make sure you have enough SR, dis rings and magic levels (must be able to restore). Shield spell does not increase defense, it increases armor. Thanks for your time
  8. Banned?

    It should be "he knew he would get banned for it". Thanks for your time. Also, the fact that people went out of their way to get banned over this issue shows something, as does the fact that people feel the need to troll/flame etc. on ch6. What it shows i'll leave up to you guys I guess
  9. Banned?

    The speech mark should be the other side of the question mark pls. thank you for your time
  10. The EL _ Impics

    For the love of god, do a peace day and event
  11. Making Pickaxes...

    I wholeheartedly agree. Antisocial perk for many is just free PP's, and should not be made easier!
  12. The EL _ Impics

    yes, do a peace day and event
  13. CalsoniC

    Cali/cals get to post 4 pages of irrelevant trash unmoderated, I state how nobody cares and my post gets deleted. EL Justice FTW
  14. My Saturday - 28/7/12

    I think someone missed kavvie's point
  15. The Mana Drain Issue

    This too is a massive problem in our community. However, I am just a modest man, I only propose a solution to 1 issue at a time. Remember folks: fix the game, mana drain